As my blog grows in popularity, I am getting listed and reviewed on more and more third party sites. As such, I wanted to have a section on the blog where I could provide some airtime for these sites also.

Take a moment to follow through these links, they lead to some incredible bareback porn resources. is an excellent site for all things bareback related.  From porn sites, to health information, to finding out how to douch and where to hook up with other like minded sluts.  This website is still in its infancy, but has its routes in a previous long standing website.  The information that will be contained here is vast, a true aladdins cave of information of all things bareback.  What's more, the webmaster is into fucking bareback too - so this isn't a site just about bareback.  It's about bareback, for barebackers, by a barebacker.  If you're into fucking bareback, and want information, head to this great site. is a brilliant website if you're looking for the best of the gay blogs or porn on the net.  Only the best get featured here, and each site is reviewed and rated out of 10 by the webmaster himself.  It's not specific to bareback, but there is plenty of bareback action featured on it.  Definitely worth stopping by if you're wanting to determine the wheat from the chaff of the masses of online porn.

Not just a collection of everything bareback related, but also a very useful and active forum for barebackers the world over.  This is a great place to share your thoughts and desires on bareback.  Not only beginners, but everyone... including hard core die hard bareback sluts like myself.  The forums are friendly, and full of filthy horny perverted bareback chat.  It's also a good place to hook up with guys in your area.  You need to register, but it's free, and well worth taking the time to check out.