Aug 10, 2009

Weekend Of Excess


Friday night started out like any ordinary weekend does. A shower, getting changed, then a few drinks in the local gay bar. At around 11pm we ventured down to the livelier gay bar and sank a few more cold ones. My friend Nick spotted the most amazing cute guy on the dance floor, and buoyed with drink, invited him to join us.

He was called Ripley, around 19yo, 5’9” tall, clean-shaven, lovely blue eyes that were just dreamy. Dirty blond hair, two black ear rings in each ear. He was around 150lbs. Slim, naturally smooth, wearing ¾ length shorts, trainers, t-shirt and shirt over the top.

We chatted for a while, and then Nick suggested the party move back to his place. We all agreed, and at 1am found ourselves in this trendy city centre apartment, where we cracked open some bottles of wine, and Nick got out the Charlie. We lined a few lines up, and the fun started.

During the course of the night, we made various attempts at moving things into the direction of sex, however Ripley was having none of it and insisted he was straight. Although during a game of spin the bottle, we did manage to get a snog off him, and got him down to his boxers, which revealed a lovely pert bubble butt, that one could bounce pennies off. Just beautiful. My only regret is that I never got a photograph of him to share! You’ll have to take my word for it guys, he was gorgeous!

Unfortunately that’s as far as we got, despite sinking 4 bottles of Columbian white wine, and various lines a piece… the party wrapped up at around 6.30am, when we made our way home to our various places.

I went to bed around 7am, and slept through until 3pm Saturday.


Started out with me feeling exceptionally rough, the lines and wine from the previous night running riot in my system. I did nothing all day, until around 9pm when Nick text me saying he was in the pub, and invited me down for “kill or cure”. I agreed and at 9.30pm was supping my first beer again. It went down surprisingly well, and a few other guys, including one lad called Mo who I’d chatted to on the net a few times, joined us. Mo’s a big bear of a guy, and I’d heard that he had a sling at his place just around the corner from the bar. The drink flowed with ease, and after an hour I found myself sufficiently pissed, and having a smoke outside chatting to Mo. He’s around 5’11” tall, 180lbs, big muscle kind of bear, white hair, with a white moustache. We were joking and chatting when he received a text from an unknown number, asking when he was going to fuck this anonymous person. I laughed, saying that it could well have been me (it wasn’t), and that when was he going to abuse me in his sling… he didn’t even skip a beat, and invited me back to his when the bar shut. I readily agreed, and the deal was done.

We supped a few more beers in the bar, and then around midnight headed out together to his joint. When we got in, he gave me the guided tour, offered me another beer, and stuck some bb porn on. We chatted a bit about what we were each into, Berlin, Amsterdam etc, and then he showed me his play room – equipped with hifi, big TV and dvd player, combat nets, red lights, all the lubes you’d imagine you need for a very heavy session. It was a proper dungeon in his house. We had another beer, and then he offered me some chems. He pulled out some powder, lined it up, and offered it to me. I asked what it was, and he replied that it was Ket. Now, I’ve never done it, but thought, why not!


Done. Mo did a line or two, and sat next to me on the sofa. Within 5-10 mins, it had taken effect, and I felt wasted. He brought his cock out, and pushed me to my knees and stuffed it in my mouth. I sucked on it like there was no tomorrow, and the world around me spun. After a while, he picked me up, and marched me to the dungeon. We stripped, and he kissed me all over, licking every orifice, and tweaking my nipples. He told me to bend over the sling, and he shoved his 7” raw cock deep inside me, the K working wonders, as I never needed any lube or anything. Incredible. He fucked me hard and deep for around 20 mins, and then dumped his first load into me. He then told me to get into the sling, and offered me another line. I accepted. My head was awash, and I felt most incredibly horny.

Mo worked his fingers into me, 1…2….3….4….5…. a fist! He was now buried deep in me, working his spunk into my innards, I groaned, and sighed, and moaned… it felt awesome! After a while, he pulled out, and then shoved his cock back in again, and fucked me harder and faster as I lay in the sling in a world of my own. He groaned and howled like a pig possessed, talked about how he was going to breed me, and make me his own… I fucking loved it.

I started begging for his second load deep in me, he didn’t need persuading, and thrust into me a few final times, before eventually loading me up for a second and final time.

I got out of the sling, dropped to my knees, and took his slimy cock in my mouth, and licked it clean. The drink and drugs coursing through my veins, driving me wild with lust. When he was clean, we went downstairs, and had a beer and a smoke… the K was starting to wear off and I began to feel human again. I thanked him for an awesome night, got dressed and left – it was around 3am.


I awoke around 10am, feeling not hung over, not ill, but on a major comedown, my body ravaged by excessive drug usage over two consecutive nights. My mate Peter text me, the guy from the 6way orgy the other week, saying he had some TIM movies for me and could he drop them around. I agreed, and asked if he wanted my arse too… of course he said.

So at 11am I was douched, showered, laid on my bed ready. He walked in, said hi, and then buried his tongue in my smooth hole. It felt awesome! He worked it around in every position, until I wanted him inside me. He turned me over, sucked my cock a bit, licked my feet (which drives me fucking wild!), and then told me to lie on the bed. He lubed up, and slid his hard throbbing cock into my boy cunt. I groaned deep as it went in, all the way to his balls and pubes. I could feel it right inside me.

Peter began to thrust it in and out, picking up the pace and stride, making sure I got to experience every inch of his raw shaft in my cum hole. I started to beg for his cum, and he asked me if I wanted it deep in me. Yes I said, I want you to cum in me so deep, that it dribbles out of me all afternoon.

He didn’t need persuading twice, and after 30 mins of the best cure for come down and hangover I’ve found, he howled out loud, and dumped yet another fucking huge load of man fuck muck deep inside my bowels. He lay on top of me, keeping his cummy cock in my hole, letting the last of the jizz dribble into me, and then he steadily worked his cock in and out a few times, packing the spunk even deeper into my guts. Naturally his cock went soft, and it slopped out of my hole. I could feel his volume of spunk inside me – it felt awesome. He slapped me on the arse, then got dressed and said goodbye. I lay on the bed a little while longer, letting my knee’s stop shaking, and my head stop spinning, before I ventured downstairs and crashed on the sofa.

All in all, an excellent weekend of excess… here’s to next weekend and Pride, and then the weekend after, there’s the LEEDS BAREBACK SEX PARTY… taking place in the city centre, from 6pm – if you are a bareback top, and want to come, get in touch!