Apr 29, 2009

Total loads taken - update for April 09

Well it’s been a while since I did a “load taken” update, and things have progressed quite well. At the last time I wrote, I conservatively placed the loads taken in my tight white cumhole at around 93 since the turn of the zodiac. That was 45 each month so far this year… I wonder how that average has changed.

I’ve had a good couple of sauna visits since then, including the night I left my phone at Steam Complex. I’ve also been hanging around the local cottage fairly frequently, and have taken around 10 loads in there over the weeks, but in fairness, they weren’t anything special, that’s why I’ve not written too much about them on here. It’s pretty hit and miss down there lately. The other night a guy I met online took me to Armley Mills in Leeds, which is a pretty popular cruising/dogging ground, and I was blindfolded, bent over a park bench and fucked by around 7-8 strangers, so that too is going to bump my batting average up quite nicely.

All in all, I’d say that since my last “loads taken” update on March 4th 09, I’ve taken approximately 65 loads. Which gives me a new cumulative total of… 158 (that’s not including any repeats – this is purely new or different guys).

As per my previous posts, I’m going to London soon hopefully, so want to push that number up to around the 300 mark by the time I return to the North of England… anyone reading this in London, feel free to hit me up!

So to recap:

Cumulative total for 2009: 158 loads taken in my arse.

Apr 23, 2009

Summer of Sex? I fucking hope so!

Well guys, it’s now late April and summer is almost upon us. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do this summer, I haven’t had a holiday for years, so would love to take some time out to travel a bit.

I’m toying with the idea of going to the south of England for a couple of weeks, I’ve already written London and Bristol into my proposal, and am more than prepared to travel anywhere else in the country to meet up with any guys or to go to any highly recommended sauna’s/sex clubs for some horny bareback fun. The only thing I need to sort out wherever I go is accommodation. If you’re able to put me up overnight or for a couple of days, then I’m definitely interested and able to come to your city… naturally I’ll pay you in kindness, and you’ll have exclusive use of my hole as many times as you want whilst I’m with you…

In London, places that I want to check out are:
-Play Pit (including Play Pit Plus)
-The Fort
-Central Station

Are there any other places in London which come highly recommended for horny dirty no strings bareback fun? I’m also curious to see if there are any “underground” bareback or poz parties going on in the ‘Big Smoke’ and how I’d go about getting invited to those… I really want to throw myself into the BB scene in our Nations Capital as much as I can during my stay.

In Bristol, my sources tell me that Hard is a really good venue to go to, so I want to go and check that out too. Can anyone recommend any other clubs/venues in the Bristol area which are recommended?

Where else is there? Naturally I know about Manchester, and will take a long weekend there soon enough to go to Alert, which is renowned for being a place of no-strings bareback action in the dark, dimly lit areas. Can any of you guys recommend any other venues in the UK that are great for bb and worth travelling to check out?

On a foreign note, I really want to go back to Berlin. A city I visited some 7 years ago now (Jesus, was it really that long ago… time goes too quick!) I never had the opportunity to explore the seedier side of Berlin when I was there last time, so am determined to check it out as soon as possible. Does anyone have any first hand experience of the dungeon, bareback, sleazy scene in Berlin? Can you recommend anywhere? Of course when I do get to Germany, I shall have to check out Amsterdam too.

So that’s my summer dreams… the only obstacle really is money. I’m trying to find work, but with the recession it’s proving very difficult at the moment. Hopefully something will come up. The number 1 priority for me is a London/Bristol tour before the summer is out… ideally sometime in May or June. So if you’re in those areas and want to have my hole to use, either on your own, or with your mates, or even with a bunch of strangers, then please just get in touch with me… the usual email address: confessionsofabarebacksaunaslut@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll write you into my itinerary when I draw one up.

Until then, I shall be going to KINK at Steam Complex in Leeds on the 2nd Saturday of May, so if anyone is in the area and is heading there, please check me out or get in touch and we can arrange to meet up there… as you probably now by now, I’m ALWAYS on the prowl for new guys and more guys to fuck my smooth tight cum hole and load me with their seed. All are welcome, I never turn down a cock or load… I don’t discriminate on grounds of age, looks, size, status etc, all I ask is that you’ve got a dick that works (i.e. can get hard) and are up for real horny raunchy bareback fuck fun….