Aug 24, 2010

Whitby Lad's cum fuck video

Hi lads,

I'm risking being seriously shattered at work in order to bring these videos to you tonight. It's almost 3am, and i'm still converting, editing and uploading the videos... and there's loads still to do. Rest assured as many of them will be uploaded in the coming days.

Anyway, this is the video to accompany my entry on 18th August about being knocked up by the lad from Whitby...

This is 1 of 3 videos we took that day, and is actually the 1st creampie he gave me... i call this one "Cum Fucked by Internet Trick"


Well fucked, cum-sloppy rosebud (video)

Hi guys,

A while ago (well, on the 9th August) I made a post entitled "Well Fucked, Cum Sloppy Rose Bud" which featured a few photos for you. Anyways, after much messing about, here is the video from that session.

I'm going to try this week to get as many of the videos uploaded as I can, so keep checking back!


Hope you enjoyed that, there are loads of more videos to be uploading, and I think I'm getting to the bottom of the problem... so fingers crossed this week I'll upload as many of them as I can.

Josh x

Aug 23, 2010

Problem uploading videos!

Hi guys,

I think i've figured out one of the reasons why i struggle to upload videos... my camcorder records them in .mod format, yet this type is not compatible with ANY video editing software i can find, nor is it xtube or any other video hosting site friendly.

Does anyone know of any FREE software/freeware/shareware that i can use to convert my files from *.mod to either *.avi or *.mpeg??

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Josh xx

Aug 18, 2010

Bred by lad from Whitby (pics)

Hi guys, i was approached by a 23yo lad from whitby (the guy i'm riding raw in the pic above!) the other day who said he wanted to come through and use my hole. I arranged for him to come around earlier today (i had the morning off), and he could dump a few loads in me.

Anyway, i turned up at about 2pm and we had a few smokes before getting down to action. He's pretty camp, about 6' tall, slim, huge 8" cock and a nice body. I started by sucking his cock, then as he stripped naked i mounted him, using only my spit as lube. Riding his cock for a few moments until he relaxed, i then suggested we move to the bedroom. He readily accepted, and then the good action started.

1st fuck consisted of him fucking me while i was on my back, legs in the air. I filmed it and will upload the footage (along with the now HUGE backlog of videos) as soon as my bloody internet is sorted out. I managed to get some video stills which i will share with you in this posting. He fucked me hard deep and fast for about 10 mins before pulling out, jacking off and shooting a huge load all over my rosebud, and then slipping his raw cock back into me, fucking his load deep into my innards.

We retired to the sitting room for a smoke, and when we'd finished, i resumed sucking on his cock - despite his protestations that he couldnt get hard again so soon, in no time at all his cock was hard enough for me to ride once again. Which i did without any hesitation. This time he fucked me doggy style, and shot his second load, which wasnt as big but still a nice size, deep into me... once he pulled out, i let it dribble out of me, and got plenty of screen stills of that for you guys too.

All in all not a bad hour spent, and hopefully we'll be hooking up again soon.

Above: Shooting his load over my hole

Above: his cum covered cock sliding into my hole

Above: My very cummy hole after round 1, when i'm like this i'm fucking insatiable! Any more?

As you can see from the look on my face, i was fucked really hard and deep, and he left me with a clear smile on my face!
If you want to fuck me raw, just get in touch - i take any cock, any load, no questions asked... my sole purpose in life is to be a cum bucket for as many guys as possible!
Or if you're in the UK, drop me a text message: 07986479507... I can accommodate at mine, or travel with advance planning...

Aug 9, 2010

Well fucked, cum-sloppy rosebud...

Hello there followers!

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying summer? I'm sure many of you will be jetting off on vacations soon, and travelling to different climes... enjoy them!

Here are some pics off my well fucked, creamy rosebud after a fuck session with a random trick earlier this week. I dunno who he was, he sent me a text message saying he'd seen my number on my blog and wanted to load me up. He came around, raped my hole for an hour or so, then dumped a load into me... this is the wonderfully sloppy result!

Hope you enjoy the pics! A couple of them look the same, but if you look closely, you can see the spunk actually dribbling from my rosebud... fucking fantastic!

I mentioned in an earlier post last week that I was hoping to get off to Belgium for a few days of slutting it up and taking foreign loads... well the great news is that my flights are now all booked... I can't wait!
Gonna head to a load of bars, sex clubs and sauna's... a full list will be on here once i've worked out my itinery. There are other places too, but i've not done much research into it. I'll also be trawling the net and getting as many guys as possible around to my hotel room - which incidently is being paid for very kindly by a guy I used to spread my legs for here in the UK back when I was 18years old. He contacted me on the other month saying that he wanted to use me again - hence where this idea of a trip to Antwerp came from....

Aug 2, 2010

Fucked by the ex twice! (pics)

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a few more photos with you which are taken from a couple of sex tapes I made this week and last. They both feature me being fucked and knocked up by my ex, a fit, slutty 25yo who shares my thoughts and desires on bareback.

I have the full videos to upload, but as per usual, my internet connection still is not sorted out - once this is done, I will be able to upload the video files properly - the problem is that my ISP and dongle doesnt allow me to upload big files... only small ones, hence the recent photos and short videos of creampies.

Recently I've put quite a lot of material on my blog, but haven't had any emails or comments/feedback from readers - getting those comments is part of the motivation to writing this blog - I love sharing my sexploits with you all, but also love hearing from guys who read my material and get off on the tales/photos/videos.

Please, I'd love to hear from you - get in touch, give me your thoughts on the blog. Ask me any questions you like, I'll reply to every message I get, and am more than wanting to engage with my followers. I'd like to think of this blog as being interactive, not just a outlet.

Anyways, here are some pics for you to enjoy.... hope you like them as much as I enjoyed being bred!