Mar 30, 2009

Cumdump becomes Sauna Slut

Alright guys,

In light of the recent problems i've encountered, i've done my research, thoroughly tested it out, and am pleased to announce that it works!

So, from this point forth, it's all change... well, not that much really - i'm getting carried away in the moment.

Basically the blog is now called Confessions Of A Bareback Sauna Slut, and the address is:

You can contact me via email, at please note that this too has changed from the other address of cumdump.

I intend to try and set up a forward so that anyone messages to my old address, get sent to the new one.

But anyway, there we go. We're back in action. I've removed the increased security settings so that all can now view it openly, and will see how we get on. Fingers crossed this is the end of the Defcon 5 alert, and I can get back to what i do best.... being a slut.

Houston we have a problem.

Ok guys,

Those of you lucky enough to be reading this will now understand why the permissions have been changed, please can you pass word around to those who still cant get access to the blog... i do hope to rectfify the problem as soon as possible.

Basically my parents found out about this blog, and got hold of the address, so i had to rush to take it offline before they could log in and see what it was all about. I think i succeeded in my quest to do so, and have now palmed the mess in the spare room at a house i used to use (cant give full details without identifying myself and other people...), off onto an old friend whom was evicted last week.

The problem i now have is that if i allow all to get access, i can be identified, and my parents are sure to go mental with me. Not good. So i have three choices as I see it.

1) Remove all my photos and make it so that I can not be indentified from ANY of the posts in the blog.

2) Change the blog address, and hope that if my parents do enter the old address, it wont re-direct them to the new one. This will allow me to keep the posts as they stand, and all the pictures on the site.

3) The final, and least favorite, yet more secure option, leave the blog as it stands, but make it access via request only. As it is right now basically. Guys will have to email me for permission to access the blog. Only when i've vetted them etc, do i give it. Not ideal, and i'm sure my fan base would suffer massively if i went this route, so at the moment, this is least least favorite.

Until i reach some solution, please keep telling those folks who are wondering where its gone what has happened. I do want people to keep checking back, as i will be updating it as often as i can. Also, similarly, if anyone out there has any solutions which i havent thought of to this pickle, i'm all ears.

Thanks for your patience guys, i hope to resume normal service in the not too distant future!

Josh x

Mar 24, 2009

Weekend of sauna raunch! Saturday Afternoon - Bears Day!

So, as I was saying in my previous post, in the haze of poppers, drink and raw lust, I accidentally left my phone at the sauna and decided to go back for it on Saturday.. I think my hole had made the sub-conscious decision to go - knowing that it was Bear Day.

I awoke at 9.30am, only 3 hours after I'd gone to bed, and immediately showered, got changed, and left the house. I went to the bank down the road, got some cash out, and then hopped on the Blue Line bus route to the rail station..

Arriving just in time to get the 11.28 Manchester Airport trains, which stops at Leeds, I jumped on the train, and settled down for the trip.

Upon pulling into Leeds, I got the bus from the station to the sauna. I walked in, and asked the guy on reception (5'10, nice torso, wearing a vest, with a big scorpion tattoo on his bicep) about my phone, he smiled, handed it to me, and said;

"Some interesting contacts in there kidda!"

I looked puzzled, although I knew exactly what he was talking about; in my phone, all my bareback contacts are listed with a "BB" prefix, and they're named such as "BB Big raw cock" or "BB poz fukka". I smiled at the guy, and in an innocent smirk replied;

"I don't know what you mean?" and winked as I turned to head to the locker room.

I quickly removed my clothing, put it in the locker, grabbed my poppers, then made my way to the computers... upon arriving there, I quickly set each of them to my blog - in particular the post I had made about my being at the sauna...

This duty done, I made my way to my favourite place in the complex, the sling room in the cruising maze. As I had done the other night, I folded my towel up and tied it over my eyes as a blindfold, settled into the sling, then swung, so that I could gently nudge the door wide open; allowing all who walked past a clear view into the room and my smooth hole waiting to be bred.

And I waited. The place was heaving with bears of all shapes and sizes, some muscle bound guys, other lads who were just a bit overweight. All looked like filthy dirty bastards, and a few had bio hazard tattoos on their arms and torsos..... so I was hoping that today was going to be a good day. I didn't have to wait long.

A lad walked in, and as with the other day, the first indication I had that I had company was when the room fell quieter than it was with the door open, and the sound of heavy breathing was all I could hear. The guy grabbed some lube, fingered it into my hole, then stuffed his cock right in without pause. It hurt like fuck! I gasped in pain, and then proceeded to take a huge hit on the poppers, and commence deep breathing to quell the pain. Whilst I did this, the top didn't cease... I pounded my hole with vengeance. I lay back in the sling, the poppers now swimming through my brain, and settled in for what I hoped would be my first of many dirty loads that day.

He lasted only 5 mins before he slapped his cock into me one final time, and shot his load up me. When he pulled out, he asked me to push it out, I obliged, and thankfully, he had read my mind.... he scooped it up, and smeared it over my hole so that other guys who walked in could see that I had spunk glistening in and around my rosebud, and know I was in for the seed. The chap left and I was once again on my own in the sling. The hard house music pumping throughout the complex, and the gentle swaying motion of the sling, beginning to play tricks with my mind... for once again, in the star lit darkness afforded by the towel/blindfold, I started seeing guys with pot bellies, sunken cheeks, biohazard logos and scorpions... I don't know what this means, but I have my own thoughts on it. It's my inner demons telling me what I really need. What I really want.... either way, I'm sure I'll get it sooner or later.

The room fell quiet again. But I felt no one around me, nor heard a thing. Until in the darkness, a voice gruffly said

"Go on, give it to him..."

"Yeah, shall I give it to him good?"

Hold on, there were two of them in the room. I hadn't expected that. Before long, two pairs of fingers were in my hole, fingering my innards and working my hole looser. I reached down and felt a nice thick dick by my hole, and picked it up and directed it toward my hole. He took the hint, and pushed it into me, not stopping until his balls were pressed firmly against my smooth buttocks. The other guy moved around to my side, and begun spreading my cheeks apart even more than they already were, probably allowing him an excellent view of his mates raw cock penetrating my cummy hole.

After a few minutes, they swapped places, the top pulled out, and the other guy entered me. Again, raw... no thoughts or conversation about condoms - just the way I love it. This second guy was about 8" long, and thin... meaning he managed to slide it right the way in, so deep I felt I was going to cum there and then. He slid it out of me, then plunged it back in. then again, and again... I groaned each time he did so, and his mate egged him on...

"Go on.... do it! Give the whore what he wants!"

I groaned in agreement, and before long, his mate groaned out loud, and dumped what felt like a HUGE load inside of me, he pulled out, scooping up what dribbled out and fingering it over my hole. His mate, the first guy of the two, then moved around to my hole again, and stuffed his dick into me, he grabbed the stirrups where my legs were secured, and began a frantic fuck of my hole. The chains were slapping "ching ching ching" his balls were pounding against my arse cheeks "slap slap slap slap" I could hear the squelch of the cum inside me as it oozed out and formed a gooey mess over his cock and crotch, and he continued to fuck me like his life depended on it.

"Fuck yeah!!! I'm gonna cum!" He screamed.

"Cum in me... give it to me... breed my neg arse!!!" I shouted back at him, in-between the groans and grunts.

"Yeah..." said the other guy; "Seed that neg hole good n' proper!!"

I hope they meant what I think they meant....

The guy with his dick in me, howled, I felt his knob swell inside of my hole, and then I swear down, I felt his seed hit my prostate as he fired volley after volley of cum into my hole. He kept fucking me as he came, and then let his knob slip out of me, smearing what little he had left over my hole.

"Fucking smooth hole slut...." one of them hissed; "you're gonna regret lying in that sling with us fuckers around..."

Then they were gone. What a session! I lay there in the sling, I could feel the cum oozing out of my smooth cunt, and could feel even more of it deep inside me... I slipped a finger into me, and felt the masses of spunk inside me. It felt so nice. So nice in fact, that I wished I was a top and could enter a hole like mine... haha...

All went quiet for a while, no one seemed to be walked past the sling room, and for what felt like 20 mins I got nothing at all. I didn't mind. I lay there in the darkness, images of scorpions flashing through my minds eye, swinging sedately in the sling - away in my own little world when suddenly it seemed the entire world was crammed into this cubicle.

There was two guys either side of me, and what appeared to be 3 or 4 guys at the end of the sling. They were all groaning and whispering things to each other... I couldn't make out exactly what was said, but I caught snippets....

"What a cute face..."

"Smooth hole...."

"Why's he got a blindfold on?"

"I wonder how many loads are in him...."

"At least 3 or 4 already" I replied, "not enough though..."

I think my words caught them by surprise....

"Oh, whatd'ya know... the little faggot speaks..."

I didn't reply, I just fingered my hole, and pushed a little cum out so it dribbled down my arse, dripped off of my over hanging hole, and then pooled on the floor below me.

That's all it took, as one of the guys stuffed his cock deep into me, and proceeded to fuck me hard. Harder than any of the guys had done thus far. He was egged on by the other guys in the room, and by a few who must have been stood outside, just watching this impromptu gangbang. I was the youngest guy in the sauna that day, and the only one with a smooth hole offering it up for anyone to fuck...

The guy screwing me groaned, panted, grunted and hissed as he slammed his dick into my cum filled hole. Then he pulled out, and another entered me, he fucked me for about 5-10 mins, then swapped with another guy, and so on and so on, until the first guy was back inside me again.

"You neg boy?" asked a voice.

"Was at my last test..." I offered in response. Unsure how a neg answer would go down.

"Those two who just did you, they riddled dude..." said another voice.

"Cool, little cumbuckets cant be choosers..." I retorted. I was unsure if the guys were talking in jovial friendly tones, of if they were being judgemental and meant business.

"Fucking trashy slut.." Yet another voice behind me said, then he leaned close into me - I could smell his B.O and bad breath as he breathed over my face next to my ear. It was fowl. I could tell that this was going to be nasty, part of me wanted to get out of the sling and leave, their tones were almost aggressive, not the friendly bare backing tones one normally gets.

"There are 6 of us here, 3 poz, 3 neg.... you're gonna get us all...."

I sighed in lust, also in fear. I knew that what I was doing was dangerous, that if I did it often enough, with enough people that the odds were that I'd eventually take a poz load - but taking a poz load when you didn't know it was poz is one thing... I had now just been warned, that 50% of the next 6 guys to fuck me were toxic. Part of me wanted to refuse, get out of the sling, and go grab a shower.... but fear... or was it lust, kept me laying there. I didn't speak. It was almost childish - I couldn't see them, if I didn't speak, then they wouldn't be there! How absurd!

A dick rubbed up against my hole, almost expecting me to pull away (as best I could when strapped into a sling, surrounded by at least 6 guys no doubt all bigger and stronger than me). My brain was telling me to stop, but I offered no resistance. The dick pierced my hole, the cum already inside me providing excellent lube as it slipped the full 7" into my warm, moist, sloppy innards.

He pulled it out, and then pushed it into me again. He repeated this for a few moments, then picked up the pace.... there was no one talking, just deathly silence, other than the chains smashing around as his knob smashed into me. He grunted, coughed, and dumped a load into me. Pulling out slightly as he did so, so the others could see it being pushed back into my hole with his dick. He pulled out again, and there was a change of position.

Another guy entered me. About 6" long this one, but ever so thick! He stuffed it into me, stretching my arse muscles to force me to accommodate him. He didn't waste any time, and immediately set about making mince meat of my hole, before he too, grunted, panted, and then dumped a load into me.

I could now feel the spunk inside of me - it was that sort of feeling you get when you really need to go to the toilet, only this wasn't shit inside of me, it was all just spunk... loads and loads of hot, sticky, man fuck muck which had been fucked into my hole by total strangers who I hadn't seen, and probably never would. Guys whom had suggested they may be riddled, whom I had no way of knowing.... a feeling of total and utter craziness flushed over me. What the fuck was I doing? I wanted to be filled with cum, yet here I was taking possibly diseased loads. As the guys continued to fuck me, taking it in turns to fuck my hole, then swap positions, and other guys fuck me. Groans and pants indicating that one by one, they were delivering their cargo into the receptacle where it would sit for god knows how many hours, I drifted off into my own world. Fuelled by lack of sleep, the remnants of drink from the night before, and the lungful of poppers I was taking, offered up to me by strangers, I almost left my body. I could see in my minds eye, me lying there, in detail...

I could see me lying in the sling, feet secured firmly in the stirrups, wrists secured behind me in the restraints above my head.... and a crowd of naked men, some attractive, others not so attractive, but all with hard ons, and not a condom in sight. I could see them taking it in turns to fuck me - the guys in my images, changing as the guys changed positions... I saw on some of them tattoos, scorpions, biohazards. Some of them had sunken cheeks, others had potbellies... others had bodies so skinny they looked fragile.... yet all of them were fucking me bareback and ultimately cumming inside of me.

I weighed up the facts of what I was doing... the reality of it all. I was in a sling, getting fucked by a group of guys, one of whom had warned me that half of the group was poz... was he telling the truth? Could he have been lying? Could they all be neg, and it was just a ploy to see how fucked in the head I was? Could they ALL be poz... and the neg part was just to try and disarm me a little. I already had loads of spunk inside me, so if they were poz, what were the odds that I'd actually catch anything.

I'd come to the conclusion a while ago that I wasn't a full on bug chaser, more someone who just bare backed indiscriminately with anyone. I recognised the risks, and accepted them... but this was different. Or was it? Either way, it felt so fucking horny! So taboo, so sleazy, so trashy... so wrong... yet, at the same time, so fucking right!

"Good slut boy.... you've taken all the juices.... welcome to the club you whore"

I was brought back to reality with a bump... all the guys had finished, and one guy was stood over me... only, I could see him. Was I still in my dream? No... My blindfold had been removed. I was actually seeing this one guy.

He was about 30, 6' tall, slim, toned body, defined but not rippled with muscles. And he had his cock inside of me. He reached over me and unclipped my hands, allowing myself to feed my own poppers to me again. I was in a daze, had I been asleep? Had I been knocked out? How long had it been?

The guy inside me was stood still, and instead of thrusting in and out of me, he was pushing the sling with me in it all the way back, then letting me land on his throbbing cock. My throat was dry, but I struggled to speak anyway.

"How many?"

"The 6 at first," he explained, "Plus a further 12 from the corridors... word travels fast at bears day. You were quite popular... I can see why."

I didn't have my glasses on, so was struggling to see detail in the darkness. I thought I saw a huge scorpion tattooed on the side of this torso, the tail ending just above his cock.

"Are you...."? I started to ask, but before I could finish he interjected.

"Poz?" He offered.

I nodded.

"Does it matter either way? You've proven your worth as a filthy bareback bottom slut, willing to take anyone and anything..."

All the while, I was rocking back and forth, his cock filling my hole with each swing.

"Get tested in a few weeks time, then text me..." he whispered, "you'll find my number when you get showered".

With that he picked up the pace a little, and started wanking me off at the same time... I didn't last long, and blew a huge fountain of spunk into the air, which landed all over my torso. He smiled, winked, and as if on command, pulled out and dumped his load over my hole, then pushed it back into me. He finally pulled out, slapped my arse cheeks, and vanished into the corridors.

I got out of the sling, almost stumbled over as I'd being lying there for so long. Regained my balance and made for the door to try and catch the guy. The corridors were empty. No one about.

Grabbing my towel and poppers, I left the cubicle and made my way for the showers. I arrived and looked in a mirror... there, on my forehead, written in pen was a mobile number and a profile name.

I tapped it into my phone, and then jumped in the shower to rub it off. With the shower done, I got dressed, and went to reception to clear any tab I'd built up (I hadn't had anything, I just wanted a need to go to reception)... there was a group of guys around a table, having a beer... about 10-13 of them. All laughing and joking, being boisterous. As I looked at them, one guy tapped another lad on his elbow and nodded in my direction. The group fell silent and just looked at me. It was a strange sort of moment. Do I join them? Was it them that did me? I had no idea. I asked if I had a tab, the guy at the reception said I didn't, and I made to leave. He buzzed me through the inner door, and as I stepped through, the table behind me once again erupted into joking, laughing, talking and cheering..... I guessed that they were the lads that had just used my hole all afternoon.

As I got to the outer door, the reception guy paused before buzzing me through.

"Seems that you were quite popular... you may want to check out 'Alert' in Manchester if you're into that kinda thing..." he pushed the buzzer, and I pushed the doors open, I thanked him for the phone and the heads up about Alert...and stepped through the door.

Before it shut behind me, the guy called after me...

"Nice arse by the way, see now why you've got all those interesting contacts in your phone...." then he winked, and the door was shut.

I blinked in the sunlight out side, it was about 3pm, and my hole was flooded with spunk from around 18-20 bears. What a day it had been! I made my way back to the train station, and then back to my home town.

When I finally got home, I pushed all the spunk out of me into a jar... there was buckets of the stuff... by far the biggest amount of spunk I've had in my hole in a very long time... it was so so horny.

I guess the next question is... when do I go back up to Teeside for another test...

Mar 23, 2009

Weekend of sauna raunch! Friday Night/Saturday Morning.

What a weekend.  Thats all i can say.  I went to the sauna on Friday night/Saturday morning in the early hours, after having a few beers in town with a friend. I arrived at around 1am, and immediately made my way to the sling in the cruising maze.
I tied my towel around my eyes so it acted as a blindfold, and lowered myself in, placing my feet in the stirrups and lay back with the bottle of poppers at the ready.  Drunk, high on poppers... and waiting.
I didnt wait long, a guy walked in, i could tell as the room fell quieter as he closed the door and i could hear his breathing.  It's amazing how your other senses pick up sensitivity once you're blindfolded.  Anyway, this guy fingererd my smooth hole, and it wasnt long before he slipped into me bareback, without even asking if i liked it that way - i LOVE it when guys just instinctively know that a smooth hole, blindfolded in a sling just wants fucking one way...
He must have been about 7" long as it slipped into my smooth hole with the minimum of resistance. He fucked me good, his long shaft sliding in and out, for about fifteen mins, before he groaned, and dumped his seed deep into me.  He pulled out, and then left - the first load inside me, hopefully the first of many.
I'd love to go into detail about how hot the guys were who fucked me, but having been blindfolded, i have no way of knowing.  I was in a drunken haze, fuelled lustfully by the little brown bottle. A few moments later another guy walked in, fingered my hole and must have felt the spunk inside me from the first dude.  He too, rubbed his cock up and down my moist hole, before perforating me with his raw knob. It slipped in like a hot knife through butter, and he proceeded to slam in and out of my arse, the chains on the sling rattling violently with each thrust he made. In the back ground, the groans from guys in other cubciles, mixed with the hard house music and darkness meant that my mind started playing tricks on me.  In my minds eye, in the pitch darkness provided by the towel blindfold, i began to see shapes.  Scorpions, Biohazard symbols.  I saw guys jeering lustfully at me - of course this was my mind working overtime, i think it was my mind telling me what i really wanted.
The guy fucking me didnt say a single word, instead he kept up a steady rhythem before groaning once, and then hissing: 

"I've cum... have that muck in your slut hole bitch!"
Then he left.
A few moments later I once again heard the door close and the room fall relatively quiet.  No one touched me, and i began to think i was imagining that someone was in the room with me.  That was until i heard some heavy breathing... the sort that is synominous with hoax phone calls.  Heavy and laden... in, then out. Slow. Menacing. Almost satanic.
Then finally i felt a dick rubbing around the now cummy entrance to my cumdump.  I reached down, and felt a PA in the end of this 8" ram rod.. I groaned, put the poppers to my nose, sniffed heavily, and waited... nothing.  I groaned seducively again, and in a low voice, told him to breed me.
Eventually he pushed his cock into me, so hard, no warning, right the way down to his balls.  The curved PA tearing up my innards as it travelled the distance to my guts.  Wow... it felt like heaven.  He then pulled it all the way out, and like a ratchet, as it dragged against my bowels as it withdrew, it caused major damage to my arse lining.  I could feel it snatching and tearing at me, but it felt so good. It felt so right!  The drink, drugs, music, lust, sweat, groans.... all built up to found the epitomy of hedonism.  As the song said, just because it feels good, doesnt make it right... but i didnt care. I wanted this guy to give me whatever he had.
I snarled at him:

"Stop playing, and fuck me like the bitch slut cumdump i am!"
That's all it took, he trust into me a couple of times more, and then groaned so loud everyone must have heard... he dumped his muck inside of my now terminally damaged insides.
After he'd pulled out, i cant quite remember exactly what happened next, as i think i went into a state of semi conciousness - not fully awake, but not asleep either.  I just rememeber a further 10 or so guys entering the room, fucking me raw, and shooting their seed into me.  I never once asked if any of them were neg or poz, and no one volunteered that information.  In fact, apart from the occasional groan, and me urging guys to hurry up and cum in me so the next guy could have a go, there wasnt hardly any talking at all.
I eventually came to my senses when one of the members of staff was doing his rounds and checking cubicles, cleaning them out etc.. i was just suddently aware of my whereabouts when my world was lit up by a torch.   I never saw him, as my blindfold prevented that, however flashlight was bright enough to penetrate the towel.
After he'd moved on, i removed my blindfold, reached down and touched my sore, sloppy, cum filled hole, and it hurt.  A lot. It had also tightened up too, as it tends to do if i go a while without a cock in me - so i figured that it had quietened off, and made the decision to leave.
I got dressed, leaving the various loads of seed in my hole, found my friend, who was off with one guy he'd met earlier on (i cant see the point in going to sauna's and spending the entire time with one guy!!), then we left.
By the time i'd arrived back home at about 6am, i had finally realised it'd made a grave error.  In my drunken drug fuelled haze, i'd stupidly left my phone at the sauna.  I called them up to see if anyone had found it, and amazingly it had been handed in.  So i told them to put it to one side and that i'd collect it within 7 days. I climbed into bed at half 6 in the morning, and fell off to sleep with thoughts of when i'd go back to get my phone.... 7 days...  i knew i wanted my phone back, and couldnt wait til the next weekend... as i drifted off to sleep, i made my decision subconciously.
I didnt wait that long... i decided to go back that day... Saturday - after all, it was the 3rd saturday of the month, and that meant only one thing.... Bears day!!!! I'll tell you about that in my next post.

Mar 21, 2009

Steam Complex, HERE I AM!!

Well, it's Friday 20th March, i've been out drinking in the sunshine of York's Kings Staith since 3pm and it's been glorious!!

However, the time has come to get down to the business.... it's now 00:35 hours... and i'm in the sauna!

I managed to get here via a lift of a mate, and i'm well chuffed!

I've had a couple of beers, feeling suitably lubricated, and am ready to get knocked up good n proper!

For those guys reading this blog, i shall be in one of the slings on the ground floor of the STEAM COMPLEX sauna in LEEDS, from 12.30am, until LATE... i hope to get fucked BAREBACK by as many guys as possible whilst i'm here... so if you read this, come to the cruising area, to the dark rooms, slip you cock into me, and fuck me raw until you shoot your load in me! I hope you can make it!!!

Mar 19, 2009

Spring has sprung, weekend of cock fun

Wow, well where do I start – what a weekend it’s been for me. I’ve got so much to update you all on; I don’t know whether to do them all as individual posts, or as one great big one. I’ll start writing and see how I get on.

Friday saw me in town a little bored; I ended up visiting one of the cottages in the city, one of the few that still see any action. I was wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, black “cumdump” boxers, pair of brown loafers, and a jacket. My hole was pre lubed from home, and freshly douched.

I’d been in the toilets for around ten mins when I saw a guy looking through the glory hole at me, I bent over giving him sight of my hole, and then unlocked the door – he came in, slid his dick into me, fucked me raw for a very short time, then pulled out and blew his load (a great big one at that) all over my rose bud. He soon departed – not a great fuck, but at least I had some more lube over my cunt for the next guy.

I didn’t have to wait long before I was in luck. A black guy, about 30 years old, quite fit, with a nice sized knob was stood outside the cubicle, slowly wanking his cock, I opened the door, bent over, took a good hit of poppers, and then waited. He walked in, took one look at my boxers with “cum dump” written on them, and the huge amount of spunk dribbling off of my fuck hole, and groaned in horniness. He scooped some of the seed up, smeared it over his shaft, and stuffed it all deep into my hole raw. Fucking me like a crazed animal, I was in heaven. The stench of the toilets, piss, cheap air freshener, and sex, made my wild with lust, the toilet floors were covered in spunk from guys who’d jacked off in there before I arrived, it was a truly sleazy fuck.

Ten mins after he’d started he groaned again, bucked his hips, and blew a load ball deep into my now creamy hole. He kept fucking to make sure it was really deep in me, then pulled out, slapped my arse cheeks, zipped up and left. I hung around the cottage for a further half an hour, but nothing came up.

As I sat there, wondering what to do next, I decided to text one of the random numbers scrawled onto the walls. I didn’t expect to get a reply, so I left and went home.

Later on that evening I was back in town having a couple of beers with an old flame/trick of mine, and the guy I’d text from the toilets called me back – said he was well interested, and could I be at his house for around 9.30pm. Of course I could, I replied, on the basis that he didn’t use any condoms – hell yeah was his response, and the deal was done. The proverbial golden handshake made.

9.30pm I rolled up outside his address in a cab, paid the driver and hopped out. I text the dude to let him know I’d arrived, and that he should be in a spare room, I’d go into his room, undress, lube up, and be ready for him in 5 mins. He text back confirmation and I finished my smoke and made for his front door. It was slightly ajar, so I pushed it open, and saw a sign saying “bed room” and an arrow pointing into the first door on the left. I went in, stripped off my jacket, shirt, jeans and shoes and socks, leaving my “cumdump” boxers on. I bent over on all fours on his bed, took a hit of my friend the little brown bottle, and called “ready” to him.

The lights were off, and I heard him come into the room, strip his cloths off and start fingering my hole, there was still a bit of cum up there from black man a few hours earlier, and I think this new guy could tell that it was spunk. He wasted no time in rubbing his helmet against my hole, applying more and more pressure until he pierced my hole, and plunged his raw dick into me.

It was a good 7.5” long and quite thick girth, he too, fucked like a trooper for around 20 mins, making circle movements with his cock buried deep in my spunk cunt. I asked him between groans if he was poz or neg, and he replied that he did not know, this turned me on even more and I began grinding my hips back onto his shaft, taking all of it and them some deeper and deeper into me, this drove him wild, and eventually it came to an end…

“I’m gonna cum dude….”

“Hell yeah, load me up with your fuck muck!”

He blasted wad after wad into my hole, and he too kept on fucking, working it farther and farther into my innards. Heaven.

After he pulled out, we began to get dressed in the dark, except I couldn’t find one of my shoes in amongst the clutter – so he flicked the light on and I caught sight of my seed donor for the evening. About 28 years old, 6’ tall, slim toned body – very athletic, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes…. WOOF!

I found my shoe, thanked him, and then left. I caught the blue line bus home with his seed dribbling from my hole the entire way.

Saturday I awoke with a sloppy hole, his seed still in me, and this instantly made me horny again. So I was hoping that I’d get some this fine day.

After breakfast, I checked my phone and saw that some guy called J had texted me, having seen my number on my blog. He asked if I was free later that day for some bb fun – naturally I didn’t hesitate to accept his offer of a protein donation.

At 4pm I arrived at my mates house (where I take guys who want to travel as opposed to accommodate), and was lubed up, douched and ready on the bed – poppers at the ready. I was blindfolded, the front door unlocked, and the scene set for some more hot sex. Then he rang me.

“Hey its J, listen, I’m having second thoughts about bb, I mean, what if you’ve got something….”

“Hey buddy, I understand your concern, I get tested regularly, only do it raw, and can assure you I’m clean...”

“Hmm, I’m not sure, anyways, listen, I’m just around the corner, so I’ll come in anyway and see how we get on…”

Damn I thought, no cum in the ass for me today, but had one last plan. I removed my blindfold, and the boxers and lay on the bed face down. I heard the door go, and the steps creek as he walked up them. He entered the room, stripped naked and laid on top of me, he started kissing my neck, licking my ear – all things which drive me wild with lust. Before long I’d turned over, and seen him. He was about my age, 25-26, fairly cute, clean-shaven, couple extra pounds but nothing too bad, and smooth all over. We started kissing passionately, I too nibbled on his ear, which is seemed to enjoy too. I moved down his body, kissing and licking every part of it as I went down, getting to his cock, it took it in my hands, inserted it into my mouth, ensuring that I hadn’t touched it with my mouth just yet, when it was all in, I then made contact with it, the warmth of my mouth drove him wild, he arched his back and groaned in sheer pleasure. I sucked him for about 5 mins, swirling my tongue around his helmet, lapping up his pre-cum as it oozed out. I cupped his balls, licking them and flicking my tongue around his hole – he was clearly enjoying this, getting more and more lustful, horny – he wanted his dick in my hole.

I threw him onto his back, sat astride him, and began again to kiss his neck and lick his ear. With my spare hand, I reached back, got his now throbbing stiff cock and put it against my rose bud. I gyrated my hole against it, and stared into his eyes. I maintained eye contact as I steadily sat down on it… raw.

All thoughts of safe sex, sti’s etc left the guys mind as my arse clamped down on his dick, and I slid all the way down until his balls were pressed firmly against my cheeks. I kept eye contact the entire time, he was in heaven.

I rode him for a short while, before lust totally took over him… he threw me off, rolled me over onto all fours, stood astride me and shoved his bare cock into me doggy style. He started fucking me like a Duracell bunny… his cock probing against my prostate with each violent thrust into me. He couldn’t last long at this pace, and sure enough, 15 mins later; he proclaimed that he was about to cum.

I reached around, taking hold of his butt cheeks, I kept him inside me, and so he couldn’t pull out.

“What if I have something?!?” he asked, inbetween his groans and pants.

“I don’t care, just cum in me!” I demanded.

He didn’t have time to question me, he’d reached the point of no return, and blew his seed deep into my bowels, there was so much of it that as he kept his pace up, in and out, it started leaking out of my hole and down my balls… he collapsed on top of me, sweating profusely. Two very happy guys.

After he dressed, we promised to repeat it again sometime soon, and then he left.

On Sunday there was no sex for me, but instead the weather was fantastic. Clear blue skies, very warm – indeed, spring has sprung here in the United Kingdom. There’s a saying that says great minds think alike… it’s so true. No sooner had the idea of a BBQ entered my mind, than one of my climbing buddies rang me..

“Hey dude, whatever you’ve got planned to day, drop it… BBQ my place, noon… beers provided!”

So that was that. Sunday passed by in a haze of good food, cold beers, and the occasional joint, all the time surrounded with mega music and of course, fantastic friends. Let the good times roll!

I’d arranged a few days ago to go up to Teeside to see my mate Ben (see the post Visitor from the North). He was shocked that I was still HIV- after all my sexcapades, and wanted me to have a test at a support group for HIV+ gay guys. Apparently Ben had told the support worker there all about me, and this lad was keen to meet me so he could test out a new HIV test which can detect antigen from the virus as soon as 7 days after infection.

So on Monday Ben drove down to pick me up, and we went back up north together. I had the tests, two pricks of the finger, and twenty minutes the results were in… negative. On both accounts. I was pleasantly surprised, given the amount of raw fun I have, but I’m under no illusions that what I do is dangerous, and that one day my luck will run out. If I was surprised, Ben and the support worker were mortified… how can someone so into bareback still test negative after all this time? I think they were also somewhat jealous, as both are self-confessed lovers of bareback sex… It’s a mystery, but it’s true. I’ve agreed that I’ll go up to TPA once a month to get tested – it’s a rapid test, only 20 mins wait for the results… certainly beats the two week wait from the lab tests they do here in Yorkshire.

After the tests, we went to the Marina in H’pool and had a bite to eat and a pint. After the meal, I told Ben I was going to the toilet for a piss, and he looked at me in a slutty way he does. Ben’s big into drinking piss straight from guys cocks, so I nodded in agreement, and made my way to the pub toilets.

I waited in a cubicle for him to arrive, he walked in, we shut the door behind us, and I got my dick out. Ben took it in his mouth, and I let the floodgates open, Ben gulping each mouthful down like he hadn’t had a drink in weeks. By the time I was finished pissing, my cock was hard, so Ben proceeded to give me a bit of a BJ in the toilets. We decided to leave before we got caught, as it wasn’t a gay venue.

We jumped in his car, and drove to his parent’s house, checking the rooms, Ben decided that it was empty, so we went to his room, where he continued sucking my cock. It wasn’t long before he was throbbing hard, and his finger probing at my hole. So I removed my jeans, grabbed my lube and poppers (a good cumdump always carries the essentials wherever he goes!), and rolled onto all fours. Ben lubed his cock up, and plunged it into my hole as I got high on the poppers.

His 6” cock is thick, and he rammed it in and out of me harder and harder, I was face down, poppers up against my nose, my head swimming with the high. It was great.

Suddenly, we heard a key in the front door, and a member of his family walk in… We scampered to get dressed, finding out boxers and jeans, as the unwelcome return of the family moved into the hallway, and someone proceeded up the stairs. We’d just got dressed, and sat on the bed, but looked guilty as hell, and the room stunk of poppers and sex. That’s when we discovered that the house wasn’t actually empty, and his brother had been in his room next door all along! Eek! Had he heard us? We weren’t exactly totally quiet…. Ben went to chat to his Mum, and scoped it out – he returned with news that they’d all gone out again, but his brother was now downstairs.

With that news, I undid my belt, opened my jeans, got my still hard dick out, and Ben knew what to do… he wrapped his mouth around it again, as I lay back on the bed, he sucked for England until eventually I felt the eruption building in my balls, and let loose a volley of spunk which would have easily gone a meter or so high, instead it fired into Ben’s mouth, hit the back of his throat, and then slid down into his stomach. Ben licked around my dick to ensure none was wasted. He then jacked off, and when he came, packed his cum into my hole with his fingers…

We got dressed again, chatted for a while, and then made the journey back down south to Yorkshire.

So that’s my weekend guys, that’s what I did… the weather has been marvellous, and the sex even better… what better way to spend a spring weekend? Spring has indeed sprung, and I had lots of bum fun.

On Friday I get my wages through, so I’m heading to Steam Complex Sauna in Leeds for an all-nighter… hopefully I’ll have plenty to report after that one!

On a slightly not so happy note, the library where normally update my blog has changed their security settings and I can no longer access or to update this blog from there. This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma, where the heck to i update this from? I dont have internet at home at the moment, mainly for money reasons, and the internet cafe's in town are too expensive for me (unemployed).... so bear with me a little while, the blog may not get updated quite as often as it has been until i can find a workable solution. Don't panic though, i'm still going to write up my encounters as I have them, I will just store them in my email account until i can update the blog. I'm also going to check out something called "email blogger updater" - which claims to be able to let me update this blog by merely sending myself an email.... so thats my next job whilst i've borrowed my mates PC.

Anyways, tomorrow is payday (well, welfare giro day at least), and as I said earlier on, I'm going to Steam Complex in Leeds for a day and night of bareback action... if you reading this and can get to Leeds from 4pm tomorrow - come on down, i'll be in the sling taking all loads!

Mar 12, 2009

I wanna do porn with Liam Cole & Treasure Island

The other month I applied to Liam Cole, who is the UK producer for the fantastic Treasure Island Media (T.I.M), asking if I could be a bareback gang bang bottom in any of their forthcoming movies, the email I sent is below.

“Hi guys,

I'm xxx, 26 years old from a small city called xxxxx in the North Of England. I'm a filthy barebacking little bottom slut - I love nothing more than being gang banged by a load of guys raw, and having them unload in and around my hole until it's all creamy and sloppy. I'm pretty insatiable, and find the more I get, the more I want, I’m never seemingly satisfied.

Lately I’ve been getting into anonymous bareback stuff... I’ll advertise that my front door will be unlocked, and I’ll be on my bed, blindfolded, the lights off, and a hand full of candles around the room to create some dimly lit atmosphere... I’ll put on some funky house music to add rhythm, and then I’ll wait... I’ll take whoever turns up to give it to me, I rarely see their faces or what they look like - so long as they've got a dick and a load to give, I’m happy to take it.

I also love doing it in sauna's (bathhouses) and sex clubs, and have travelled to various ones across the UK - this Wednesday I have a trip planned to Basement Complex in Manchester - I’ve advertised it on various bareback websites, and am hoping to get fucked good n proper and get my hole filled to the point of overflowing.

Sometimes I wear boxers with a hole cut out (see pics) with things like "cumdump" written on them - I feel it shows guys what I’m into, and means they're less likely to use condoms or try to suck me off etc - all I’m interested in is getting fucked by as many different guys bareback as possible.

I would love to be a gang-bang bottom in one of your movies, the idea of being filmed and having guys the world over watch me being such a slut, really gets me going.... I feel it would be the next step in my bareback career... and is something I’ve wanted to do for a long while

The pictures were all taken a week ago with my 22yo fuck buddy. In the of the two of us, I’m the bottom, he's the top - I’ve tried to persuade him to apply, but he wont. Shame.

I really do want to be a gangbang bottom for T.I.M.



I waited, then i got a reply......

“Hi xxx,

Thanks for your wonderful message and pictures; you share a lot of our passions.

If an opportunity comes up for you, I shall send you an email.

Best Wishes and stay horny,

Liam Cole”

So, hopefully, who knows something may come up in the future. Then, a week or so later, I find out that my blog has been featured on the Liam Cole blog…. I’m chuffed to bits! So I’m thinking, and it’s a bit cheeky, but hey, worth a shot.

If you’re reading this and like what you read/see on my blog, and would like to see me be a slutty gang bang bottom in a Liam Cole TIM movie, please can you write an email to them, recommending me, or saying that you would love to see me getting loaded up with spunk. Who knows, just maybe, a bit of peer pressure can work in my (and yours) favour.

The address to write to is: in the subject line, put: “confessionsofabarebackcumdump – recommended”

I’ll let you know what happens when I find out.

Liam, if you’re reading this, I would apologise for hopefully having your inbox flooded with messages, but I wont… I really wanna do a movie with you guys; I hope you can forgive me my little stunt.

Mar 10, 2009

A minor setback, twitchy hole, search for more tops!

Well the 21 yo never happened. Turns out that he was out on the piss last night, and then overslept this morning.

My mate Tone has spoken to him, and he insists the lad is for real and not just some prick tease. So we're going to rearrange it for another day soon. Unfortunately, that means i havent had a fuck today, and i'm exceptionally horny.

I'm in the public library as i write this, with a throbbing hard on in my jeans, and a lovely clean, freshly douched hole ready to be used. Where oh where, can i get some cock from?

This is when Small Town really sucks. It's a really pleasent city, but getting a bit of bareback cock at such late notice, is near impossible. Years ago it used to have some really active cottages, but they've all been closed by the council, so that leaves, well... no where. I really do need to live ni a larger, more populated city. Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham or London all spring to mind. I'm sure if i was down there, i'd always be satisfied and always have loads of spunk dribbling out of my slutty cum hole.

Instead i'm in the Library, looking at lads who walk in and out with real lust... if only one or more of them would bend me over in the toilets and stuff their knobs in me... if only.

So anyways, this brings me to my new quest... i feel that i need to increase the number of guys in my 'pipeline' as it were - the number of guys that i have lined up to use and abuse my hole for their pleasure.

As i say, i can accommodate here in Yorkshire, and can also do hotel meets around the Yorkshire region. Moving further afield, i can travel to other parts of the UK with a bit of advance notice so that i can save up for train fares etc. If you can accommodate me for a night or two, even better - that means i'm even more likely to be able to come and meet you!

I have various profiles online, and they all feature some or all of the pictures that are around my blog here at - however, in case you kind folk are interested, my other profiles are: (i've provided links where i know them off by heart, and just my profile/handle name in other cases)

BNSKIN: barebackyork
FITLADS: barebackcumdump
BAREBACK: bbsaunaslut
SQUIRT: barebacksaunaslut
SCATBOI: barebackcumdump

You can contact me at either of those profiles, or directly by emailing me at:

If you email me, i will respond as soon as i can, and promise to write to every single person who takes the time and effort to write to me.

I'm totally genuine (as i hope this blog shows) when it comes to meeting lads, so if you want to meet up, then i am definately interested. I dont discriminate on grounds of age, size, looks etc, my only requirement is that you either want to take my seed in your hole, or want me to take your seed.

I feel that i want to increase the numbers of guys that want to fuck me, i'd love to have a phone book full of lads throughout the UK and Europe who want to breed me. If you're genuinely interested, then please, get in touch!

By for the now guys...


Mar 9, 2009

Bottom and Top all in a mornings work

This morning I woke up uber horny and felt like getting fucked, but also like doing some fucking… so I sent a few texts to lads I know and tried to arrange something.

At 12pm I was at my house, lubed up, blindfolded with a bottle of popper pinned to my nose, wearing a white jock strap waiting for my first visitor. He arrived, I heard him come through the front door (which is unlocked), and start walking up the stairs. I take a big hit of poppers, and my head begins to swim – how I love this feeling.

He enters the room and groans “ohh, yeah…” at the sight of me, naked other than the jock strap, arse in air, waiting for his raw cock in me. He slips a finger into me, and then undoes his flies, taking his dick out. He rubs it up and down my crack a few times, each time he does it swells and gets harder, all the while I’m sniffing on the little brown bottle.

After a while, he gets on the bed, comes up behind me, and slips his dick smoothly into my cum hole, all 8” of it. I groan in pleasure, this is what I live life for… cant beat the feeling of a raw cock in my bum. He begins to thrust it in and out, each time, the helmet coming out, and then he plunges it back into me till his bollocks slap on my cheeks. Fantastic. He gets faster and faster, going deeper and deeper, I can feel his helmet probing at my prostate deep in my guys. After 10 mins, he groans loudly, says he’s going to cum.

“Fuck yeah,” I groan, “breed me!”

He didn’t need asking twice, and with one final thrust, rammed his knob deep into me, and dumped load after load of hot spunk into my bowels. I can feel his knob swelling with each wad as it leaves his dick and begins the journey into my raw hole.

He keeps fucking me a bit more, to work the load deeper and deeper into me, his dick steadily going soft until it flops out of me with a nice ‘pop’ sound. Bingo… one load planted deep in my cumdump, time for me to change roles and become the top. The guy, who’s just loaded me up, zips up and leaves the house – I never did see what he looked like.

I take the blindfold off, and leave it on the bed; I then retire to the spare room and have a crafty smoke out of the window whilst I wait for my bottom for the day.

The front door goes, and a guy walks up the stairs and into the room where I’d just been knocked up in. The plan is for his to get ready, put the blindfold on, and then call ready when he’s sorted.

Two mins later, he gives the shout. I walk from the spare room into the main room, and see my victim for the first time. He’s about 30 years old, around 6’ tall, 160lbs, slim and smooth all over. He also has a lovely pert bubble butt, naturally smooth with a cute little rose bud. My knob is throbbing hard at this point.

I go down on him, burying my tongue deep in that little pink rosebud, he groans with pleasure. I keep rimming and eating him out, making his hole nice and moist, ready for my achingly stiff dick. I then mount him, pushing my helmet against this rose, putting more and more pressure on, until eventually it slips past the resistance, and deep into his butt. He groans in pleasure, takes a hit of poppers, squeezes my dick with his bubble cheeks, then says

“Fuck my cunt raw and breed me….”

Well, don’t need to be persuaded, I’m there already! I begin to thrust harder and harder, his hole is so warm and moist, and feels fantastic wrapped around my raw boner. He’s on his stomach, face down, legs together, with mine either side of his, I raise myself up, as if doing push ups, and begin to drill my dick down into his cunt. All the time, I’m watching my dick get swallowed by this hot pert hole, and he’s groaning and moaning in ecstasy.

I pull him up onto all fours, and move into the doggy position, slamming my dick into his hole as hard as I can, my spit providing the only lube. I’ve got one load inside my hole, and I’m ploughing another hole raw… cant beat good ol' sleazy bareback fucking with strangers.

I feel the sensation building inside my balls, like a volcano about to erupt…. I pull my dick out, just as a shoot my first volley of spunk over his crack, and then push my dick and my seed back into him, I watch as I do it, my spunk wrapping around my shaft as it slides back into this bubble butt. When I’m back in, I feel the second of my volleys coming, and dump this one deep into him, as deep as I can go. I then proceed to continue to fuck my muck into his hole, sliding my dick in and out of his hole, feeling the cum around my shaft and in his cunt. It’s like heaven on earth.

Eventually I too go soft, and pull my 6.5 cut dick out of his cummy hole. He’s still blindfolded; so I leave the room, and go for a glass of water, sweat pouring from my forehead. As I’m drinking, I hear this guy getting dressed, and then leaving the house.

So that’s one load in me from a stranger, and my load given to another stranger. What a great morning! I feel suitably satisfied…. For now.

Mar 6, 2009

Some pics from Wednesday

Hi there guys,

Well the pictures finally arrived, unfortunately the lads we were with arent too keen on me using ones which show them in, so they've only sent me the ones that show only me... which is only a couple.

Still, something's better than nothing.

So here they are... the first is me in the sling getting my hole bred...

The second is me on all fours, loaded with spunk, "spunk hole" written on my cheeks, with some ball butt plugs keeping the juices in place...

I''ll try and get some more, perhaps just block out their faces so they cant be identified.

Watch this space!

Feel the hatred... or envy?

And so the hits just keep on coming…

“that's gross...and you say it like it is something to be proud of...taking it bb and being a piece of meat that has no value are not one in the much for self do you live with yourself...”

That’s the feelings of a certain unknown poster following my latest tally of loads taken so far this year.

Why some people choose to seek out bareback blogs, read what’s written, no doubt jack off over the pictures provided, and then choose to flame the people who provide said material is one of those little wonders of life which I lose absolutely no sleep over.

Why do it? What’s the point?

I’m all for freedoms of speech, and whilst I may not agree with everyone all the time, I will defend to the death their right to say it… however I was brought up the old fashioned way, and learnt that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Another thing that strikes me, is that all the people who leave negative posts, never leave their name, or details… it’s almost as if it’s a hit and run… where as those who appreciate my efforts, leave names, albeit even if they’re false names, they leave something. Why is this? Is it because the flamers are really filthy barebackers themselves who self loathe? Or is it because they’re scared of being identified as seeking out the material in the first place? I don’t know.
What I will say to them is this. I have plenty of self respect, more than you could ever fathom. I enjoy what I do, it’s not done because I hate myself, or lack self esteem or respect, I do it, because it’s what turns me on. If it’s not your cup of tea, then I can totally understand, but why bother logging on, clicking “I agree” to the content warning, reading the posts, and then taking the effort to try and insult me? Is that the high light of your day? Does it make you feel important, self righteous to be so pontificating? If it does, then bully for you, to the rest of us, it just makes you look like a bit of a sad fucker.

Save your effort, keep your worthless thoughts to yourself, either way i dont care - with two simple clicks i can banish your pointless thoughts from my blog. Who's got the last laugh now.....

Mar 4, 2009

Total loads taken for 2009 so far.

Hi again lads, I’ve decided to try and keep (as best I can) a track of how many loads I take in my hole during the course of this year.

Given we’re already a quarter into it, there’s going to have to be a bit of memory recall and guestimation to get the figures for Jan – Mar… so I’ll play it safe, and ‘err’ or the side of conservatism.

Well, with the various sauna visits, gang bangs and orgies I’ve attended since Jan 1st, I would conservatively put the figure at: 90

90 loads so far this year. That’s about 45 for each month of the year so far, more than one a day.

That’s not bad going, but I want and need more.

Plus the loads i've taken since the beginning of March, gives me a total of 93

From now on, each time I post a blog update, I’ll also update the score.

So to recap:

Cumulative total for 2009: 93 loads taken in my arse

Filthy Fourway BB/FF Fuck

So I got a text yesterday off my friend Tone who fucks me bareback quite regularly, saying that he’s meeting up with two guys in a small town near where I live for some nasty bb fun on Wednesday – I ask if he can see if I’d be welcome, he does, and they are.

We arrive at their house in Selby at about 12noon, and they welcome us in. Two guys, a couple, both about 50 but very good looking for their ages, in shape, and clearly into really dirty fucking…. We’ll call then Bill and Ben for now (not their real names – changed to protect their ID).

We share a coffee, chat about what we’re into etc, then make our way to their own private play room upstairs in their house.

It’s awesome, they’ve got loads of sex toys, dildos, canes, lube, some Drum n Bass music playing and some porn on the TV… they’ve even got a sling set up in the corner… this promises to be a good session!

I start by dropping to my knees and sucking on Ben’s dick, meanwhile, Tone and Bill are getting it on behind me.

Before long, Ben tells me to stand up and get in the sling, which I do willingly, he then lubes my arse with some spit, and slides his hard throbbing cock into me. He’s fucking me hard and fast, the chains on the sling rattling, me groaning and panting in pleasure. He’s about 5’10 tall, slim, grey hair, and a goatie. Very good looking. I look at the other pair, and Tony now has Bill bent over a hogtie stool, and is rimming his hole. This goes on for some while, before Tony slips inside Bill and starts to fuck his hole raw too.

Tony is about 5’11 tall, slim, smooth, nice body, big 7” cock. Meanwhile Bill is about 5’9, grey short hair, nice hairy body, and a lovely pert ass.. he’s getting Tone’s 7 incher in him good and deep.

Before long, Tony pulls out of Bill and Ben pulls out of me, they swap over, I’m now taking Tony’s 7” cock in my hole, he’s slamming away into me. I’ve got the bottle of poppers up against my nose, snorting heavily. My head swimming as the drug takes over my brain… I’m in heaven.

After 10-15 mins of this, Tony pulls out, and bends over a stool, Bill enters me, and Ben enters Tony over the stool. It’s a proper bareback 4 some… I’m still in the sling with my legs spread and my hole now well fucked. Ben fucks me as hard as he can, his balls slapping against my hole and the chains of the sling rattling violently.

I stand up out of the sling, my legs weak, Ben helping me, making sure I’m not too dizzy from the poppers and hard fucking I’ve just had. Ben gets into the sling, and I drop to my knee’s burying my face into his sloppy hole, eating it out really nice. Bill is fucking Tony over a stool. The room is filled with lustful groans from all four of us… cocks entering arses, holes being rimmed, all bareback.. not a condom in sight, just as gay sex should be.

Shortly afterwards, Tony gets into the sling, and Ben begins to finger his arse, slips his dick into him and fucks him nice and hard. Meanwhile, I’m bending over the hogtie stool, and Bill is coming up behind me. He chuckles as he gets a pen, and writes “SPUNK HOLE” on my butt cheeks, then, he sticks a finger into my arse, then two, then three, then four…. Before long he’s trying to work his entire hand into my hole. I inhale hard on the poppers, my head spinning, I close my eyes and can just see starts, the music is pumping, the groans from Tony in the sling mixing with the groans from the filthy bareback porn on the TV… If heaven is a place on earth, then I’m there at right that moment.

Tony lets out a yelp, I glance across to find that Ben has pulled his cock out, and is now fisting Tony. His hand all the way into him, right up to the wrist… with this Bill tells me to turn over, so I get onto my back, and raise me legs into the air. He pulls out a huge dildo; the biggest I’ve ever seen, lubes it up, and begins to work it into my now stretched, sloppy hole. The groans in the room are mixed with phrases of encouragement from the two guys now fisting us both (well, almost, I just couldn’t fit the full hand in…).

Tony is crying in pleasure, Ben has turned a full 180° and is now facing back to the sling, with his hand still buried deep in Tone’s hole.

After Ben pulls out, and Tony gets out of the sling, I get into it, and Bill again begins to work his hands into my hole. I press the little brown bottle up to my nose and in hale, long, and slow, repeating it over and over. I close my eyes, can see stars as bright as the sun in my minds eye. Bill presses harder, constantly working his hand into my cumhole. He gets past the thumb knuckle, and right up to his wrist… I’m groaning in pleasure, yet grimacing in pain, it felt fantastic being used like this. Bill pulls his hand out, then slides his throbbing cock back into me. He fucks me a while.

Across the room, Ben is now fucking Tony, Tony’s on all fours, with Ben slamming his dick deep into him, over and over again. Tony Lets up a groan, Ben lets up a groan, and with that he dumps his seed deep into Tony’s hole. Tony and Ben swap places, this time it’s Tony’s job to breed Ben. He does this with gusto; while Bill’s raping my arse in the sling with me out of my head on poppers, Tony is abusing Ben on the floor, the sound of balls slapping into cheeks, the lube and general sloppiness of Ben’s hole audible for all to hear. Bill continues to fuck me hard; we’re maintaining eye contact at this point, my hands behind me, my legs in the stirrups. Bill is ramming his dick deep into me, groaning like a good one. Before long he lets out a hole and dumps a thick big load deep into me, I can feel his dick pulsing as he unloads wad after wad of his seed into me. Lovely.

When he’s finished cumming in me, he pulls out and helps me from the sling, I drop to my knee’s once again, and take his dick in my mouth, tasting his seed, and my hole as I swirl my cock around his helmet. He maintains his hard-on, and then sticks it deep into Ben’s arse… he fucks him a while, and pulls it out, it’s glistening with Tony’s spunk from Ben’s hole. He feeds his dick to me again, and I lick and suck it clean. Next he puts it into Tony’s hole, fucking him a while, eventually pulling it out coated in Ben’s cum. Feeding it to me yet again, I resume my role as spunk slut, and lick his dick clean again.

I’ve still not come at this point, but my head is swimming with so much poppers that I cant see straight, I’m sweating and shivering at the same time, my hole is as wide as it’s ever been, and cum is dripping from it, whilst the cum from Ben’s and Tony’s holes’ runs from my mouth… the three guys look at me, and chuckle the sort of sadistic chuckle you’d make when you are so turned on at something. They agree, that I’m a filthy bareback slut and they definitely want to meet up again.

Bill suggests that we should meet up one evening, bring some beers around, invite a few other tops they know, get split the cost of some Tina. They’ve done it a lot apparently, and are genuine guys, so I agreed. The plan is to get me off my head, then have me used by as many guys as they can get. Well, I wasn’t going to refuse an offer like that was I.

We all showered, swapped numbers, and promised to meet up again soon. As I write this, my arse is as slack as hell, and I can feel Bill’s cum still finding its way out of my innards and oozing into my boxers. What a fuck it was… a filthy fourway fuck.

Oh yes, i forgot to say, there were many photos taken throughout the session, and i've been given permission to use most of them. Tony's going to email them to me when he gets in, so i will post them up here when i get them and work out which ones i can use, and which they lads dont want me to use etc. Keep checking back to see them!!