Sep 17, 2009

Updates on all fronts

Well it’s been a while now since I made a proper posting on here, and I’m aware that many may suspect that this blog has fallen by the way side as so many bareback blogs tend to do. I reassure you, this is not the case.

Firstly, I’ve finally found employment and it is going well, it means that I have more money to take my trips which I’ve talked about so much on here, Bristol, London, Amsterdam, and ultimately hopefully Berlin. On the downside, it’s very anti-social hours so I’ve not been able to get on here to update you guys on the goings on. Also, being anti-social hours, I’ve not been able to arrange many orgies or gang bangs since I started, and have taken just 10 loads in the last 2 weeks… I’m personally disappointed in that progress.

I went to Basement Sauna in Manchester a few weeks ago, it was a spur of the moment decision taken after a night out, and whilst there I managed to take about 5 loads in my arse, I also held an open door event at my house a couple of weeks back, and took in the region of 6 loads there too.

The good side of working and earning again, is that I’ve been able to start saving up, and at somepoint in the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to buy myself a laptop, which means that the blog will finally get all the attention it deserves, and you, my loyal supporting readers and fans, will be getting many many more updates on whats going on in the world of Bareback Sauna Slut.
Those of you who have added me as a friend on Facebook (Josh Langdale) – I’m greatful for your support… and as you may or may not be aware, I’ve also created a group on Facebook where readers, fans and supporters alike can gather… in due course I’ll update the group with photos, details of orgies, sex parties, and which sauna’s I’m going to be at, so that hopefully those of you who’ve messaged me asking if you can fuck me, can find out where I’m going to be and when, so that those wishes can finally come true.

The group can be found at:

Hopefully as many of you as possible will join this group, and we can make it a real place for supporters of this page (and me) to hang out.

Well that’s about it for now, I’m on a split shift and have to get back to the grindstone – I’m there from 5pm until 1am tonight… having already done from 8am until 3pm today! I keep thinking of the money though, and the awesome adventures it will allow me to have!

Keep checking back on the blog for regular updates, my sincere apologies for not being as active on here as late as you and I would have liked, you have my sluts promise that this will soon change and the blog will become bigger, and better than ever before!

Josh x

Sep 4, 2009

Basement Manchester

Alright you dirty tops, i'm currently in basement sauna in manchester, looking to take as much cock bareback as i can.

Will be laid in a cubicle, high on poppers, arse lubed up looking to get fucked by any one and everyone... come and do me if you read this!!

I will be in one of the three cubicles on the right just as you walk in to the cruising part, door unlocked and open, come and fuck me raw!!! Just walk in, and do me!!