Jun 8, 2010

Another 2 load creampie (screen stills)

Alright guys,
Hope you're enjoying the videos that I uploaded last night, I'm stuggling to upload the main videos what I want to share with you. The videos were filmed on the 31 May and are entitled "An Afternoon Spent Taking Loads". When I can get to a better connection, then I will defo upload them.

I'm also working on editing some video that was filmed last night when I got bred by two new strangers, one a guy from Leeds who's cock is absolutely massive, and another guy who really worked me over and jacked me off in the progress. Naturally I was blindfolded throughout and never caught sight of any of the fella's. The footage was filmed both secretly, and also by one of them holding the camera. I've managed to steal some screen stills from them and have uploaded them here for you as a preview/teaser.

Rest assured I'm working on a solution which will enable me to share all my videos with you as soon as I can... please bear with me.

If anyone reading this in the UK wants to breed me, just get in touch! Also, please remember to leave comments - they're the motivation to writing this blog. I've not had any feedback for quite some time... it's your comments and feedback lads which makes writing this blog worthwhile - trust me, it takes lots of effort to think of new material and time spent sitting here uploading and writing.... ultimately I do it all for you!

Josh x

Trust me, the videos will follow as soon as possible! You HAVE to see this footage guys, it's horny as fuck!

Feeding my hole (26 April 2010)

This guy shot his load over my face while I was sucking him. He was supposed to just get hard then fuck and breed me. Instead he couldn't hold back and shot over my face. When he blew over me, he then scooped it up and repacked it into my hole.

This was the video he took of it.

Oozing Spunk (May 2010)

Hi guys, just thought I'd share this video with you, it was taken a month ago, but for some reason I've not been able to get online properly to upload it.

Hope you enjoy it.

It shows the cummy results of a good breeding I had. I cant upload the full version on here direct as it's too big, but will be uploading it to xtube and embedding it when I can.

There are other videos to follow, and if I can regularly get online, I shall be uploading them all in the next few days - so keep checking back for a massive influx of hot exclusive video action on here!

I've been getting quite a bit of cream recently, and have photos and videos galore to share with you... and I'm also going back to the BB Party in Notts again in a couple of weeks! Can't wait!

Jun 2, 2010

2 Load Afternoon - Riding Drunkard Cock

Hi guys, hope you are all keeping well and enjoying summer?

I just wanted to quickly share some pics that were taken earlier today during a 2 load breeding session. Unfortunately theres no real pics of the action (however there are videos which will be uploaded ASAP!), and I have managed to steal a couple of stills from them as a teaser...

These pics show the wonderful results of the fun... the dribbling creampies!

Above: here it comes... look at the spunk starting to dribble...
Above: oh fuck yeah, dribble baby, dribble!!
Above: outta that rosebud, down the balls, and then drips onto the bed sheets... man I LOVE being knocked up!