May 28, 2009

Bumping up the batting average... 244 loads taken!

Well this past weekend proved to be a total cock fest for me, and I’ve certainly gone some way in increasing my load taken count. First off there was Alert in Manchester on the Friday evening, then off to Basement for the after-party. I’ll give full details of all these events in the coming days as there’s so much to tell.

I got back home at around 11am on Saturday, and slept all day, then Saturday night I ended hookin up with a guy who’s done me a few times, and who enjoys whoring me out in cruising and dogging grounds whilst I’m blindfolded. We went to a local cruising ground and I ended up getting pounded there by a whole load of guys. To top it all off, on Tuesday night I hosted another Open Door Pump & Dump session and took yet more fresh cock and cum in my hole.

I tried to keep count of all the loads I took, and the numbers look something like this.

Alert: 19
Basement: 9
Cruising Ground: 8
Pump & Dump: 5

That’s gives a total for the long weekend of 41, which brings my cumulative total for 09 so far to around 244…

I’ve decided to take a couple of days off getting ploughed after the weekend, not because I’m bored or anything, but because my arse muscles are now so abused, I’m actually having trouble doing the business. The toilet business that is. In short, I’m struggling to shit. My muscles are so fucked. I’ve decided to take a few days out, and work on my arse exercises to tighten them all back up again, and I hope to be back to normal business by this weekend.

Alert and Basement were fucking awesome. I’ve never been to Alert before and it was a sure eye opener. The sort of bar that a small town boy like me dreams of and jacks off over. I’ll go into more detail when I write up my full review of the place, but as a taster here’s a synopsis.

Based over two floors, decked out with cargo a net, leather and metal beams, the place was rammed with around 200-300 lads in there, from all ages, 18 up to about 65+. Dress code is strictly enforced there, but most guys had on leather, rubber, and military outfits or were dressed up as what we in the UK call Chavs. I don’t know what the American version would be called; perhaps someone could enlighten me?

Anyways, the dark rooms, toilets and just about any other dark nook and cranny was filled with lads fucking, sucking, rimming. There was piss fun going on, and the floors were awash with various bodily fluids. Naturally for such a place, condoms didn’t even get a look in, which is great; as that’s just the sort of venue I’d hoped it would be like. It’s a total no attitude place. A truly awesome time. I’ll go into more detail about what I got up to and how the 19 loads came about in my next posting as unfortunately time is against me at the moment. The joys of not having Internet access at home right now. Watch this space for the updates on all these recent events…

Return of the Self-Haters?

Taking a slight tangent for a moment, I noticed that the haters have returned to the blog, and are beginning to post anti-bareback comments in response to my posts again. Those of you who are regular readers will know that I’ve had my share of problems about this in the recent past, and at one stage had to take the drastic action of making the blog readable by prior permission only. I’d hate to go back to those dark days, I find the blog works best, and I’m sure y’all agree, when it’s open to be read publicly. We’ll just have to wait and see how this recent spate of self-haters pans out. Lets hope they crawl back under the rocks they emerge from huh?

May 18, 2009

Total Loads Taken – 200 mark broken!

I figured I’d best do an update as to the number of loads taken from new guys so far this year after the last weekend proved to be a total cum fest as far as my ass is concerned.

After the joys of Bronx Sauna, Kink in Leeds, the Sunday evening session AND the open door I held last Tuesday, my cumulative total has jumped substantially from the 158 mark at my last count.

I’ve gone through the postings I’ve made, and counted up all the loads I’ve taken, and it runs at a total of about 45 loads in just 6 days! That’s a whopping average of 7.5 a day! I guess I really do live up to my reputation as a total barebacking cum dump.

So add the recent total to the running cumulative total and I get a new result of 203. I should point out as I always do on these sorts of postings that this is purely new loads taken, if a guy comes back for seconds or even thirds, they don’t get posted in this total. So that’s 203 new fucks this year so far, and we’re only in mid May! I’m going to try and aim for the 1000 mark before the year is out. That is now my target.

Some have asked why I keep a running total. For me it’s a curiosity. For many years I would fuck around with loads of guys, never keeping tabs on how many I had. Invariably in drunken chats with mates down the local pub, the subject of how many guys we’d fucked does often crop up, and each year I could only guess at the numbers, so I decided that in 2009 I would keep a count, so that I could place a more accurate figure on it. It also serves, I feel, to let readers of my blog get a better understanding of the sort of slut that I am, and I know that it turns many of my readers and followers on to see a running total counting upwards. There are many guys, who fantasise about doing this sort of thing, and I would like to think that for those lads who would like to but dare’nt for whatever reason they have, they could live out their fantasy by reading my blog.

On a slightly connected note, I have received some emails and text messages recently from guys who felt obliged to lecture me on my sexual behaviour, or ask me why I engage in such. I had felt that I’d explained on the blog already, but clearly I hadn’t sufficiently.

For years when I was experimenting and learning the ropes as far as gay sex goes, I had fantasised about being the kind of lad who never turned down a fuck. The lad who people talked about online, who had a reputation for being the “city bicycle”, in that everyone’s had a ride. I never thought that I’d actually ever act on those desires. Thoughts and fears of safe sex were always prevalent in my mind. I rarely used condoms when I slept with guys; the reasons for this are many. Firstly I feel bareback feels far better, secondly as a top I struggle to maintain a hard on with a rubber on and as a bottom, I find that when I’m getting gang banged for hours at a time, no matter how much lube is used, rubbers begin to hurt after a while, in bareback sex, none of this matters. Thirdly, I just love the feeling of having a guy or guys unload in my hole.

Over time, I got more and more into the bareback world, watching the likes of T.I.M and HDK videos, seeing guys take load after load, and thought “I’d love to be like that… that’s what I want.” So over time, I the fantasy become normalised, and eventually I find myself doing what I do.

“What about the risks?” I hear some of you cry. Well sure, bareback sex with multiple partners is indeed an increased risk, and as a bottom, it’s just about the riskiest thing you can do sex wise. However I accept those risks. I did plenty of research, studied the evidence, spoke to guys I know who had caught any one of a number of diseases through unprotected sex, and came to my own, educated conclusions. The possible consequences to me are worth the risk. After all, I’ve now been doing it exclusively bareback for around 4 years, and haven’t yet caught as much as a common cold from any of the guys I’ve been with. No STI’s, no diseases… I get tested regularly at the local GUM clinic, and each time, go through a routine of preparing myself for the positive results that will inevitably be returned… each time the results have all come back totally negative. A clean bill of health. I know that eventually, given long enough and enough guys, that I am certain to catch something. But my attitude to that is one of pre-acceptance and I am comfortable with it. After all, if one isn’t totally comfortable with the risks we take, then we shouldn’t be engaging in that sort of behaviour. It’s not just true with regards bareback sex; it’s true for everything in life. Mountaineers and Rock Climbers accept the risks they take, and are comfortable with it. If they weren’t, they shouldn’t climb. When crossing a road outside of an appointed crossing point, jay walking I believe our American brethren call it… if you aren’t happy with the gap you have, the speed of oncoming traffic and a whole host of other factors, you don’t take the risk to cross the road. You wait for the green man and WALK signal.

So in conclusion I do what I do because I enjoy it, and because I’m totally 100% comfortable with the risks and consequences of my actions. I hope that explains to people why I do it and my attitude to it. If it doesn’t… then I don’t know what else to say…. All I would ask is that, if you’re not happy with it… why are you reading the blog?

On a sleazier note, this Friday I’m hoping to travel to Manchester to check out a sex club there called ALERT. They hold an after party as the Basement Sauna, a place I’ve frequented on a number of occasions, and have has on average, a very good time there. I shall post more about that trip when it happens.

203 new creamy loads in my arse since the start of the year… that’s cool. Here’s to the next 200!

May 14, 2009

Tuesday’s Open Door Session (with pics)

So on Tuesday just gone I had decided that I wanted to have an open door session like I used to do a while ago. These basically consist of me advertising the fact online at various sites, and sending messages to all the bareback tops I know. I am on my bed, blindfolded, wearing either jock strap or some sort of boxers with “cum dump” written on them. The curtains are closed, the lights off, and sometimes I have candles scattered around the room casting a dim glow with my spread eagled on the bed like a sacrifice to the bareback gods. The front door is unlocked, with signposts leading from the door, to my bedroom. Guys then turn up during the advertised period (normally a couple of hours) and fuck me raw and load me up. I never see or know whom it is that has creamed in my hole. It gets me proper horny, and I feel I’m providing a valuable service to guys. I've interspaced this blog posting with pictures that the guys took at the session. Hope you enjoy them!

This Tuesday worked just like that. At 7pm, the door was unlocked, and I was ready on my bed. At about 7.15 the door went, so I took a huge hit of poppers, and waited. A guy came into my room; my heart was pounding in my chest like the bass drum of a marching band. I felt a hand stroke up and down my back, before he spread my cheeks and began to finger my smooth hole. After a while, he mounted me, and slipped his cock into my raw hole. He began to fuck me, while all the while whispering in my ear that I was a cum whore and knew my place in society.

Whilst he was buried deep in me, I heard the front door go again, and another guy joined us in the room. I took another dose of poppers, the warmth that I’ve so grown to love and crave, swept over my mind, and lust filled my entire body. Nothing was said; he just stripped, and joined in. The guy screwing me slid his 7” cock out of my raw hole, stood up, and let the new guy slip into me. This guy was about 6.5” and knew how to work my ass. I was lying on my stomach, arse pointing to the sky for all to use.

They took turns in screwing me, tag teaming me, one after the other. They picked me up and did me doggy, before forcing me back to my stomach, and continuing to use my hole for the purpose it was there for.I’d left my old digital camera on the bedside cabinet with a note asking them to take any pictures, as they felt fit. After a while, the first guy went in deep, scrunched my knees up and pinned me to the bed, grinding his big cock into me really deep, and blasted a load really deep into me. He then pulled out, and the second guy went back into me using the first lads load as lube. The sound of the spunk in my hole squelching as he abused my ass was fantastic, and he too couldn’t hold out much longer. He pulled out, shot his load over my hole, before going back in taking his seed with him. Hey then pulled out, and asked me to pull my cheeks open whilst he took some photos. The results I’m sure you’ll agree are excellent!

They eventually left, and I waited on the bed for a further half an hour, but no more cocks were coming, so I closed the door, and fingered my very cummy hole whilst jacking off, and finally blasted a huge wad of spunk into my face. A very good session. Quick, horny and lust filled.

And finally, the selection of the cummy outcome of the event. One very sloppy, cum filled, spunky hole. This is what I crave for.

Apologies: Pictures deleted by picasa and lost forever.  If i can get them again, i shall re load them for you all.  Sincere apologies guys.

Josh x

May 11, 2009

Sunday's Breeding

I texted the guy who got my number from Facebook and arranged to meet up at my mates house at 7pm yesterday evening. He wanted me to wear my jock strap, and be blindfolded on my bed. He also said he didn’t want me lubed up as he wanted to rim me first, then do me totally dry. I had no objections to this, so the deal was done.

I waited on the bed, the front door unlocked, and totally blindfolded. My phone went. It was him. At first I thought it was going to be a “I’ve stood you up” sort of text, but it read, “Am outside. Be 2 mins…btw – am poz. That ok?”

Wow I thought. Hell yeah! I’m too horny to back out now, besides, after my sauna adventures, this is tame! I replied saying that I was ready and I wanted him now more than ever.

A few seconds after I sent the message, I heard the front door go. I took a huge hit of my poppers, and waited.

The wait as he climbed the stairs felt like a lifetime. Eventually I heard him enter, and take off his clothing. He began to rim my hole, and it felt awesome. This guy was an expert at hole rimming… his tongue, my smooth hole, and the poppers drove me into a frenzy of lust. I wanted him in me so much. I didn’t have to wait long. He leant over me, and placed his cock against my hole.

“Are you sure you want this in you?” He asked.

”Are you sure you want me to convert you?” He asked, before I’d had chance to answer his first question.

“Are you sure you want my cock in your smooth, tight, beautiful neg hole?” He asked, again, before I’d had time to process or answer his other questions.

Before I could do any of that, he slipped his cock into me and gasped as it slid straight in. I gasped as he did so. It felt great. He fucked me slow at first, then harder. I was lying on my stomach, legs open, arse in the air, and he was fucking me like a pro. I took another hit of poppers, and he then picked me up and did me doggy style.

As his cock was sliding in and out of my hole totally raw – no condom, no lube… he leant over to me and whispered in my ear.

“You’re ass is amazing, you’re a proper slut, I want to do you more and more… I want you to take my poz spunk deep in you”

I groaned, “Fuck yeah, breed me, take my neg status, I want you to convert me”.

He continued to fuck me, and after 20 mins he pulled out, blasted a huge load of spunk over my arse, then slipped his cock right back in, pushing his poz spunk back in with him. It felt so right.

I had no regrets, no worries, and no concerns. At that moment in time, it just felt fantastic. The ultimate act of hedonism. He pulled out, and began to finger my smooth sloppy hole, slipping 1, then 2, then and 3 then 4 fingers into me, massaging his juices into my innards. He scooped the seed from the outside, and packed it into my hole, and would then repeat, 1, then 2 then 3 then 4 fingers inside me. I was in my element. He finally stopped, thanked me for an amazing time, and started to get dressed. He told me I could remove my blindfold, so I did and looked at him.

He was 5’11” tall, slim, smooth body, quite toned, lovely bum and cock, wearing an Aussie Bum pair of boxers. Black hair, clean-shaven, very very cute. Holy fuck, I thought… he’s beautiful! He smiled, obviously reading my expression.

“Nice ass,” he complimented, “I’ll definitely have to go in there again soon! You’re a fucking great bottom!”

“Thanks,” I said, “you’re a fucking great top too! I definitely want more of the same!”

He finally left, and whilst I was lying there enjoying the time, my housemate walked in, asked if I wanted his cock in me – I was reluctant as he normally only does me raw cos he knows, he says, what a slut I am… anyway, this time he mounted me, and slipped into me. It felt different, as if it was raw, but I didn’t want to say anything for fear of putting him off.

After a while he said, “I’m in you raw!” I groaned, and responded, “Really, cool…” then took another hit of poppers.

”It feels so good!” he said, “I can see why the others all do you raw now… take my spunk”

And with that he picked up the pace, before blasting his huge load deep into my hole. He pulled out, and left before I had chance to react.

I rolled over, felt my hole, and it was lovely and cummy. There’s no feeling like it. Smooth, tight hole, filled with spunk and covered in man juice. Fucking great. I savoured the moment, and jacked off, shooting a huge load of seed over my chest.

So that’s a really good weekend of raw fuck for me… for once in a while I feel very satisfied, for the time being… I’m organising an open door at my place this Tuesday though, for anyone who wants to come and breed me… they’re welcome to!

More on that tomorrow though.... i guess now i need to work out how and when to get back up north for another test... see if my visitor really did convert me....

KINK @ Steam - The Very Cummy Outcome

Well, Kink. I wanted to go, I decided to go, and I went. And what a night it was too!

I arrived at about 8.30, and the place was already quite busy, so I decided to have a few beers first to really get me in the swing of things. By 10.30, I’d had 5 pints and 3 Vodka Cokes, and was feeling as randy as a dog on heat. I needed cock, and I needed it now! Luckily at that time, a whole crowd of lads arrived, and changed into all manner of Kink items – leather, rubber, police uniforms that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Village People video. All sorts. So I decided that the time was right for me to change into what I’d brought.

I had a tight black vest, with FUCK SLUT written on the front, and SLUT written on the back. A jockstrap on which I’d written I GO RAW on the front and CUM HOLE on the back as well as a blindfold. I got changed and made a round of the venue, checking out the hot muscle guys, the skinny twinks sucking off older fat men, and all other sorts of nasty KINK sex that was going on. I eventually made my way to my favourite sling, strapped myself in, put on the blindfold and waited. It wasn’t long before I had my first punter. Some guy walked in, and ate out my silky smooth hole; he fingered me a bit before rubbing his cock up and down my rose bud. I groaned, took a huge hit on the poppers and pointed to the I GO RAW comment on my jock… he chuckled, a kinda satanic chuckle, and shoved his cock deep into me without any lube or pause. It fucking hurt. I took deep breaths until the pain subsided, but the guy never ceased his relentless abuse of my cunt. He fucked me how I like it, like I’m a worthless sex toy, there but for the grace of god to serve other men with my fuck hole. No talking, no bullshit, just good hard raw fucking. He kept up a solid pace until he groaned loudly and emptied his sack into me. Then the room fell silent again. There were plenty of people cruising outside, but at the moment I was on my own, with my friend the poppers, and once again, the images in my mind of biohazards and scorpions. I’ve mentioned these before, and I’ve talked about what I think they mean to me and why I see them… time remains to see what actually happens.

After a few minutes had passed, another guy walked in, and fingered my now cummy hole, he stuck a finger in deep, and pulled it out to taste it – when I tasted spunk, and nothing else (the sign of a good clean, freshly douched hole) he moaned in pleasure, and I felt his cock head push up against my rose bud. He increased pressure, and the resistance was broken, and his cock slipped in with total ease. Right up to his bollocks. I felt down to ensure it was raw, and felt it was, and that he was wearing a cock ring of cold metal. Another thing that makes me go wild with lust. He banged my hole like it was his last shag on this earth; he grabbed the chains of the sling behind me so he could work in nice and deep. He paused slightly so I could take a huge hit of poppers, and resumed his work. His 7” cock sliding in and out of my smooth tight sloppy hole, getting faster and faster, making all sorts of noises. He was asking me if I like dirty seed in him, I said yes. I tried to keep my speaking to a minimum, after all – the purpose of being blindfolded in a sling is so that I don’t meet anyone, I just get used. He got the hint and soon fell silent, just working away on my hole with total gusto, before eventually pulling out, and jacking two strokes of his shaft, and blowing a huge wad of jizz over my hole, and then fingering it into my hole – he then pushed his raw cock back in to pump it in nice and deep. It was great. He too left shortly afterwards.

The cruising maze fell silent for a while, as it often does – the venue has so many different play areas, the action seems to move around a bit, so you have to occasionally leave one area and go find the guys – if it’s totally quiet, it normally means there’s some group fun going on somewhere. This was one of those moments. I unhooked myself, took off my blindfold and went for a wander.

I entered a newly made play area, decorated with cargo nets, metal poles and black mats, the lights were off, and only a red glow from the cruising maze downstairs shone through, in the gloom, I could just make out a withering mass of bodies, this was going to be fun I thought, as I slowly walked in, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness…

As I get to the far end of the room, it’s a sight to behold. There are around 20 guys in there, and everyone’s doing something. Sucking cock, riding cock, being fucked, rimming… it’s hot, and it’s sleazy. It’s my cup of tea.

I see one guy on a sofa, and he’s got a twink riding his cock raw, the twinks body is glistening in sweat, I remove my towel and position myself on my knee’s and begin to lick the balls of the guy who the twink is riding, I slowly work my way up to licking the guys cock as it slides in and out of the arse. At the same time I’m protruding my hole upwards into the room so that anyone can take me, the cum from the previous fucks is oozing from me, and dribbling down my balls.

The guys cock I’m licking slips out of the arse, and I take it in my mouth, and suck him for a while, before feeding it back into the arse of the lad. I continue doing this, ass to mouth routine for 10 mins until eventually someone comes up behind me, and slides a cock deep into my arse. It feels good – it feels like he’s got a PA on and I feel it scratch my insides as he enters me. He proceeds to screw me raw whilst I continue the ass to mouth action with the two guys on the sofa. Eventually the twink climbs off the guy, and I’m left to suck on guy’s cock as I’m getting fucked from behind. The guy fucking me pulls out, and enters the twink that’s now bent over the sofa arm. I rise, turn around, and sit down on the cock of the guy who I was sucking, he makes no effort to resist me, and it’s clear that condoms aren’t an issue here – I fucking love it.
I ride this guy for a while, one leg on the floor, the other on the sofa, my arms reached back one around this guys shoulders, the other supporting my weight on the spare sofa arm. I rise and fall the entire length of the guys cock, whilst looking around at the other guys in the darkness.

The guy I’m riding eventually blows his seed in me, and then picks me up, turns me around, and places me on the sofa on my knees. He moves around the back of the sofa and presents his cock to me to lick clean, I can taste his spunk on it, my arse juices, and the juices of the twink he was doing before I arrived. My hole is free only for a moment before some other guy comes around and begins to rim me, my legs are spread wide open, my arse thrust skywards to give maximum spread for penetration. The guy licking and rimming me is groaning, and he soon stands up, and jacks off for a second before he too shoots his load all over my hole – it’s now a really sloppy mess, I can feel spunk running down my crack, over my rose bud, onto my balls… some is even running down my legs. A different guy, a bit of a bear if you like, comes up behind me, scoops up the escaping spunk, and feeds it into my hole, the slides his cock deep into me. He takes it slow, allowing me to enjoy each inch of his tool as it penetrates my boy pussy. I’m still wearing my jock strap, and this seems to be driving guys mental. They love it.

He fucks me, I pause the sucking of the first guy to take two huge hits on my poppers, in the darkness, the gloom, with the loud pumping music of the venue sounding out, the poppers soon hit their mark, and I feel a warmth flood over me, a lust that makes me want more…

The guy fucking me picked up the pace and he reached around to feel my cock in the jocks. The guy I was sucking walked away, clearly spent, and his cock was replaced in my mouth by the twink’s who has finished being fucked over the sofa arm. I suck his 6” cock for a while, before he turns around, bends over and presents his pert smooth bubble butt, filled with spunk to me. I bury my tongue deep into him and lap up all I can get. I love this sort of action… pure plain unadulterated filth. Everyone’s doing everyone – regardless of age, looks, size, status… it’s simple gratuitous sex.

The guy screwing me thrusts in deep one last time, hisses something inaudible, and blasts his load deeper in my arse than anyone else had before. I think it’s still up there to be honest!

This continues for what turned out to be 2 hours… I was moved around the room by various guys, put into all sorts of positions, legs in air, on sofa, on floor, on my stomach, on my back… everyone in that room, and then some, had a go in me, and I sucked their cocks once they had finished in me. By the time the room emptied, my hole was as loose as the grip of democracy in Iraq.. and oozing with more spunk than I could have dreamt of. Sheer bliss.

I finally got up, put my towel on and made my way to the bar. I ordered two vodka cokes, downed them, and then went on the cruise again. I found some guys having another orgy in a dark room with some wooden benches in near a radiator, so the temperature was high, sweat was flowing, and the action was as hot as the room. I bent over a sofa, and the guy sat next to me who was getting blown off by some guy in a policeman’s uniform reached over to finger my hole. He felt the spunk inside me, pushed the guy sucking him off, and buried his cock into my cummy hole. The policeman stood up and encouraged him on.

“Go on, give it to him”

“Breed the slut”

Words to that effect. It didn’t take the guy inside me long to cum, and he dumped his load all over my arse, before he too went back in deep and raw taking his load with him. The policeman at this point, leant over, whispered in my ear about being a cumdumping slut, and how I was going to get my dues with him. He unzipped his pants, took out a huge thick uncut cock, all veiny, and without pausing, shoved it right up my arse really deep, until his balls slapped against my sweaty cummy cheeks. He thrust in and out of me deep, and kept whispering things in my ear, generally calling me a total slut, a tramp, things like that… things that I LOVE guys telling me as they’re knocking my hole up. After 5 mins he blew his wad into me, and spanked my arse as he did so. He pulled out, spun me around, and forced me to my knees, before shoving his cock down my throat this time. I gagged. I gagged big. I thought I was going to puke. He didn’t stop, he gave me no time to breathe so I had no choice but to cough and splutter the occasional time his cock did come out of my throat. My face was now covered in phlegm and spunk, fluids from his cock and my throat were pouring from my mouth, down my freshly shaven face and down my chest. He finally pulled out, and shot another load over my face, which he then scooped up, and fingered up my hole before he casually zipped up and disappeared into the darkness. I collapsed onto the benches and felt my hole.

OH MY GOD. My hole. I can’t find the words to describe how it felt. So sloppy, cummy, oozing with juice. Exceptionally loose. My legs were shaking, my throat was dry. As I lay there enjoying the moment, a guy came along, big, muscley, smooth body, covered with tattoos. He took my cock in his mouth, and gave me the most amazing blowjob ever. I didn’t last long, and finally shot my load all over his face and down his throat… he then came up to kiss me and we snowballed with it for a while, before he sauntered off into the gloom. I was spent. IT had begun to get a bit quieter by this point, noticeably so. I ventured back to the bar, ordered another Vodka Coke, and then went for a smoke. I came back in and saw the time… 3am. Definitely time for me to go. I got changed, and left. I’ll definitely be going back next time. There were less people keen on doing me in the sling than I’ve had at other times I’ve been there, but the sex was amazingly raunchy. I think for just lying there and getting used in the sling, then the Bears day is the best for that. For total sleaze though, then the KINK definitely comes up trumps.

Thanks to the guys at Steam for running such a night!

I got home at about 4am, went to bed, and woke at 10am that morning. I had a text on my phone from a lad who’d got my number from Facebook – saying that he was in the city, and did I want to take his seed… of course I did I replied… and so the deal was done… but that’s another post!

Bronx Sauna, Sheffield - 7th May

Apologies for the back to front order of a couple of the latest posts, this update is from last Thursday, I’ve only just got around to writing about it due to the busy weekend I’ve had… I’ll be posting updates about those too…

Anyways, Thursday last week I was round a friend’s house watching a movie when I got a text off a lad I know in town who’s a TV and well into his bareback, he’s had a mate bail on him and wants to know if I fancy going to Bronx Sauna in Sheffield with him that night. It’s one of the sauna’s I’ve not yet been to, what’s more, he offers to pay my entry – so I cant refuse. I willingly agree.

He picks me up outside my house at 6.30 that evening and we drive the hour to Sheffield.

We pay, change and go in. It’s a fairly small venue, over two floors, has the usual Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room… a couple of cruising mazes and cubicles, together with 2 video lounges showing the obligatory porno’s.

I do a spot of cruising, eyeing up a couple of guys. I find myself in a dead end corridor, and just as I’m turning around to walk out of it, a big black guy walks in, as I ease past him, I brush my hand across his cock under his towel, then carry on walking, I look over my shoulder to make sure he’s following, and he is… with him in tow, I dive into the nearest cubicle, remove my towel, get onto the bench on all fours, and offer my hole to him.

He wastes no time stripping off, and before I can unscrew my poppers, he’s buried his raw cock deep in my hole and is banging away with the lust of someone who’s been locked up for a year. He takes me from behind, then stands up and does me proper doggy, his hands on my shoulders, pushing me backwards onto his cock as he slams it in deep. Eventually his breathing deepens, his thrusts speed up and he lets out a deep growl, and shoots his black mans seed deep into my while boy’s arse. He leaves his cock in me until it gets soft, then lets it flop out with a squelch. He spanks my arse, wraps the towel around him, and leaves. I get up, and depart the cubicle myself in order to check out what else this place has to offer.

I find myself in another dead end corridor, but this one has three cubicles side by side, and glory holes cut into each of them… I quickly take up position in the middle of the three, so I can service two cocks at a time. I’m not in there long before an unknown dick presents itself to me through one of the holes. I drop to my knee’s sucking on it like a Popsicle, and steadily the cock gets harder in my mouth. After 5 mins, I take a hit of the poppers, stand up, turn around, and bend over, pushing my hole against the gloryhole…the guy in the other room takes the hint, and before long I feel another nice sized dick being pushed into me hole. The black guys spunk inside me providing all the lube we need. The guy gives me a right good pounding, and my groans soon attract someone into the cubicle that’s spare on the other side, and a cock is pushed toward my face. Whilst unknown guy 1 is plowing my raw cum filled hole, I start sucking off the other guy. After a while, the guy screwing me pulls out, and I feel spunk trickle down my smooth bollocks, he’s clearly loaded me up good.

I turn around, and push my sloppy hole against the other glory hole, and the guy who until 10 seconds ago I was blowing off, slides his hard cut shaft deep into my cum hole, and groans when he feels the masses of cum inside me already. I take another hit on the poppers, my head swims as they take effect, and I enjoy the ride. There’s nothing better in life than getting fucked bareback by a guy who you cant see, never will see, and having him blow his load deep into your bowels. I fucking love it. It’s what I was put on this planet for.

Finally he too lets out a groan and a bit of a muffled howl, and pulls out to shoot his load over my hole, before pushing his cock back in, taking his seed with it back into the depths of my innards. He fucks me some more, before totally pulling out and vanishing into the night. I hang on for 10 more mins, but no more cocks are forth coming so I towel up, and leave the glory holes.

The place is still fairly busy, and it’s now about 9pm so I decide to go for a break and a smoke. Out side I get chatting to the guy, who works at reception, and he’s telling me about how busy it gets, and how one of the perks of the job is playing with customers he fancies. I smile, and he adds that they have to be his type of course. Of course, I reply… what is your type? It’s a bit of flirting, and I’m hoping I’m in luck cos this guy is pretty hot. About 5’10 tall, slim, slightly balding but with a .5 grade crop. In sports kit, nice chest and arms, and a clear bulge in his shorts.

You, he replies. You’re my type. We laugh, and I smile at him again, I give him the sort of look that says, “come on then, what are you waiting for”, and grab his hand before leading him into a cubicle. He bends me over, feels my cum filled hole, goes wild with lust, and proceeds to rim my hole getting his tongue nice and deep and tasting the sweet cum that’s oozing from my smooth slutty ass. After a while, he stands up, bends me over the bench, and shoves his cock deep into me raw… It feels so big. He shags me like this for 10 mins, then flips me onto my back, my arse hanging off the bench, my legs over his shoulders, and again goes back into me raw, his balls slapping against my cheeks as he thrusts into me deeper and deeper with each go. He pulls out, and then slides it back in, then pulls out again, and goes back in again… it feels fantastic. I can feel the cum from other guys dribbling from me, he’s scooping it up and feeding it back into my hole between taking his cock in and out of me. After about 30 mins of this, he looks at me and asks if I want his load in me… I grab his hips with my hands, and force him in as far as he can go… and hiss “cum deep in me”… he closes his eyes, bucks his hips and shoots what feels like wad after wad of hot jizz right into the very depths of my arse. A nice load to keep up me for the drive back home.

I finally shower, change and me and my mate go to leave. Before I do I make sure I get the number of the guy, and we promise to hook up next time I’m in Sheffield.

We leave and begin the drive back up North. All the way I can feel his load oozing from my arse making a sloppy mess in my black diesel boxers. Bliss… the sign of a good nights fucking.

So that was my first experience of Bronx Sauna, I’ll definitely be going back again soon… however before I can, I knew I had KINK at Steam coming up….

May 9, 2009

KINK @ Steam Complex, Leeds.

Well, after various attempts at making it to Steam for one of their renowned KINK events, I’m finally going!

It’s tonight, I’m aiming to arrive at about 8pm and am wearing a tight black vest with “FUCK SLUT” written on it, a jock strap, and will have “CUM DUMP” written on my legs in such a way that when I’m strapped into the sling, people walking past will be able to read it. I’m also going to be blindfolded.

You’ve probably heard my speak about Steam Complex a couple of times as it’s where I do most of my random barebacking at, I love it. You can check it out at

Also, KINK has a website too: check it out and see what you guys make of it.

If anyone reading this is at a loose end this evening, and is in the Yorkshire area, feel free to come on down to KINK and fuck my tight smooth hole full of spunk! The more the merrier!

I’ll post an update when I get back from it; I intend to stay there as long as possible, hopefully until the last guy leaves. So fingers crossed it’ll be a good night!

KINK, here we come!!

May 5, 2009

Bareback in Fashion

Well, I was out a week or so ago with some friends, we went to some bars, had a couple of pints then made our way to the local gay bar where the drinks kept flowing, the music was thumping, and the moves were sexy… at about 2am, we decided to roll on out of that joint, and head to the local cheesy disco. It’s not up to much by most club standards, and is actually quite a dive, but that’s its attraction. It’s SO bad, that it’s actually really good. They serve Stella by the can, and vodka and coke for less than a couple of quid, the music is 80’s and 90’s cheese/dance, and the boys are all so hot and up for it! The only down side, is that the guys there are either gay or metrosexual – which makes it practically impossible to determine who’s up for a bit of fun and who isn’t, the only way to get a definitive answer, is to pick your boy, make a move and see what happens.

It was about half 3am when I decided I wanted a smoke, so I cheekily went to the toilets and lit up in the cubicle (the venue, as do all venues now in the UK have a strict no smoking policy indoors). I emerged about 5 mins later, and a couple of the guys waiting saw me stub the fag end out, and a big cheer went up – they too got their smokes out and an impromptu smoking club was born. Whilst having a smoke, a very sexy, cute, young camp thing walked past and gave me the sort of stare only a camp guy can, the one that said “typical straight acting guy flaunting the rules”. When he next walked past to get to the washbasin, I offered him a drag of my smoke and he accepted. We got chatting, he was so hot – about 5’10” tall, 150lbs, slim, smooth, jet black hair swept back fashionably, very trendily dressed, and exceptionally camp… but at the same time, he had the air about him of someone who was a right filthy fucker in the bedroom!

Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to make any real move on him, as a bouncer came storming into the toilets, caught me mid-drag on another smoke, picked me up under the arms, and then frog marched me across the packed dance floor, and ejected me from the club! I couldn’t believe it! Just when I’d found a guy who I recon I could have got somewhere with, I got thrown out. Still, all was not lost – the club shuts at 4.30am, so I decided to hang around outside for when this lad left. It was a gamble, I wasn’t sure how it would pay off, but I definitely thought it was worth a punt. I waited outside in the cold and wind, the door staff giving me the looks, which just said “don’t you DARE try and get back in fucker!

Low and behold, at 4.30, with the masses pouring out of the door, I caught sight of him lighting up a smoke in a doorway just down from the club entrance, I casually trotted up to him, and offered him a light. He accepted, and smiled. We chatted a bit, nothing really important or exciting, and then it just happened. We just turned, and started walking down the street, at the corner, I looked at him, he looked at me, and I asked, your place or mine? He smiled, replied “mine” and that was it. Off we went.

The 15 min walk from the city centre to his place was mixture of falling into doorways, passionate snogging, groping each other up, and idle chat. We finally collapsed into his front room at about 5am, where he disappeared into the kitchen and emerged with two shots of tequila and two joints. We necked the drinks, lit up the toots, and smoked them whilst slowly kissing and undressing each other. The room was a haze of the good smoke, drunken passion and pure unadulterated lust.

He bent over his desk to turn on some music and I dripped to my knees, burying my face in his perfect round bubble butt cheeks, I rimmed him good and proper. Even though I was blind drunk and high at this point, my cock was solid as oak and gagging for a piece of his ass. We staggered across to his bed, where he kissed his way down my body, before taking my cock in his mouth. He sucked me till I couldn’t take any more, so I got up, pushed him onto his back, went down to rim him some more, and then lined my cock up with his smooth, naturally hairless, tight pretty pink hole, pushed my helmet against it, looked deep into his dark eyes… he closed his eyes, groaned, and I eased my raw cock into him. I began thrusting, deeper and deeper, no lube, just my spit. The fucking grew more impassioned, we flipped into all sorts of positions, him on his back, legs open, legs in the air, him on his stomach, side by side, him riding me, eventually we ended up him on his back, his legs wide open, me holding his hips and slamming into him, my balls slapping against his butt cheeks, and him gyrating his hips against mine…. I groaned, looked at him, bit my lip, and he said the magical words every bareback slut longs to hear (words I’ve uttered so many times in my life)

“Fucking cum in me!”

I didn’t need asking twice, I let a volley of spunk flow, and filled his arse, as I with drew, a wee dribble of it ran from his hole, which I scooped up, and fed to him on my fingers. We kissed some more, our hot sweaty bodies against one another. We lit up another joint and shared it. Then it was my turn.

I was sat astride him, and directed his 7” uncut cock toward my hole, I sat down on it, and using only sweat as lube, worked his entire length into me, I rode him a while, then he flipped me onto my back and gave to me what I’d just given him…. A good hard long fucking in every position known to man. I was on my side, my legs wrapped around his, our bodies at about 45° to each other, our arms holding each other, and groaning loudly when he said he was about to cum, I ground back onto his throbbing hot cock even harder and told him to load me up…. He pushed in deep, let out a huge groan, and he too shot a huge wad of jizz into my smooth tight hole. When he pulled out, I went down to his glistening cock, and took it in my mouth, I gently licked every single inch of it, making sure I got any spunk in my mouth, then he kissed me, and we snowballed with the spunk, making our mouths all creamy and sloppy.

Our throats were dry at this point, so we paused for more tequila and weed. I glanced at my watch, it was 8am. By the time we’d refuelled, we were both ready to go again, my cock was back solid, as was his, so we started all over.

I finally left his place at 12.30pm the following afternoon, having spent the entire morning screwing each others brains senseless, we did it in every position, on this bed, the floor, his desk, his chair, both topping and bottoming, using only our natural fluids as lube, and eventually neither of us could cum any more, we’d literally fucked ourselves dry. I kissed him good night (although it was afternoon), he kind of slipped into semi-sleep, so I wrote a note thanking him for an amazing night, left my mobile number and asked him to call me, finally signing off with kisses and my name. As I went to leave, he woke again, and grabbed me by the waist, he pulled me back to the bed, I was fully dressed, but he undid my jean buttons, my hard cock flopped out, and he took it in his mouth…. Even though I was spent, he sucked and flicked and sucked and licked until I dry came, it was the most intense non-cumming orgasm I’d had. I finally walked out of his place, totally exhausted, dry, sweaty, but still sporting a throbbing hard on. What a night. I got a cab home, and fell into my bed at half 1 that afternoon, I got a couple of hours sleep and woke at 5pm to shower etc. I felt rough, but also fantastic… it had been an incredible night, and one I’d hoped I could repeat.

Two days later he rang me, we were chatting talking about that night and to my pleasure, he said he’d loved it to, and that he’d love to go for it a second time! Since then we’ve been texting each other, telling each other what we’d like to do next time we meet. He’s such a horny little fucker. He’s 21years old, and a fashion student at the City University. He admitted to me in text that he never uses condoms, and loves having a hole full of cum, I admitted to him the extent of my barebacking, and he said he wanted to meet immediately…. So we’ve agreed to meet up this evening. I can’t wait! I’ll let you know how I get on in another posting!

So there you have it, Bareback is indeed in Fashion.