About The Blog

About Confessions Of A Bareback

I started the blog way back in 2006 as a bit of an online diary of the guys I was shagging, and the sex I was enjoying.  My intention was just to write ad-hoc, and in years to come it would be nice to look back and have a visual memory of what I got up to.  The picture on the left, was taken the same month as I started to write this blog.

I had no idea, that 4 years later, the blog would have become such a major part of my life, nor that it would have grown to such levels of popularity.  Not only here in my native UK, but around the globe.

Guys from no fewer than 34 countries log-on on a regular basis.   Page views are now far in excess of 10,000 a week!  It's totally taken me by surprise.

I recently took a leap into the world of  Facebook and Twitter, and now run very popular pages on both of them.You can follow me on either by clicking on the links on the blog sidebars.

Recent years have seen me move away from just writing about the sex I'm having, to photographing it, and also filming it.  I've got a channel on xtube which hosts most of the larger video files, this can be viewed at Bareback Cum Dump.

It's worth pointing out at this stage that all the material on this blog is real.

There are no models, no chince or acting.  This is all real, hardcore, XXX rated gay bareback sex as it happens in the real world.  Guys who appear in photos or videos with me, are asked if they're okay for the material to appear here... only if they agree does it get shared with the world.  In some cases names have been changed to protect the not so innocent, and some guys request that their faces are obscured or not shown. Any requests of this are met, if it allows the material to be used.

This is not a porn site. This is my blog. It is my Confessions. Confessions Of A Bareback Sauna Slut