Nov 30, 2009

Room Number Trades Hotel - Blackpool

Ok lads, just arrived and checked into my room. IT'S ROOM NUMBER 110.

Having a coffee and a smoke then gonna have a few beers in hotel bar and ask some questions to find out bout best sauna's etc, then gonna hit the town for a night out and see if i can get some raw cock up my ass.

Monday 30th Nov - Trades Hotel Blackpool

Well i've got a few days off work now, and have saved up some cash, so have decided to treat myself to a day or two away from home. After mulling my options and cash over - i've decided to check into TRADES HOTEL in Blackpool. I'm aiming to get the 5pm train from my home city, over to the west coast, arriving there around 8pm. If anyone reading this is in blackpool or can get to blackpool easily enough, get in touch with me - i'd love to have facilitate your cocks service in my raw hole. Last time i stayed in Trades i got ploughed by a whole group of poz lads and had a fucking awesome night. Hope i can repeat the same tonight.

As well as being available in the hotel for cock etc, i'll also be prowling the local gay sauna's - there used to be one called honeycombe not so far from the hotel, and will be in there at some point. When i check in to the hotel tonight, i'll update my blog with my room number so you guys can come on in and breed my hole. I'll have my door unlocked and be lying on my bed facedown, with black diesel boxers on with a hole torn in them and CUM DUMP written on them. You know what to do....

Nov 12, 2009

Bareback Party – Nottingham 7th November.

Well lads, the party in Notts has been and gone, and what a time it was! I thoroughly enjoyed it, met some amazing, interesting, raunchy people from all over the UK (and Northern Ireland), and has of course, plenty of dirty, bareback sex with loads of guys...

I don't have the time to do a detailed post now, as i'm just on a quick break from work and have to go back shortly, but do keep checking back please as the blog will be updated soon with all the juicy gossip of how it went.

Big shout out to Jonny from NI who's blog I read on the way down to Notts, and whom I then met at the party – hope you made it back to NI alright buddy. Also a huge thank you to the hosts of the event, you guys are legends in your own rights... and I cant wait to see you for the next party!

The atmosphere was friendly, the guys were totally hot, and the sex, well, the sex was sleazy and raw... just how it should be. My only regret, having to leave early in the morning as my “driver” had to return up north prematurely. Next time, i'll stay the full duration!

Proper posting on it all coming soon, real soon!

Josh x