Mar 18, 2010

Rim, Spit & Shove, Fuck and Creampie

I laid on the bed earlier tonight, my blindfold on, the front door unlocked and my arse freshly prepared.... a nice smooth clean hole ready for what was about to happen.

One of my regulars had contacted me earlier in the day saying he wanted to spend a good while rimming and eating my hole out, before fucking me raw and breeding me.

The front door opened and as with so many meets before, the steps on the stairway gave the indication of approaching cock. He entered, removed his clothing, then ran his finger tips from my feet up to my crotch. When there he began fondling my balls, and gently wanking my now hard cock.

He was so sensual and gently, electric shocks shooting from where his fingers fell, through my spine to my brain. Involuntarily I gasped in pleasure; a sharp intake of air which only served to tempt him on to tease me more.

He parted my arse cheeks, and what I felt next can only be described as sheer pleasure. He gently, softly probed around my rosebud with his tongue, flicking my arse lips with such tenderness. It drove me wild. My back arched, my body shook... my cock at this point was as solid as oak, and he wasted no time in moving down to suck on it as I knelt on all fours, my legs and bollocks pointed toward the ceiling giving him total access to me.

After 10 mins or so of rimming, the front door went again and we were joined by another guy. I have no idea who this was, as I'd sent a message to all 40 of my bareback contacts in the city (we're a small city)!

This guy came over, and the first guy began gently fingering and playing with my arse, whilst sucking on #2's cock. I didn't use any poppers during this fuck, I was simply so horny for it, that I didn't need them.

Number 1 was sucking #2 with gusto, right down to the balls I guess, as at various times he would gag on the shaft, and them move to my hole, forcing with his mouth the juices of the blowjob up into my cumhole. When my hole was sufficiently lubricated, he gestured for #2 to enter me.

I felt a cock press up against my now quivering hole, and he slipped straight into me, there was a bit of hesitation as my spit lubed hole initially put up some resistance, but as the pressure of the cock against my entrance grew, it overcame my arse muscles, and slipped deep into me in one fell swoop with a kind of "popping" sound. I groaned and sighed. The guy was now balls deep in me, and started to fuck me really gently.

In contra to the previous sessions which have been fast, furious, almost frantic in nature, this took the basis of slow and sensual. It was brilliant. I was able to savour the full inches of the cock as it slid in and out of me. Feeling my muscles cupping and surrounding the every surface as it pumped away in it's mission to deliver the spunk deep into me.

After a few moments the guy stopped fucking, and motioned for me to rock back and forth on his cock, thus allowing him to stand and enjoy the feeling of my arse swallowing his shaft without putting in any exertion. I rocked too and throw. Groaning, sighing, moaning in absolute pleasure as I felt this cock in me.

Number 1 at this point was spreading my arse cheeks, no doubt giving them both a horny as fuck view of a cock entering my slutty cum hole. He reached down and felt my solid throbbing cock - it was clear how much I needed, wanted and was enjoying being their bareback bitch.

After 10 mins or so, he guy fucking me picked up the pace again, and before long, panted, and dumped his load into me. Somewhere near the opening of my arse, yet inside. He pulled out leaving his gift inside me, I'd been bred once... it felt great, but now it was time for sloppy seconds!

Number 1 wasted no time in filling the void in my hole, and as he pushed his cock into my now creampied hole, he pushed #2's load farther and farther inside me. I encouraged him;

"Fuck yeah, push that first load deep into me with your raw cock!" I groaned. He leant forward, forcing me to open my legs and allowing him to fuck me proper doggy style. He picked up the pace and began fucking me the way other sessions have been. Faster, more furious. The sort of pace which makes me feel really like a filthy faggot here but to serve guys cocks with my queer hole.

He leant closer to me, and whispered in my ear.

"Yeah, you've got one load in you, and you're going to get another in a minute. You fucking bitch!"

Before I could respond and encourage him to breed me with his load, he went on:

"Fucking whore, how many loads have you taken in your hole in total? Letting anyone fuck you raw, anyone, any cock, anywhere.... no condoms, all that spunk inside your hole. Dribbling out and running down your legs... you fucking cum whore bitch!"

It was brilliant. I loved being used in this way. I love it when guys just 'get' what it is you want... and it's the same as what they want... when the chemisty clicks!

The dirty talk turned me on as much as it turned him on. I reached under myself and felt his cock sliding in and out of my hole. The mixture of spunk dribbling from me, together with the spit which was the only lube we'd used, was incredibly slimy. I scooped some up and smeared it along my aching cock, and began to wank as he fucked me harder and harder.

As he got closer, he told me he was going to cum. He panted, howled, and then dumped his load so far into me I could feel it splashing off my prostate somwhere inside me, and mix with the other load already swimming around up there.

I myself got to the point of no return, and with his cock still resting inside me, told him I was going to cum myself. I shot 7 big wads of cum all over my legs and bed sheets at the same time he slowly pulled his cock out of my spasming cum bucket. It felt just sensational.

Number 2 had disappeared at this point, so it was just us two. I rolled over onto my side so I could feel the cummy bedsheets and run my fingers through it. As he dressed, I scooped up my own spunk from the bed and packed it into my already cum-filled hole.

My hole and arse cheeks now were a sloppy, cummy, creamy mess. As I sit here typing, I can feel the two loads marinating away inside me, slowly being absorbed by my thin innard linings into my body.

It was certainly an excellent rim job, followed by an amazing raw fuck. I cant wait for the next one. My only wish is that on my regular open door sessions we could get more guys turning up. Two or three is great, and we're certainly getting some awesome sex... but for me, as a trashy cum depository... there's nothing better than taking more and more spunk.

If you're in York on business and want to breed me, just get in touch! As I've always said, ANYONE is welcome to fuck me bareback.... all you gotta do is ask!

Mar 8, 2010

Holy Fuck! A session of epic horniness... with photos!

Well, this is going to be a right old treat for you guys! You said you wanted some more new pics, and by jove you've got them!

I arranged for two guys to come around to mine tonight and fuck me senseless, the usual fair - blindfolded, door unlocked etc.

Anyway, the first guy arrived and started fucking me, initially it was steady and sensual, but the pace was soon picked up into a frenzy, driving me wild. I was wearing the jeans i mentioned in my post last week, and they seemed to go down quite well. The second guy arrived, and the top inside me started by sucking No 2's cock for a while, then directed my head to do the same, we took turns in sucking the cock of number 2, until he was rock hard. Then number 1 pulled out, and number 2 entered my now sloppy hole. They fucked me good and hard, i moved around the bed so that i was on a more "all fours" position as opposed to lying down. He too pulled out after a while, and number 1 went back into me.

He announced that he was about to come, and i begged him to breed my hole. He let out a shout, and shot his seed deep into me. As he pulled out, I felt the urge to push... i pushed the spunk out of me, and then let it dribble down my balls. Holy shit it felt fantastic!

Guy number two must have liked what he saw, as he pushed his cock back into me, using the spunk as lube. He fucked away for a good 10 mins, before his breathing became deep, and he too dumped his seed up my now VERY sloppy cream pied hole. When he pulled out, I let that load dribble out of me too. Normally i keep the spunk in me, but i decided to let it dribble out so that it could be caught on camera for you. And oh my god, was it caught on camera!!

I'm sure that you will join me in saying this is quite possibly the way this blog needs to go - If i can maintain images like this (or better), then i'm onto something very good.

Enjoy the pictures guys!!!

Please leave your comments guys, I really enjoy knowing that you guys are enjoying my blog... it's the motivation to keep writing it. If you want to fuck me raw, and have your cum featured oozing from my crack, simply drop me an email:

Josh x

Had to repost these pictures as for some reason google/picasa keep deleting all of my photos. If this continues i'm going to have to abandon this blog, and find an alternative home for it.

Mar 1, 2010

Dry Week + Desperate For A Fuck = Relief!

Had an unbeleivably dry week this week - with working a whole shit load of split shifts, and not really having the time to line any cock up, I fudged my way through without getting any spunk inside me for a whole 7 days!

Come my day off today I was fucking gagging for a screw. I trawled the net for hours, updating profiles, chatting on gaydar, bbrt, bnskin, gayromeo etc etc, and couldnt tie anyone down to a meet - I even offered to travel, something which I only do very rarely due to the sheer number of time wasters out there.

Anyway, I finally text'd a guy who I've had only once or twice before, because it's incredibly hard to arrange a mutually convenient time...

"Hey, bored and horny, I'm gagging for a cock and load inside me... don't suppose you're free?" was how my plea to him went, imagine my suprise and relief when a few moments later he replied with:

"Sure, how's 11pm sound?" I took him up on his offer, and dived into the shower to douch.

Fifteen mins later I was lying face down on my bed, arse clean and lubed with a tiny smear of my own spunk from a wank earlier on (spunk is THE best lube!).

Right on que, the front door opened and the guy walked in. I flipped my blindfold on (despite my many many regular fuck buddies here in my home town, I've only actually met a couple of them). He walked into my room, undid his flies and stuffed his cock in my mouth.

Bliss, I dont normally enjoy sucking cock merely because I've had so many guys cum whilst I'm giving them head, and I've ended up not getting any spunk in my hole, however this felt good. I made light work of getting his cock as hard as it could be, because I knew how good it would feel once it was in my hole.

I was so horny and desperate for him to fuck me, I was gyrating my arse in the air, practically begging him to rape me raw and breed me. He took the hint, and moved from my mouth, down to my hole. He slipped a finger into me, and then stuffed his cock into me. All 8" of it was swallowed up by my hole without any hesitiation - I was that horny for it. I groaned and moaned in sheer ecstacy. He picked up on just how much I needed a good hard fucking, and picked up the pace.

He was really rough and brutal with me, picking me up and throwing me into various positions on the bed, pulling his cock right out and then shoving it ball deep into me with the speed and accuracy of a rifle bolt into the breech. It felt out of this world. I kept going on the poppers, the nitrates coursing through my vains and sending me to that special place where I almost collapse, and have no idea of what's happening, only that i'm being used as a piece of meat for another guy's pleasure. I achieved it, and just enjoyed the ride.

He pushed me flat onto the bed, face down, and pinned me down by putting his hands on my arse cheeks, and pulling them apart as he ground his spunk stick into me deeper and deeper, until it would go no farther. I felt his shaft swell, and his breathing become more laboured, and knew at that point he was experiencing that firey sensation deep within his balls of his gift to me stirring and beginning the journey from his body into mine. I closed my eyes (even though I'm blindfolded I close my eyes when a guy is breeding me anonymously - I find it increases the moment for me). Split seconds later, I felt a flood of warmth pulsating inside my hole, splashing against my prostate and coming to rest deep inside me. He continued to work his cock into me as he finished off cumming, and I milked his dick for every last drop I could get. I was in heaven, he was exhausted, and I could feel beads of sweat dripping from his head onto my naked back as he rested there with his cock buried inside my now owned hole.

After he pulled out, he got dressed, I lay there for 5 mins in the darkness fingering my hole whilst he got all his stuff together. He left the room, saying "Thanks..." as he left, "No... Thank YOU!" I replied. I'm pretty sure that I got more out of the encounter than he did... it was one of those fucks that was so so desperatly needed, that even though it was relatively short, it really hit the mark.

I came downstairs, flipped on my computer and started typing to share this with you. As I type, i'm still wearing the jeans i was wearing as he fucked me (I'll get some photos of them for you soon - basically they're an old pair of works blue jeans which I use for DIY around the house, with a hole cut out over the arse - I wear them for dogging and cruising etc. I can feel his spunk slowly seeping from my well fucked hole as I finish this blog posting off. Fucking heaven.

Time for me to sign off, and complete phase two of the relief.... my wank!

Night folks, until next time.

Josh x