May 17, 2010

A party, a small prick and an opporunity...

Notts BB Party - 24th April

The last BB party in Notts was fantastic, about 30 odd guys there, all fit, and all into bb fucking (obviously). I started off having a few smokes and cans, then got changed and double checked my arse.

I started off getting fucked by a few guys, and before long crowds developed and over the next hour or so I got fucked by most of the guys there. I also hooked up with Johnny (of infamy). He fucked me whilst another bloke was fucking him... and then I fucked his arse too... was a horny time. He's such a sound bloke, and we're very similar in terms of our attitudes to bareback. There was clearly something in the air that night, as both Johnny and I who are predominantly slutty bottoms spent quite a while topping as well. It added so much to the party that more people were versatile as opposed to just being top or bottom.... Johnny, if you read this fella, I hope you can make it to the next one in June - fingers crossed this ash cloud clears for you!

I wound up in a sling at one point, 3 or 4 guys taking it turns to fuck me, one of them dumped his seed in me and then another entered pushing it even further in. I also got one hell of a fucking from one of the hosts who pounded and raped my arse for good whilst I was in the sling, I can't wait to repeat all this again!

Later on in the evening, I hooked up with a guy I’d been chatting to on facebook (he's eurogrowl on He fucked one load up me in the main bedroom, then a few moments later led me to the bathroom where he fucked me some more, and then pissed up my hole. It felt fantastic, all his piss mixing with his spunk up my hole; I could feel the warmth inside me. Some of it dribbled down my legs onto the floor. He pushed me to my knees, and I licked the mixture up off the floor as he continued to fuck my now spunk and piss filled hole. He kept this up for a while, before blowing another load deep into me.

All in all, I got fucked by pretty much everyone there, and managed to fuck about 10 guys myself. I shot my load up two lad’s arses, the first was a guy wearing football kit, and I’d entered him just after another bloke had shot his seed up there, so it was truly sloppy seconds... and felt great!

The second guy I bred was a cute Asian lad. I’d seen him at the November one but hadn't played with him then. This time we were in a room together with about 7 other guys, and whilst I was getting my arse ploughed, he was kissing me. After the guy fucking me pulled out, I skirted around to the back of this Asian lad and fingered and licked his arse... he raised his hole for me, and I slipped into a silky smooth velvet feeling hole... sheer bliss. I fucked him for a while and felt that sensation building in my balls, I didn’t hold out too long before I dumped my second load of the night into his hole. As soon as I pulled out, another guy entered him using my spunk as lube.

It was a truly great night, I left about 2am feeling totally used and happy at having topped far more than I did the first time. I’ve already had the invitation for the next one which is due to happen mid June… I’ve confirmed, and can’t wait for it!

I shall try to write a more detailed post about this one, however there’s so much happens, that it’s really hard to describe it all (unless I typed for hours non-stop!!)

Poz or neg?

On a different note, I went for another HIV test this morning, getting the train up north to the test centre I go to. Short, sharp prick of the finger, and 20 mins later the results were in.

Negative. Again. WTF!? My mate who I was with who lines up the appointments for me was gob smacked… he couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it.

It’s so amazing that I’m still HIV neg that I’ve actually decided to go about getting a test for immunity/resistance. There’s a gene called CCR5, which can mutate into the CCR5 Delta 32. There are documented cases that those who have this Delta-32 mutation are immune to HIV. I’ve applied to a HIV research centre based in my city, and hopefully they’ll be able to advise me on how I go about testing for this gene.

Will keep you posted on that front.

Josh to do Liam Cole/TIM Porn?

I’ve also been in touch with Liam Cole from T.I.M, he had invited me to a trial shoot over in Manchester, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the time off work. However I’ve been emailing him and hopefully we can come to some agreement about me doing a trial for them when I visit London later this year. Those of you who are regular readers know just how much I want to do a movie for Liam Cole… lets hope that it can come off.

On the amateur porn front, I’ve got quite a few videos I’ve made of me getting bred by random guys, but unfortunately I’ve been having difficulty uploading them due to their size/my broadband package. When they’re uploaded though, rest assured they’ll be put on here for you all to see – it’s worth waiting for… I’ve already wanked about 10 times to it myself!

Keep watching this space guys!

Josh x