Dec 13, 2006

Fooling around with an Ex

Fooling around with an Ex.. he was so hot... we used to love having bareback sex and shooting our spunk into each others arses.
Me sucking on his massive 9" cock!


You can see how long and thick it was... i really enjoyed riding it raw...

Ahhh... we were so in love (with each others dirty perverted sexual habits!)

He was so damned sexy! Slim, smooth, hairless body with a huge cock and dirty mind!

Ramming his throbbing raw cock deep into my cum hole....

Starting to spill his hot white sticky spunk all over my face...

Yeah! Cant get enough fuck muck me!

His balls emptied all over my face and in my mouth. Perfect!

The First Pics - Let the Journey Commence!

Well, here goes the journey.... as i said in my first post, my aim on this blog is to share my journey of sexual discovery. Mainly bareback, but also some other stuff on the way. I will post when i can, videos when i can, and photos most of the time. Things will change, but i wont.. my quest for bareback sex, and with as many different guys starts here.

Here I am, photos taken early 2006. This is me. Josh Landale. Aged 23. Self confessed bareback addict living in Yorkshire, UK.

Let the fun and debauchery begin!

That arse is going to take so much spunk over the coming years...

At the moment, pretty tight... i doubt it will remain this tight as the years, cocks and loads pass by... looking forward to seeing spunk dribble from it though!

Enjoy the journey folks... i'm certainly going to!

Welcome to my confessions

Hi there folks,

Let me introduce myself - im Josh from the UK. I was born in December 1982 and at the time of writing am rapidly approaching my 24th Birthday.

This blog is essentially a place for me to publish the photos of my sexual exploitations over the years.
I found at an early stage i was sexually attracted to guys.. and as the years went on, my sex drive became stronger and stronger.. as did my thirst to try more and more dirtier and filthier things in the bedroom. One thing that also became evident, is my sheer hatred of condoms - and the love of having unprotected, or "bareback" sex. Over time, i realised i didnt want a boyfriend, and instead wanted to have sex. Lots of sex. Lots of bareback sex. With lots of different people. Further, i enjoyed going to gay sauna's and meeting guys in them for casual sex. Hence the name of the blog. It sums up the sex i enjoy perfectly.

Of course, this poses and raised the question of possible HIV infection (not to mention other STI's). I thought long and hard about it, did my research, spoke to HIV+ guys and their lives after diagnosis. And ultimately decided that to me, the risk was well worth it. Why have a life of unsatisfactory sex, when you can take a risk and have great sex... I may become HIV+, but I may not. Having bareback does not mean you WILL become poz. So i accepted that risk. And here I am.

During the course of the time I write and maintain this blog, i will be honest about the sex I have. I shall take photos, videos, and write explicitly about the sex I have, and the guys I have it with. I will do everything I can though to protect the other parties (unless they're happy being identified on this blog).

I will also encourage readers to interact with me. Feedback from the blog is the biggest factor from writing it. I want to put it down on "paper" so others can read about it. I enjoy hearing what others think about my sex life. My decisions to bareback, and the life I am leading. So please, if you're reading, take a few seconds to leave a comment... it will be greatly appreciated, and I will endevour to reply to them all!

Anyway, enjoy the images, videos and blog... i hope you get off over them as much as i got off making them.

Josh x