About Me

Welcome to Confessions Of A Bareback Sauna Slut.

I'm a mid 20's guy living in the middle of the UK (200 miles to London, 200 miles to Edinburgh), who enjoys having bareback sex with as many guys as possible. My smooth tight arse is insatiable, and I am always on the look out for more guys to do me.

I started being into bareback as soon as I had sex in my early to mid teens.  I just loved that it felt better.  As I grew older I tried to use condoms, but found that as a top I was unable to either get or maintain a hard on when wearing one, and as a bottom, I felt that unless a guy was cumming inside me, I had been cheated.  Sex just wasn't fulfilling and satisfying when I rubbered up.  It didn't feel as though I was fucking a guys nice moist arse, but rather something artificial.  Was this sex?  If so, stuff that!  No.  It had to be without the condom.  In my honest opinion, sex with condoms, is not sex. It's something different. The only way to fuck, is raw - as nature intended.

Eventually I knew that bareback was different to "vanilla" sex, and made the decision that I would persist with bareback.  I looked up the risks, and fully educated myself about HIV/AIDS, STD's etc.  I mulled long and hard about these risks.  Did I seriously want to expose myself to them?

Ultimately, the decision was, yes. If I wanted an enjoyable and satisfying sex life, it was going to have to be without the love gloves.  Of course, porn helped me make that decision.  In my late teen's I was hooked on the early Treasure Island Media stuff.  HDK also played an influence in my decision.  I wanted to be one of those guys who got fucked by multiple guys, one after the other, and have all that cum inside me hole.

After a few friends who I barebacked with tested positive, I re-evaluated my behaviour.  The risk wasn't now just something that happened in theory, it was real.

However, despite initially wanting to, I couldn't give up bareback sex.  It was too big a part of who I am.  It took some months to reconcile that fact with myself.  Now though, 5 years later, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've a great group of friends who know I am an active member of the bareback community, despite themselves being people who always use condoms.  They do not lecture me on my behaviour, in fact, some congratulate me for doing what they would like to do, but are too scared of.

Living in a small city in England, I don't get that much action here - well, for my own needs anyway.  So I actively travel around the country and Europe, looking to hook up with other guys for bareback fun.

I'm predominantly a bottom, but I have been known to top occasionally - as those guys at the Nottingham Bareback Party scene will testify.  I'm also on-line all over the place, and if you're reading this, chances are you've encountered at least one of my on-line profiles.  I mainly use BBRT.  You can link to my BBRT profile using the banner at the top left of the blog.

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