Feb 27, 2009

Visitor from the North - Wed 25th

So I’ve got this friend who lives up north, in a county called Teeside. He’s 23 years old, and like me, a fellow dirty barebacker…. No condoms, ever. He’d been telling me about one of his mates, a guy called Owen (He knows about this blog, and has no problems with me naming him). My mate’s telling me that Owen’s a great shag, big dick, and really fit… so naturally, I’m very interested, and have been pestering my mate to bring him down for a three some. Finally, after a few false starts, we get it organised, and on Wednesday 25th he came down with Owen… yup, you guessed it, I’ve another confession to make.

Owen and my mate (lets call him Ben for now), turned up at my old house at about 12 noon, we went out the back, had a couple of smokes and a bit of a chat. Owen’s 27years old (looks 21), bout 5’11 tall, 30waist, slim, smooth, probably 140lbs with a nice big uncut dick and the biggest pair of balls I’ve seen. Really cute looking, and ticks all the boxes in what I look for in lads - cute, fit, and trashy all at the same time.

After a while we retired to the spare room, and stripped off. I started by taking Owen’s cock in my mouth, sucking him till he was hard. Ben and Owen were kissing. Then Owen dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth, sucking Ben and me in turn.

After a while of this, I moved onto the bed, bent over, and Ben rimmed me for a while, while I sucked on Owen’s now throbbing cock. Ben then smothered a bit of lube over my hole, and proceeded to push his dick into my hole… he’s about 6” and uncut. After a few mins, he pulled out (he’s more bottom than top), and Owen replaced him inside of me. Wow… I could feel Owen’s knob swelling inside me as he worked it deeper and deeper into me. I was on all fours, doggy style.

Then Ben went back inside me, and Owen kneeled in front of me, giving me access with my tongue to his amazing rosebud. Smooth, pert, bubble butt – lovely for eating out. I rimmed him whilst Ben fucked me. Then I rose up, spat on Owen’s hole, and pushed my dick into his tight, warm, moist fuck hole, and gave him a good raw shag. By this time, Ben had pulled out, so I pulled out also, letting Ben fuck Owen whilst I sucked on Owen’s cock, tasting the inside of my own arse… lovely. I then got down on my back in front of Owen, legs over his shoulders, and he slipped his dick back into my cumhole, while Ben fucked him… a nice three-way fuck train going on. After a while, Owen said he was going to cum, and looked into my eyes.

“Do you want me to cum in you?” He asked….

“Fuck yeah!” I responded, groaning with his thrusts…

He maintained eye contact the entire time, his panting got louder, and before long, had let loose what must have been a huge load, as it seemed like he orgasmed forever, my hole taking every last drop he had to offer. He then pulled out, and brought his cock around to meet my mouth by my side, I sucked on it, ensuring no spunk was wasted, while Ben got to work, probing my now cummy hole with his tongue, fingering Owen’s cream into my innards.

We collapsed on the bed and floor, and talked some more about bareback, sex we’d had, parties we’d attended and what our fantasies were etc – as time went by, it seems Owen and I are very much two peas in the same pod… very much into the same things…. We promised to keep in touch, and repeat it again soon. It was great. Ben was true to his word – Owen was indeed an awesome shag. Fingers crossed its not too long before we can swap fluids again!

They left about 2 hours later, time just flew as we talked about stuff... i even mentioned this blog, and he seemed really interested by it - hopefully Owen, you'll be reading this. I locked the house up, and made my way back into the city centre, leaving Owen's dirty load inside my cumhole, i could feel it oozing out of my crack all the way home. Bliss.

Feb 24, 2009

A hotel visitor, another confession.

Yesterday afternoon I was looking around Gumtree – an online community for practically everything you could imagine, it’s kinda like the UK version of craigslist. Anyway, I came across an advert from a lad from out of the area who was staying in the city overnight at a hotel and was looking for some cock fun. It didn’t give much away, just that he was 28 years old and in town for the night.

I got his number from his ad, and dropped him a text.

He replied saying that he was interested, and would let me know which hotel once he knew etc… through the course of the day, I told him what I looked like and what I was into (namely, being fucked raw)… he said he loved bb, and yes he definitely wanted to meet.

He was staying at the Premier Inn right smack in the middle of the City Business District, and wanted me to be there for about 8pm. We arranged that I would go to the reception desk, explain that I was here to see a Mr J. Smith (not his real name) in room 1103 and that I couldn’t get hold of him, and could I please have a key card pass to gain access. As planned, the receptionist called up to his room to check I was telling the truth, and he confirmed it. She then gave me a card pass, and I entered the hotel complex, sending him a text that I was on my way up.

When I got to his room, he let me know via text that the door was unlocked, and he was in the shower… make myself at home. I walked in; the lights were on low, and the heating up high. True to his word, he was in the shower, the door slightly ajar and plumes of steam spilling out into the bedroom. I entered; quickly removing my clothes, lubing my arse up, and then positioned myself on the double bed, face down, legs open, arse in the air for his easy access. A few minutes later the shower stopped, and I heard him drying himself. I got out my poppers, and begun to inhale deeply, the juices inside sending my head into a whirl, my heart racing, by cock twitching, and my arse gagging for a dick up it.

I felt him climb onto the bed behind me, and without saying a word, or doing anything else, he slipped his raw cock deep into my pre-lubed hole and begun thrusting. I groaned in pleasure as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into my freshly shaven smooth hole. He fucked me hard, each thrust getting deeper than the previous, his balls now slapping on my arse, the head board of the bed, banging against the wall, and our groans mixing into a cacophony of sexual pleasure.

After a while, he raised me up to do me doggy style, his dick, about 7” long probing the insides of my cumhole, and his hand reaching around to wank off my now throbbing hard dick. He pulled out, stuck his head under my dick, and began to suck…. I must admit it felt great.

He didn’t do that for long though, before picking me up, and motioning for me to bend over the chair in the corner, doing so, he thrust his knob right back inside my now loose hole and fucked me hard for another 10 minutes. We continued in the same fashion, changing position after a while, and moving to various places around his room. Eventually he threw me back on the bed, plunged his shaft deep into me, let out a howl, and emptied his balls into me. I still didn’t know what he looked like, nor his real name, and we hadn’t spoken a word since I’d arrived almost 90 minutes earlier. We lay there, his dick in me, and as it got softer, it slowly slipped out of my hole, releasing the plug, and allowing his seed to spill out of me a little. He then turned me over, and I caught sight of him for the first time.

Quite thick set, a working man, with mans hands, he had about a 50” chest, and similar waist, but was good looking… a few extra pounds on him, but nothing too bad, he was very cute, with short fair hair, and a real baby face. Very nice. He smiled, chuckled, and introduced himself. We shook hands, then he proceeded to suck me off to completion, swallowing my cum as I exploded into his throat.

We showered separately, and then he offered to buy me a beer down in the hotel bar. I readily accepted (I should make it known I’m not a rent boy, just a slut… he offered, I didn’t expect). We had a beer and a good chat, turns out he’s in the area fairly regularly so we promised to try and make it a frequent occurrence. After about three quarters of an hour I made my excuses and left.

Stepping out into the fresh air and lighting up a smoke, it felt refreshing to have met a casual fuck who was also a person, all to often the guys I fuck are just pump and dumps – not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s something I really enjoy doing…. It just made a change to actually meet the guy for once, albeit after he’d loaded me up with what felt like gallons of his fuck muck.

Another one for the books… another confession for you guys.

Feb 23, 2009

Good things come to those who wait

On Saturday 21st Feb, a group of friends and I ventured across to Leeds for a night out – one of our friends was celebrating a major milestone (I wont say what for fear of embarrassing him if he reads this…) so all 10 of us were in high spirits.

Arriving in Leeds at about 8.30pm, we proceeded to the Brewers Tap near the stations, then down to the gay scene in Leeds. The Viaduct, Queens Court and Bridge were all on our list of target venues, and come 11pm, we found ourselves sufficiently lubricated and in a pub called the New Penny.

The train backhome was at about 1am, with a bus also available at 1.30am… the final train of the day at 3.30am. Most of the guys decided to go for the 3.30am train…. Why curtail a good evening short for the sake of being sensible huh? Anyway, at some point, around 1am, a friend suggested to me that he was going to go to Basement Complex in Leeds, it’s right in the middle of the gay scene, and not too far from the station. The moment he suggested it, the thought was planted, and ideas began to form. I said I’d tag along, but had no money spare… to which he quickly offered to pay for me. I didn’t need inviting twice, accepted his kind offer, and before we knew it, had made our farewells to the remainder of the group, and were merrily on our way out of the New Penny to the bathhouse.

We paid out membership and entrance fee, got out towels and changed. My friend went to the sauna; I made my way promptly to the dark rooms on the upstairs floor. Finding a cubicle, I dropped my towel, bent over, lubed up and flicked on the red lights so guys walking past could see I was ‘open for business’.

It wasn’t long, as in Manchester, before a guy started fingering my hole… and as in Manchester, that’s all he did… before leaving me once again to my thoughts, and concerns that Basement Complex had indeed had it’s day as THE late night bareback venue in the region.

I need not have worried. After about an hour, a guy entered me raw, he wasn’t up to much standard wise, but hey, I was drunk, horny and he was offering a raw dick. He fucked me really vocally, which in a venue as quiet as basement was, soon resulted in a nice audience outside the cubicle egging him on. When he’d done, he pulled out, and another guy entered me… It went on as this for god knows how long, and a total of about 15 guys fucked me raw, loading me up with their cum. Then as quick as it had all started, it ended… the crowd thinned, and then vanished, the tops slinked off into the darkness, and I was left alone – only this time with a good few loads in my hole… perhaps I had been concerned about the lack of bb in basement for no reason?

I decided to go see what time it was, only to find out that it was 3.35am – I’d missed the last train. Worse, my friend who I’d arrived with had left shortly after we’d arrived, so I was now on my own, stranded in Leeds. I went online to find out when the trains began operating again…. To my dismay, they didn’t start until 7am… I had 3 ½ hours to kill. Never mind I thought, lets make the most of it, so I returned to the dark rooms, and what I do best, kneeling on all fours, arse in air waiting for some one to load me up.

After half an hour, I’d had no more action, so decided to take a wander, that’s when I ran into him.

About 24 years old, slim, tall with a nice long dick, he asked if I was coming back upstairs…I followed him, past the guys deep snogging, into the red light area. He pushed me to my knee’s, and stuck his dick in my throat… I sucked it good until it was hard, then I turned around, and directed him into me, he didn’t resist, and entered me raw. We took it in turns, him fucking me, then me sucking him – plenty of arse-to-mouth action – we were both drunk, and the atmosphere was electric. After a while he put me in the sling, and proceeded to fuck me in there. Then another guy joined in, and, seeing the first lad doing me raw, took the que, and slipped his dick into me bareback also.

I was now in the middle of a 3 way – the first guy, the 24yo, fucking my throat, and the 2nd guy, who was about 23yo, 5’10” tall, smooth body with a nice thick 6.5” cut cock, fucking my hole raw… we moved from the sling to a cubicle, where what happened next can only be described as some of the hottest sex in my life. We were joined by 2 other lads… clearly a couple, one was about 19, the other in the region of 27… both incredibly attractive, and both high on drugs – probably from clubbing. The red light was on low in the cubicle and we were all up for the same thing… no holes barred sleazy fuck fun. We took it in turns to fuck each other, riding each other’s cocks, sucking on them as they came out of arses. At one point I was riding the first 24yo cock, sucking on the second guy, when one of the other lads came up behind me, and slipped his cock into my arse… I was now being double fucked… the temperature in the cubicle rose, and rose, we all five of us began to sweat profusely. The sex got hotter and hotter, dicks going into arses; tongues probing cum filled holes, sweat being used as the only form of lube for double penetration.

We lost track of time, the drink and drugs kept us fucking and sucking, licking and wanking, kissing and rimming. I had my two dicks in my hole, when the 19 year old bent over in front of me; I noticed he had a small biohazard tattoo on his bum cheek, and an incredibly naturally smooth hole. I buried my tongue deep up there, and ate it for ages, he then moved around and swapped places with one of the dicks in me, fucking me hard until he came in my already cummy hole

It was out of this world. Eventually, we all became spent, no one could shoot any more cum, and we all collapsed into a tangled heap of young bodies, limbs everywhere, sweat mixing with the cum oozing from all of our holes, we lay there, groaning in ecstasy. It had definitely been a fuck to remember.

I checked my watch, 6.50am. .. I made my excuses, thanked all of them, shared one last wet lingering snog with each of them in turn, and then left. I decided to leave the showering until I got home… and left the sauna. I emerged into breaking daylight; the streets of Leeds were deserted apart from a couple of road sweepers and dustbin men. I made my way to the Station, and lit up a smoke as I walked. A few other all night revellers also made the slow way back to the station, but I can say that none had had a night quite so enjoyable as the one I’d just had.

It felt like a dream, what an incredible night…. I’d gone to Leeds with no expectations of what had happened, and left there with a profound lesson in life… good things come to those who wait. When I’d gone to check the time at about 3.30am, if there’d been a train around that time, or if I’d checked the time and it had been only 3am, I may have left… sure, I’d have gotten home nice and early, and not felt rough as fuck all day Sunday, but I’d never have met those 4 horny as hell fellow barebackers… I’d not have spent nearly 4 hours having some of the best sex of my life yet, with, in my mind, the fittest boi’s in the sauna that night…. The 7am train back turned out to be a rail replacement service. I boarded the bus at 7am, and as we joined the motorway heading eastbound away from Leeds, I looked out the window and watched the sunrise… it was going to be a beautiful day.

By missing my train, and deciding just to wait until the morning, as opposed to getting a taxi home, I’d experienced a good thing... Basement Complex's are STILL some of the best venues in the region to go for all action bareback fucking!

A let down of grotesque proportions?

Wednesday’s visit to Manchesters Basement Sauna turned into a bitter disappointment. Although at least 25 guys had contacted me saying they would come, on the actual day, none of them did, leaving me to get only the ones that were at the venue anyway.

The day itself was alright, I got the 1130 train across and arrived in Manchester for about 1pm. I took a walk across to the village, a place called Canal Street and had a good look around – it’d had been a couple of years since I was there last, and I experienced that strange sensation of familiarity yet different. Some things were the same, others had changed beyond all recognition.

I wandered up and down a couple of times, taking in the lunch time sights, checking out the ‘eye candy’ – the guys out on their lunch breaks. Very nice indeed. After a while I went to Clone Zone – an adult store in the heart of the village and bought 3 bottles of poppers for my afternoon to come. After this I found a nice gay pub called Paddy’s Goose where I had 3 or 4 pints and chatted to a couple of the local queers drinking there.

Come 3pm I decided it was time to make my moves to the sauna, I found the place with out worries, and after paying my £13 fee, changed into my towel (with my boxers underneath) and made my way to the dark rooms and in particular the cubicles I’d told guys I’d be in.

I lubed up, bent over, and waited. Wasn’t long before I had my first fingers exploring my hole… I took a big hit of poppers, waving my arse around and making groaning sounds – letting the guy know I enjoyed it, and wanted more.. after 10 mins of fingering me, the guy simply stood up, then left… I was left unfucked, and let down.

About an hour later I got my first fuck… a guy mounted me, he’d caught me off guard – I was face down, eyes closed, wondering why everyone was so boring today… when this guy mounted me. He didn’t hesitate, and slipped his dick straight into my hole, and began to fuck me with every deepening thrusts. It wasn’t long before his breathing got heavier, and he groaned loudly… I braced myself and got ready for my first load in my cunt…it wasn’t to be. He pulled out, and shot a huge wad of cum over my hole, which trickled down my balls and pooled under my cock area… it was over my hole, but not in me… one fuck down, still no cum. What DID a boy have to do to get seed!?

I didn’t have to wait long though, no sooner had this first fucker left, a guy who had been watching came in, scooped the first guys load up from the mattress, and finger packed it back into my hole… all the while wanking himself. He slipped his 7” cock into the cummy mess, and began to fuck me raw… after a while, he said he was going to cum, and did I want it in me…. “oh but of course” I replied, and to that he thrust deep a couple times more, and let a volley of fuck muck loose into my gagging hole. At last, I had a load inside me… it’d only taken almost 90 mins!

I’d like to say that I got more that day, but alas I never. I had a lot of guys come and finger my hole, and a couple more wanked off over it… but not that many actually fucked me, and even fewer came in me. My totals for the day were 10 fucks, 6 bareback, only 4 loads in me (the other three which came in me arent worth writing about)... the total cost for the day - nearly £100! (trains, sauna entrance and membership, smokes, poppers, drinks etc..).

Needless to say, when I eventually left the complex at about 9pm (I decided to curtail my visit do to boredom…) my hole was aching for dick which just wasn’t available that day. A few of the guys there who I was chatting to toward the end were saying that it was incredibly quiet for a mid week evening – I guess the credit crunch is biting even the places of vice….

I caught the train home, wandering if the Basement Complexes of Manchester, Leeds and Gran Canaria had had their day, and if the Steam Complex in Leeds was the new place of anonymous bareback – the place where I have taken most of my loads in the past 12 months. What I couldn’t have known on that train back home, was that in less than 4 days, I was to experience something that would prove to me, that Basement Complex’s were still some of the sleaziest bareback venues in the North of England… an event, that made me even more determined to spend an entire evening at Basement Manchester on a Saturday evening, to see just how much I could get….

Feb 16, 2009

Basement Complex - Manchester UK drawers closer!

Well, another week’s passed by, and it brings with it new adventures.

This Wednesday I’m going to Basement Complex (www.basementcomplex.co.uk) in Manchester, UK… I’ve advertised it on various websites and am hoping to get a right good breeding. I’ve text every barebacker I know, and asked them to spread the word – so far I’ve had a pretty good response.

The Basement Complex is the largest and busiest gay, bi venue of it’s kind in North Western England, and I’ve only been on one previous occasion, but I had a flipping (how stereotypically British does that sound) time. This time I hope to beat that one… I’m also going at an attempt of smashing my previous record, which is 32 loads from 32 different guys in a day… lets hope I can hit at least 40!!

The sauna is over a couple of floors, and is a bit of a maze… it’s got the usual facilities, sauna, showers, steam room, jaccuzzi, bar, gym, massages on offer (none sexual of course)… then there’s the cruisy part… it’s huge… dark rooms, corridors, cubicles (both free and private), there are a couple of cinema screens in there showing porn, there are slings, bondage rooms, cages, gloryholes, orgy areas… it’s awesome.. the size of it is what blows me away… there’s no way to describe it, other than as a complex… I got lost in there on my previous visit, and had to ask a couple of guys how I got back to the reception/bar area…. It’s that big.

Anyway, this time I’m wearing a pair of boxers like in my pics, probably with the words “bareback cumdump” on them… I’m going to be in a cubicle, the door open, with the external red light on (the red lights are a play on the red light district – and when the light is on it means the occupant is available for use and up for some fun… it helps you work out who’s up for a fuck, and who’s just takin 5 mins out to lie down etc). So the red light will be on all day and night, and I’ll lie there, lubed up, and just let anyone who wants to do me… anyone who tries to enter me with a condom on, will be kindly refused… its bareback or nothing. Needless to say I cant wait!
When I’ve been, and get back, I’ll post an update with my conquests on… so watch this space, it’s bound to make horny reading….

Feb 10, 2009

Anonymous guy from barebackrt.com

Well tonight i have an event to report that happened only just now... my mate had arranged for a lad from barebackrt.com to come around to his flat in town... the lad wanted to get fucked raw by my mate, and anyone else he could get.

So at 7.30 i rocked up at my mates house, and hid in the dining area of his flat. At just after half 7, this lad turned up... about 32 years old, slim, slightly hairy, very cute face.. he looked no more than 25 years old (even though his profile confirmed he was 32)... my mate led him into the bed room, put a blindfold on him, and stripped his cloths off.. The guy was FIT. He had a "DIRTY FUKKA" jock strap on, and a nice semi hairy hole, ripe for fuckin.

My mate lubed him up, and slid his cock straight into this lads hole... fucking him with ever increasing thrusts, this lad groaning louder and louder with each stroke. I watched from the dining room, slowly wanking my ever swelling cut cock.

I moved into the room, the lad was on all fours, arse up, head down, blindfolded, and groaning with each thrust... my mate kept the rhythm up good and long, before finally groaning, and dumping his seed deep into the bottoms hole... then it was my turn.

Stepping up to the plate, i rubbed my dick up and down the bottoms now creamy hole, before slipping it into the sloppy, creamy, warm, moist mess.... it felt like heaven. I kept a steady thrust going, until i too, could hold back no longer, and shot my load into this lads cunt.

At which point, i pulled out, turned over, and bent over on all fours over the edge of the bed. My mate directed the still blindfolded bottom to stick his dick in me... which he did without objection. This guys knob was about 7" long, and quite thick... i had no lube on my hole, and whereby i normally use poppers when i bottom, i was caught short tonight... the lad lined his dick up with my cumhole, and shoved it in.

I groaned in pain/pleasure, he thrust it in really deep, the curve of his cock ensuring he got it right into my back passage... at this point, my mate had regained his hard on, and went to the rear of the 32yo... he slipped his dick into the already creamy mess, and began to fuck the guy again... we had ourselves a lovely little bareback fuck train going on...

After ten mins of wild, animal like thrusting, my mate groaned again, and dumped yet another load into the blindfolded 32yo... this prompted him along, and he too, groaned outloud - "Oh shit, i'm gonna cum!"

I replied, eagerly "fuck yea, cum in me"... he didn't need persuading.... two more thrusts, and he'd shot his load really deep up my hole. It was great.

We cleaned up - leaving the cum up us of course (it's still up me as i type this), and he left.. we all three promised to keep in touch, so hopefully who knows... we may do it again soon - i took some pics, so may be able to upload them if i can persuade my friend... watch this space!

Confessions...Number 4

Ok, this is the oldest of the lot, and is how i really got started in the game really - i'd always been into bb, but mainly with guys i knew... this was the first time i'd totally thrown caution to the wind, and done it with total strangers... since this event, i've been hooked, and NEVER looked back!

Want to share my experiences from yesterday with you. All totally true, it happened at Plastic Ivy sauna in Dewsbury.

I was there from 2pm till 8.30pm yesterday. I started by sucking 3 cocks to completion through the glory holes that they have, snorting some ultra strong poppers got me really horned up, so i moved into a cubicle, lied on my back and opened my legs.. it wasnt long before a guy came up, lubed me and put his cock into me... no questions asked, not a word spoken. He fucked me for a while before coming inside me, when he finished, i just layed there in the same position, a few mins passed before another guy entered me.. this went on for about 40 mins, and i ended up taking 4 loads in this fashion. After this i went to the glory holes, locked myself in a single room with a hole, and bent over. It wasnt too long before i felt a big raw cock working its way into my hole, a deep sniff of poppers and it was in.. the guy on the other side banging away as i squeezed my arse muscles together... he soon groaned loud and came into me.. literally within 10 seconds of pulling out, another cock was in me, i took a further 4 loads like that!

I was getting tired at this point so i went for a glass of water, and then made my way to the video area. I sat on a matress in an open area, where people could see me. I was fingering my sloppy cum filled arse for no more than 10 mins when a guy approached me, instinctively i got on all fours, and he entered me... he used a rubber though.. but i got a crowd around me, so there'd be plenty more loads to come i told myself. After he came and pulled out, i kept his cum filled rubber, and poured it down my throat, then got to work on sucking the now multiple cocks that were pointing towards my face.

Another guy entered me, and fucked me hard, i snorted some more poppers and knuckled down for a good long hard gang bang. I dont know exactly how many guys fucked and came in me, i lost count after 10... I just sucked on cocks that were in front of me, and they'd move to my arse as the guy fucking me pulled out... it went on for ages.. i fucking LOVED it!

Then it happened.

I was sucking on a thick 9" with a PA, and noticed he had a small tattoo above his cock,near his belly button, and a few scabs on his legs… he also had what I could only describe as a pot belly… In amongst the sweat in my eyes, the distorted vision from OD'ing on poppers, the force of being shoved about by being fucked hard and sucking this guys cock, i could just make out it was the biohazard symbol.

I continued sucking on it, and before long the guy screwing me came, and the cock I was sucking (biohaz) moved around to my now well fucked, sore, sloppy, cum filled hole. He spat on his hand, rubbed it through the oozing mess of my hole, and entered me.

I was sucking on another dick at this point, and was also heavily sniffing the bottle of poppers... my heart rate racing.. i was in heaven.

I reached around to see if biohaz guy whose cock was tearing me open had a rubber on.. (i secretly hoped he never) he didn’t... i got so horned and poppered up, off my fucking head – shaking, shivering, pouring with sweat at the same time... i begged him to spunk in me... he didn’t need asking twice, he thrust into me REAL deep, and as he dumped, he whispered in my ear “welcome to the club, slut”… I shot my load there and then!!!

When he pulled out, it was like a plug being pulled out, and literally what felt like gallons of spunk poured out of my hole down my bollocks and landed in a gooy mess on the mattress... I was feeling so dirty I just smiled, and licked the whole lot up before dribbling it down my chin and chest, rubbing it into my skin and licking my hands clean.

I showered, had a cuppa, got changed and went home… last night I was sat at home, and whilst a little worried about biohaz man… I came to this conclusion.

I’ve been taking bareback loads in my hole now for fucking years.. I can not remember the last time I purposely used a condom – in fact, I think the guy yesterday was the only time a rubber has been inside me in about 6 years… I’m 24…!

So whilst I keep testing neg (or rather, did until my last test in Feb), it’s far safer to fuck raw with a guy who is most likely poz, than to BB with guys who I’ve got no idea of their status… I mean, if I can take raw loads anonymously through glory holes in toilets, then surely I can take a raw load I know to be poz… it’s the same thing, right?

Anyway, as I fell asleep on the sofa, I had one last thought…. At least if I do test poz, I’ll know who it most likely was, and that I got the gift in one of the most depraved animal lustful like raw gang bangs I’ve ever partaked in…… and, it’s the start of a new chapter in my life of bareback sex.

Yet again, i'm not a chaser as such, more just a none discriminating bareback bottom - i never use condoms, i know the risks, and i accept them openly, and fully. I'm aware that eventually, my luck will most likely run out, and that i'll hear those fatal words... but until such a time, i'll keep bending over and taking loads up my rear in saunas etc....

Confessions.... Number 3

This one dates back to September 2007 - I know, i know.. a LONG time ago... i'd posted it, with the others on various sites, but neglected to update my blog... so here it is, better late than never - i hereby promise to update the site with more encounters, sooner.

So I’m checking my mail at bareback.com the other day, and there’s one from this guy who’s from Spain in town for a few days at some conference, and wants to seed my hole.

Well i'm all up for maintaining and developing international relations, seeing as our politicans are so hopeless, i see it as my duty as a bareback cum dump to do what they cant...

I’m feeling kinda horny and slutty so I agree. We arrange for an anonymous session, where he walks in and finds me then uses me, and leaves. Nothing said etc.

11pm last night, I’m freshly douched, and ready.

The front door is on the latch, I’m in my bedroom naked, with a blind fold on, and a wrist/neck restraint. On the floor is a bowl of warm water, a razor and some poppers for him.

The room is in darkness, except for 3 tiny tea light candles I’ve placed around the place, making it look quite horny.

I hear the front door go, so I take a big deep lung full of poppers, straight away I’m gagging for it. I hear him walk up the stairs into my room…. I’m kneeling on all fours, my head lowered clasping a bottle of poppers to my nose. My arse sticking in the air, just begging for his unknown cock.

I listen to him take some cloths off, then I feel him getting to work with the razor on my hole, clearing the hairs away, making it silky smooth. Next, I get this electric shock up my entire spine… the guy is eating my hole and it feels fucking amazing!

I snort some more poppers, groan like a slut and I’m loving it. I’ve no idea who he is, I’ve not seen any pictures, photographs, or met him in my life… I’m tied up, blindfolded, and off my head on poppers… this is the ONLY way to take cock!

After a while, I feel him rubbing his cock head against my now moist hole, and he shoves it straight in… I gasp, snuff some more poppers and he gets to work… slamming his cock deep into my now sloppy hole, pulling it out, then sticking it in deep again. Holding my hips he ploughs into me violently fast and deep… I’m loving it!

Just think, a slut on all fours, totally helpless, in a candle lit room, with a nice freshly shaven cunt… perfect!

I think he enjoyed it, as after 10 mins of raping my hole, I felt a torrent of hot spunk shoot deep into me… my GOD there was loads of it…. He kept fucking me until I felt some of it trickle down my freshly shaven balls.

He pulls his now soft cock out, shoves it in my mouth to clean it up… then gets dressed. I’m still blindfolded, still high on poppers, only now I’ve got a gut full of this strangers seed. On his bareback.com profile, it just said “unknown” for his status… I LOVE taking anonymous seed… makes me feel so slutty and dirty.

I hear him leave the room, down the stairs and ultimately out of my house. Not a word said. Fantastic.

I remove the neck/wrist restraint, and reach over to my bedside cabinet and feel about for my 9” thick dildo, I find it, and shove it straight into my spunk filled hole. I’m now lying on my back, legs spread open, wanking furiously… I take another hit or two of the ultra strong poppers, which sends me wild. I kneel up, pull the dildo out, put my hand under my hole, and let his spunk dribble out into my hand. With the other hand I ram the dildo back in, I then smear it all his cum over my cock, and wank off using it as lube.

After a minute of this, I blow my own seed all over my chest, I scoop it up and lick my hands clean.

Lying there, I’m on cloud 9, just thinking about how filthy it is taking anonymous bare cock and cum in your hole, but ultimately, just how much fun it is! This morning I logged onto this bareback.com profile again to see it once more, and noticed that he’d changed his status to “poz”… well… my cock got PROPER hard and my boxers have been damp with pre-cum all morning!

Well that happened back in Sept 07, and i have kept testing neg since then, so i guess it's safe to say i dodged that bullet... but for how long!?

Confessions.... Number 2

Another one, this is the one that pre-dates confession number 1, but i couldnt find it before i uploaded that one... so here goes.. It's from late 2007 when i took my first trip to Trades Hotel, Blackpool... a place renowned for sleazy sex...

Went out on Monday night around town, started off slow, I wanted to pace myself, what with this being the first time I’d experienced true 24 hour drinking since the law was passed here in the UK.

Anyway, I was wearing a pair of stone washed jeans, a blue and white vertically striped shirt which being a medium, showed off my rather thick set upper body quite nicely, and a pair of brown leather loathers. I was freshly shaven, skin silky smooth, and my hair was number 2 cropped. If I may say so, I looked hot.

The night started in Mardi Gras, where there was a cabaret show, followed by a strip show. After this, we went across the road to a bar known as trades. It’s a private members bar which I had joined only the previous night. As you walk in, there’s a toilet on the left (which is used as a toilet), and the room then opens up to this great big cavernous bar. The long, billeted aluminium bar is on the left, and runs the length of the place. Inside the bar itself are TV’s playing porn so you can keep aroused whilst waiting for a beer. There’s a cage in the middle of the dance floor where twinks porn stars do everything you want… as I walked in, they were barebacking each other. Which got me mega hot... this was a mens private bar, for men to do their things. The whole place is dark, with flashing lights, and dry ice... giving a nice atmosphere to it.

After a while of drinking, perving at other guys, I decided to go to the other toilets, these ones are renowned for sleaze.

In here, I sucked a few guys off, bent over the toilet and took one load in me from this guy who I never really liked but I was horny and… yeah.

The night continued in this fashion, drink, flirt, toilet, fuck, drink, flirt, toilet, fuck… at about 3am, I’d had enough and wanted a change of scenery. We headed back to the Hotel which had a bar which stayed open as long as it was profitable to do so.

We carried on drinking here, and the bar filled up as other residents and drinkers came to the place as other venues in town shut, by about 5am, it was packed…

Now, trades hotel is a cheap men’s hotel… and it’s renowned for what happens in the corridors in the wee hours of the morning.

One of my last memories is walking the corridors, trying people’s doors (as is the recognised practise for getting laid at Trades), when I passed this guy… without even thinking about it… I just said “do you know where I can get some spunk in my hole?” He nodded for me to follow, so I did.

I have very vague memories of dropping my pants in his room, taking a huge hit of poppers, spreading my legs and him ramming his cock deep into me without any lube….. That was at about 5.20am.

The next memory I have, is coming to my senses, in the doggy position, spread on the bed, this guy ramming his cock into my hole, my head killing. I looked out the window, it was sunny, the sky was blue, the birds were singing… I looked at my watch, it was 8.45am!

SHIT! What had happened?

Then I came aware of the state of my hole... it was so sloppy, sticky, and sore obviously not from one guy… I groaned, and guy fucking me stopped, I looked at him, and he was kinda hot, about 5’11” tall, quite thick set, decent pecs, flat stomach, big arms… and a demonic sort of grin and stare… so I guess I made a good decision.

He pulled out of me, we chatted for a while, I told him I had no recollection at all of what happened, and he just smirked, and looked at a glass of what looked like cola on the side. Now, I never drink cola, not even with vodka etc… so I know I hadn’t ordered it.

Then he said… “So you don’t remember being the hotel whore?”

I didn’t, I didn’t remember a thing… I’m guessing that in my very drunken stupor the guy had gotten me to drink this cola, which must have had something in it...?

I made my excuses, stood up and left… spunk pouring out of my hole with each step I took… man; I’d been abused BIG time.

In the car on the way home later that day, I closed my eyes, and tried to remember as my mate drove us back to Yorkshire. Vague memories kept flashing back to me, but I’m unable to tell if they’re memories or fantasies…

I dropped the guy a text (we’d swapped numbers before I left his room), and asked what exactly had happened… to which he just replied that he’d kept the door open after he’d fucked me a few times, and gone back to the bar and told everyone there that there was a guy off his head taking all loads…. And gave them the room number!!! Apparently, at one stage I was begging for a poz load…. Whether I got it or not he wouldn’t say, and I sure as hell can’t remember.

God knows how many fucked me that night, but it’s safe to say I don’t remember any of them… but suddenly, all the “hello’s” and other greetings I’d got as I left the hotel only a few hours earlier made sense…. They’d probably all dumped a load or two in me…. There was young twinks (18-19yo), to filthy old men I wouldn’t dream of going with… skinny, fat… you name it, they were there.

I’ve fantasised about doing something like that for ages, but I never expected to actually ever go through with it… common sense always seemed to kick in… but I must say… now I’ve done it (albeit, not copus mentis), I fucking love it! Definitely be doing it again… who knows, next time hopefully it’ll be in a sling!!

Confessions... Number 1

Ok lads, i promised you confessions of previous encounters - this one happened in early 2008... i talked about it on bareback.com and bnskin.com but ommited to update it here... There was one which happened before hand, although in this occasion i'm posting them back to front... the Blackpool event happened first...

I was feeling particularly horny last night memories of my filthy weekend in Blackpool lived on, so I advertised on a few sites that I'd be having an open door party at my place.

I gave my address, my cell phone, and said that the door would be open between 8pm and 9.30pm.

When I got home from work, I showered, douched, lubed my hole, at at 7.55pm, I unlocked the front door. I went to my room, closed the curtains, turned off the light, and lit a few tea lights around the room, giving a dim flickering glow. I put on some dance/techno music on low to add a rythem to the room.

Positioning myself on my bed, I pulled down my blindfold, and offered my hole in the air.. and waited.

At 8.15, I heard the door go, as I heard footsteps on the stairs, I took a few deep hits of poppers… my door opened, and I heard someone enter, and start taking their cloths off.

A few moments later, I felt the biggest thickest cock ram deep into my hole… it hurt like hell, so I took some more poppers, and pushed back onto it… the guy loved it, and soon picked up a rhythem to match the music. Before long, I realised that there wasn't just one guy in my room, but two… the big cock pulled out, and a slimmer, but longer knob slammed into me taking my breath away.

I hadn';t said if I was into bb or playing safe, and there were no condoms in my room… I secretly hoped that everyone would play raw. I reached around to feel this long schlong probing my hole, and realised there was no rubber on…. YEAH!

I snorted some more poppers and began to buck my hips with the rhythem. The long dick pulled out, and was again replaced by the super thick one… after a few minutes, the guy rammed in deep, groaned loudly, and dumped his seed. He slowly pulled out, and was repaced again by slim long dick. Snorting on some more poppers, the thought of being this anonymous cumdump really got me going… the guy screwed me a bit more, and before long I wasn't on all fours anymore, I was lied on my bed, spread eagled, the guy on top of me with all his weight… he ploughed his cock into me, pulling it all the way out, before slamming it all the way back in until his balls slapped against me freshly shaven bum cheeks.

It wasn't long before he two grabbed my hips, and stuffed it into me deep one last time before releasing his fuck muck deep into my creampie hole.

He pulled out, slapped me on the arse… I lay there groaning, high on poppers, loving it… the two guys got dressed, and left the house.

As I lay there pondering how many I'd get tonight, and where I should go to be a slut next, I kept taking poppers to keep my state of highness up…. I'm a total cum popper whore.

I took the blindfold off for a moment, looked over my shoulder and smiled as I caught sight of my bum and hole in the gently seductive glow of the candles… and noticed a condom by the side of me, with a knot in it, and juice inside it…. It surprised me because both the guys who'd just left were my first two, and both had done me raw…. So I bit the knot off the top, and poured it over my hole, I lay down again, thinking the next guy can use it as additional lube…. I had no idea's whose it is but hey…

I put the blindfold back on, and closed my eyes, getting lost in my thoughts, high on poppers and the rhytemic beats of the dance playing.

Shortly later, I heard the door go once again, and once again, heard footsteps on the stairs. Sniffing the little brown bottle (my best friend), I spread my legs and got ready to receive my next deposits.

This guy was also with someone else and as one got undressed, I could feel the other one fingering my cummy hole, he remarked to the other one about the juice I'd poured over my hole earlier…. Something about me being a right whore… both smirked.

Once naked, one of them stuffed his cock into me, it slid in deep, no fuss… the guy groaned real heavy as this 24yo cumdump swallowed his cock right up to his balls…. He leant over me, until I could hear him breathing in my ear, and smell his breath… it stunk! Dunno who he was, but this guy needed a shower and some mouth wash… it made my cock even harder, thinking that I was being fucked by some filthy man.

He pounded my hole for what felt like an eternity, the lube had long dried up, and I was running purely on now thickening spunk that had been deposited in me earlier. He pulled out, hocked up the biggest, greenest load of gob, spat it on my hole, and rammed his knob back into me.

Fucking me a few more mins, he groaned loud and unloaded into me.

He gently pulled out, and he too slapped my bum cheeks before kneeling over me, one leg either side, facing towards my hole. I was effectively pinned down now. He pulled my arse cheeks open, and I felt a finger enter me. It must have been the other guy, as the first guy was holding my cheeks spread.

The finger soon became 2, became 3, 4, then 5… It felt like heaven! He got his fist into me, and fisted me a little, before pulling it out… I was totally his… I snorted the deepest, longest, most intense hit ever and he slammed his cock into me… must have been about 8.5” and cut… as the first guy held me down, and my arse open, the 2nd guy drove his tool into me deeper and deeper, harder and harder, I was screaming in pleasure. He’d pull his cock right out, and them drive it back into me, and repeat it over and over.

After what felt like 10 mins of this, he pulled out, and I felt load after load of hot sticky spunk get shot all over my hole and crack, I felt it dribble down to my hole, where he and his mate were working their fingers into me, repacking the masses of man fuck juice into me.

They stood up, wiped their fingers on my back, got dressed and left.

I waited a while before taking my blind fold off… it was 9:45, so I knelt up, put a bowl under my hole, and let the mess dribble out of me. I then poured a little over my cock and used it as lube, before pouring the remainded into my mouth. I dribbled some of it back out into the bowl, before pouring it once again into my mouth… it tasted filthy, that smell of old sticky spunk…. Lovely!

I swallowed the whole lot, then stuck some fingers up my now sore hole, and rode my hand, whilst jacking furiously, it wasn’t long before I felt my balls tense, and a huge, thick, hot steamy load fired from my bell end, flew across the room and landed on the wall opposite me… no lie, it covered a good 3 metres of lateral travel and gained about 1.5 metres of height. It was intense!

I collapsed, sweating, shaking, my hole still dribbling bits of juices, my cock getting slowly soft, my balls covered in spunk and feeling totally, and utterly like a used bareback cumdump whore.

Cant wait to repeat it!

Feb '09 already! Time for an update.

Wow, where does time go? Thats the question i've been asking myself a lot lately. Last year has gone by in a haze, and i've not done much at all...

Anyway, i'm now 26, and 8 months away from my 27th birthday. Most of my friends are now beginning to settle down, so i'm venturing into pastures new, and meeting more and more strangers...I've had some decent encounters which i shall talk about in coming posts but for now i thought i'd just give a quick update.

I'm now only able to access the net from the library, so my posts may be few and far between for the near future, but i shall try my best. I want to try and move away from the other filthy i've done and focus on the bareback stuff... as that is what i really enjoy.

I kept a log last year, of how many dicks i took, and it worked out at around 800, give or take... so thats not too bad at all, this year i want to try and beat it though, and so far am doing quite well... It's only early Feb, and i'm already up to 100+. These are mostly guys i met in the sauna's in the local area... there's a really good one opened up called Steam Complex in Leeds. Its really big, and lots of bb goes on in there... each time i've been i've spent hours strapped into the slingss, with my legs wide open and had at least 15-20 guys slide their raw cock into me and fuck me full of cum.

Of course, i get the odd one or two trying to use condoms, but i just tell them, its bareback or not at all... most rip of the rubber and plunge into me raw, but the odd few persist.. those eventually give up and move on.

I had a great meet with a 22yo lad i know yesterday, we spent hours just fucking each others arses raw and taking photos... there are about 50 photos on my camera, but here are just a couple - as i say, i'm in the main city library and its kinda hard to upload this stuff with people milling around... will upload more when i can.

Until next time, peace... keep it raw!

Oh almost forgot. I had another HIV test in November 08, and it came back negative... Lots and lots of my close friends who bareback are testing positive around me, so i dont know how much longer i can keep avoiding the bullet, but for now, i'm clean, and have every intention of continuing to bareback with any guy i can... after all, cant let you, the readers down can i?

Catch you soon fella's!