Oct 27, 2009

7th November - A Change Of Plan - BB Party Notts

They say the best laid plans are subject to change, and they have. Whilst i had my mind firmly on going to KINK at Steam complex on my night off in November, i've been invited to a BB Party in Nottingham.

I'll be driving down with a couple of tops from leeds who are going, then spending the night getting loaded up with spunk from a whole group of tops. One of the lads heading down with me has been before and says they're really good events, with plenty of drink, sex and good times. The number of total bottoms allowed to go is limited so as to ensure a good ratio of tops to bottoms. They advertise on gaydar and say that everyone there is poz, thus taking part is at ones own risk - as a neg bottom, that is a serious turn on for me, and i cant wait to get into the sling there. My only hope is that i can surrupticiously spread the word that i'm neg so lads know they're breeding me.

This is another tick in a new box for me as whilst i've had plenty of bb with strangers at sex clubs, sauna's and gatherings of a few tops at my place for pump and dump sessions, this is the first time i'll have travelled any set distance across the country to attend a bb party which is well revered.

I think the group on gaydar is called ng2bb so check them out and try get yourself an invite if you can, it's gonna be a wicked night.

I'll definitely post updates for you all once the event has taken place, together with any little quirks of the weekend - such as, on the way down, while one top is driving, the other wants to warm my hole up by screwing me in the back on the car on the motorway!

Keep checking back folks for more updates.

Oct 13, 2009

New Mobile Number

Hi all,

I'm only posting this on here as my mobile was stolen the other day, and with it all my numbers. Thus i have no way of texting those of you who normally text me to hook up etc. If you read this, please can you text me, my new number is 07986 479 507.

Hope you can get in touch and we can resume our horny sessions shortly! You know who you are....

Oct 9, 2009

KINK 7th Nov 09

Hey guys, hope this works. Trying to update my blog using email from my cell phone. I've also attached a couple of photos taken this morning of what i'm likely to be wearing at my next sauna outing, which also happens to be the next Bears and KINK event at Steam Complex in Leeds on Saturday 7th November. Hope any of you reading this will come along to the do, it promises to be a very fun horny time! Enjoy the photos!
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Oct 5, 2009

monday 5th oct - steam complex bareback

Hello dear readers and horny barebackers! Today, i finally have a day off and have decided to make the most of it by taking a trip to Steam Complex in Leeds. I'll be arriving around 1.30pm, and staying there while pretty late - 8pm ish.

I'll be wearing nothing except my towel, and underneath that i'll have on a pair of white boxers with CUM DUMP ripped around my hole, will be either found in one of the slings blindfolded, or lying on my stomach, arse pointing skywards in one of the darkroom cubicles. Please come along if you're in the area, its cheap to enter the sauna, and you know you wont be disappointed with my smooth tight juicy fuck hole. Slip your cock into me, fuck me bareback and make me groan and sweat. Then blast your load into my ass, or spunk over it, then push it all in deep with your cock. Any load taken no questions asked. Neg, poz, unknown, i'll take any load in my hole.

So what better offer do you want for a autumnal monday?

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