Jul 23, 2010

12 July - A Three Load Creampie

Just wanted to try and share this short video with you. It's taken from the main video which is too big to upload just yet (for some reason my ISP lets me upload small files not big ones!).

It's from a session which took place at my house a few weeks ago, I was blindfolded on my bed, and had advertised online that my door would be unlocked etc. Anyway, three lads turned up and took turns loading my hole with their spunk.

I kept the cream inside me for a few hours afterwards as I always do (isnt it the best feeling ever, carrying a lads spunk inside you!?) then decided to film it dribbling out... this is the result!

Hope you enjoy the little clip guys...


Jul 22, 2010

Howdy! Quick update!

Hi guys, hope you are all keeping well.

I've been keeping my hand in and getting a bit of seed up my hole lately, but nothing on the level of the bb parties in Notts. Talking of those parties, i doubt i'll be able to go to the next one in August due to work committments, but not to worry - as i have a couple of weeks off work coming soon, and during September am taking a trip to Antwerp for a bit of a bareback holiday!

Arriving on the 15th Sept and staying until the 19th, i intend to check out all the seedy bars, clubs and parties Antwerp has to offer. You may wonder why this place, but it turns out that one of the tops i used to surrender my hole to aged 18 is living there - he's a big bear of a guy, huge cock and cums loads - and whats more, has tonnes of bareback contacts in the city.. and has promised to get my hole used plenty - so i cant wait!
On another front, this past week i've been full of flu and feeling really bad - a few guys i know have suggested that it's the fuck flu - it wouldn't surprise me giving what i get up to, so in a couple of weeks time i'm going to go back for a further check up and test - watch this space!
Hope you like this pic, it was taken from a recent fuck video i made, which i will upload here as soon as my internet provider pulls its fingers out and sorts out my connection... cant wait to finally get a decent upload/download speed so i can share all my videos with you.
Finally, i'm adding a facebook badge to my blog, so you can click that and go straight through to my facebook page - thus bringing me closer to you guys, and you closer to me if you want to!
On top of this, keep checking my group out as it's more interactive than the blog is.