Sep 24, 2010

Sheffield Bareback Gang Bang

To round off my few weeks leave, last night I headed down to Sheffield in South Yorkshire to be the bottom of honour at a dirty bareback gang bang. There were about 6 tops in total, and myself there to take whatever they wanted to give me.

I arrived at about 8pm, and we all chatted a bit, had a few beers, then moved into the bedroom. I was wearing my black jockstrap, and quickly stripped down to it, before getting on the bed.

The party was organised by eurogrowl ( and held at his flat. He was the first to fuck me, and before long we were joined by everyone else. The rest of the night passed in a haze of poppers and relentless pounding by some huge cocks.

Over the next hour or so, i took everyones load. We then retired to the sitting room, where we had a few more drinks. I had to sit with a towel over the chair, because my arse was full of so much cum and my arse so sloppy, it would have made a real mess of eurogrowl's furniture!

After a while we moved back into the bedroom for round 2. I took most guys loads again. At this point, eurogrowl said he wanted a piss, and stuffed his cock up my hole, before filling me with his piss. My god there was so much of it, I could feel my innards being flooded with hot amber nectar. When he'd finished, he proceeded to pound my hole as hard as he could, then he pulled out, and loads of piss and spunk poured from my hole, down my balls, onto the bedsheets beneath. Then another guy lined himself up and slid into my very sloppy hole, working the remaining piss and spunk even deeper into my hole. After a while he said he was going to cum, and i urged him on until he loaded me up again. Eurogrowl then went into me sloppy seconds, saying he was going to "churn the butter", he fucked me so hard and fast, i could feel the spunk inside me turning into a frothy cream, dribbling down my hole and balls. It was fucking great!

I had a great night, and left there totally satisifed. Whats more, I managed to get some videos and photos for you all.... we're going to arrange another session where it's all filmed properly. I finally think i've found a bunch of bareback bastards as dirty as me, who love filming the action!

Enjoy! I sure did!

This last photo is a still from the last scene of the video, me totally collapsed out on the bed, my hole ravaged from hours of hard raw fucking, loaded to the brim with spunk and piss. I tell you, it was freaking awesome!

Don't forget, if you're a top, or group of tops, and want a pass around party bottom, definitely get in touch! Email me at or text me at 07986479507

The guys last night all loved fucking my hole, with such comments as:

"Holy fuck, i could fuck this hole all night!"

"Oh god yeah, I'm gonna breed your beautiful ass!"

Eurogrowl - the guy who organised this session, is available on, profile "Eurogrowl".

Sep 20, 2010

Antwerp; day 3, Fuck # 27

Been trawling through the many videos I took during my time in Antwerp and came cross these three small videos.

They are from Friday 17th Sept, my last full day there, and I filmed them anonymously whilst fuck number 27 was in the hotel room.

This was the start of the session.. we fucked for a while, then he decided he was going to cum too quickly, so logged onto a website which is great - called Unfortunately it's only really used in mainland Europe, which is a shame, as its a really efficient way of hooking up with guys for sex... either that or there are fewer time wasters in Europe.

Anyway, eventually he found the guy he was looking for, a 19yo algerian descent rent boy. He'd been with him a few times before and persuade him to come to the hotel. We then had a filthy 3 way, which ended with both of them dumping their seed in my hole. Turns out the rent boy is one of the few whores in Antwerp who only does bareback with all of his clients. He was hot as fuck, sleazy as fuck, and I'm so glad I took his load in me!

Enjoy these three short videos... They're before, during and after if you like!

Yesterdays Posts - The Videos!

As promised, following my posting last night about the two great fucks I had upon my return from Antwerp - here are the videos!

There are more videos, and as soon as they're edited down to size, I shall upload them. Unfortunately i'm running Windows 7, and Window's Live Movie maker doesn't work with it - it constantly crashes whenever I try to do some serious cutting and splicing of the footage.

Anyway, enjoy the videos...

Thursday this week i'm heading to Sheffield with a couple of friends who I met know from the nottingham fuck parties. They're organising a gang bang, with the bottom of honour being yours truely. Fingers crossed there'll be plenty of guys there to fill my cavenous hole with load after load of hot sticky man fuck muck. Will definitely get pictures of that for you!

First video is the guy who messaged me saying he was passing by the area, he dumped his load in me and this was the result.

This is a video of my ex fucking me, if you remember he'd just bought a leather harness and a gas mask and wanted to try them out in some kinky sex... as you'll gather from the short video, he's a strange guy - not too great at conversation, but the sex is always dirty.. hence why he's my ex, and we still fuck... best of both worlds! Ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed that guys, there's more videos to come but I need to edit them right down to size for upload.

Back in the UK, wasting no time!

Well folks, finally got back to the UK after a truely awesome time in Antwerp!

I got bred well good over the 3 days, taking around 45 loads in total... and would highly recommend anyone takes a visit to Antwerp - if you want a nice sleazy hotel, stay at the ETAP - it's tidy enough, and cheap enough - the staff are friendly too... the best thing is though that people can walk in and out 24/7 and the reception staff don't think twice of it... fantastic for getting pumped full of spunk by random strangers!

Anyway, I awoke this afternoon and logged onto to check my messages, and there was a message from a guy who said he was going to be passing by my area in a short while, and did I want to take his load. Hell yeah I said, and jumped in the shower.

Bang on que he turned up - i'd unlocked the door and was lying on my bed with my black jock strap on (still nice and crusty from being soaked in cum from Antwerp!).

He ate my hole out for a bit, then stuck his cock in there and fucked me hard, deep and fast for about half an hour before blasting a huge load into me... it was great, we thanked each other and he left.

I've a video of him fucking me, which once edited down to size I shall share on here. In the meanwhile, here's a picture of his spunk dribbling out of my well bred hole.

I carried on unpacking and sorting out my stuff from Antwerp, when I got a text off my ex, a guy who's fucked me quite a lot these last few months.

He's 23, slim, about 8" cock, and loves bareback as much as I do... we both love fucking bare with as many different guys as possible, both don't really care/worry about the risks of HIV and STD's etc... if it happens, it happens.

Anyway, he said he'd bought a gas mask and a leather harness, and did i want to come around and swap loads with him. I readily agreed, and made my way across town to his house and round 2 of the first day back got underway!

Again, I've some videos of the actual sex, but my dongle wont let me upload them at the moment... so here are some pics he took as a teaser!

Me on my ex's bed about to get fucked by him...

His cock probing my hole... it's great getting fucked by him!

As above, my ex screwing my hole

He shaves his pubes off, normally not my thing, but it works well on him! He's a dirty bastard... like me!

Me wearing the ex's gas mask as he breeds me... kinky!

Once I can borrow my housemates hard wire connection, I will be able to upload the videos fully... should be tomorrow so keep checking back guys!

What do you make of the kinky gas mask?

Also, I've updated my loads taken ticker... check it out... the total has jumped quite considerably!! Well on the way to the 2000 loads for this year... fingers crossed!

Sep 16, 2010

Antwerp; day 1

Well guys, this is just a quick posting to give you a update on how day 1 went.


Took 15 loads from 15 guys at the hotel room between 8pm and mid night, then I headed on down to a fetish bar called "Oink Oink" and took another 5 loads there... 20 loads taken in my first night.

The guys here are fantastic... all are fit, all are really dirty, and in the bars and clubs, it seems that everyone goes bareback - no talk of condoms at all - totally different to in the UK!

I had one guy come around who i'd been chatting to online for a while, and he fucked my sloppy hole for many hours, finally dumping a huge load into me. He spoke great English and we got on great. He shared his poppers etc with me, and got me totally in the mood for the party... it was intense! I

just woke up, 11.50am local time, and am on major come down. Time to go grab some breakfast, then I'm thinking of checking out some of the video/book stores around here - there must be some glory holes I can get bred through... then tonight it's onto Kinky's.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics and vids from last night.. unfortunately no fucking action... but i intend to change that if i can.

Sep 14, 2010

Antwerp, here I come!

Well the time has finally arrived.

After months of planning, i'm finally packed and ready to go. Antwerp, Belgium, here I come.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Brussels and then onto Antwerp. I'm checked into the ETAP hotel on Lange Kievistraat just around the corner from the Centraal Station, and Antwerp Zoo.... i'm sure there'll be plenty of animals and pigs in my hotel room too!

My itinary looks something like this.

Arrive Antwerp about 3pm. Check into hotel room, advertise room number on various bb sites and spread the word. Once sorted i'm heading off to a sex shop as i need to buy lube, poppers and a jockstrap.
Once back at the hotel, i'll have a few drinks then get ready for my first night's sessions.

At 6pm i'll be opening my hotel door, leaving it unlocked and then letting any one who wants to fuck me raw do so.. all loads taken, no questions asked. I've spoken to loads of guys online at,, etc and many of them are coming around during this session to fuck me raw and seed my hole.

I'll take as much as I can get.

I will head to the zoo in the morning, and do some more sight seeing. In the late afternoon i'm going to head off to a gay cinema and book store called Gay Ron... i'm going to see how many loads i can get fucked up my hole here too.

In the evening i've decided to go to a fetish bar called The Kinky's... I intend to wear some "spunk dump" boxers that guys like so much, and then strap myself into a sling and put on a blindfold, just letting any and everyone fuck me bare and fill me with their cum until i can take no more and it dribbles from my fuck cunt.
Some more sightseeing in the morning, then going to head to one of the many sauna's Antwerp has to offer, and fingers crossed, you guessed it, get fucked some more by Antwerps dirty barebacking tops...

I fly back at 3pm and finally get back into Manchester Airport at about 10pm... i have to change at London from Heathrow to Gatwick... if anyone is in the area of the airport and wants to fuck me in the Airport Toilets, then get in touch also! Likewise, anyone in Manchester who wants to use and load me up, get in touch... as i'll be looking for some cock in Manchester when i get back...

My aim is to simply take as much raw cock and spunk up my hole in 3 days that i can possibly get... if you're in or near Antwerp, and want to take this opportunity to knock me up.. simply get in touch!

NB - the photos at the top aren't really anything to do with my trip, they're just two old photos i found of me when i was 21, and really starting to get into the bareback slut thing.... they were taken by a master i had at the time, who used me as a true whore... thought i'd just share with you as a little gift! Hope you like them!
What do you guys think, better with a hairy chest, or the smooth chest like in these pics?