Jul 30, 2009

Incredible Bareback 6 Way

Yesterday afternoon whilst wandering around town in the pouring rain I got a text message from one of my regular tops saying that he had another 26yo bottom called Craig who wanted to take as much cock bb as he could, and could they use my apartment for it. Sure I said, provided I can join in… they agreed, so at 4pm yesterday afternoon I sent messages to the 7 bb tops I know in the immediate area and arranged for them to come around at about half 8 that evening.

I got home, showered, douched, unlocked the door and lay on my bed ready. Bang on half 8, the door opened and the top with the other bottom walked in. The bottom was 5’11” tall, slim, quite muscled, very cute, dark hair, brown eyes – around 160lb’s I’d say with an amazing pert bubble butt, you could bounce pound coins off.

It started with him rimming my hole out, whilst the top (we’ll call him Neil for now) fucking him up the arse. Whilst this was going on, the door opened and the second of our tops (Stu) entered. He was around 5’9” tall, fairly young – around 22yo, average build, pretty cute too. He stripped off and made the way into the action. Craig by this point was getting fucked bent over the bed. Stu came up behind me, and slipped his cock into me. He fucked me hard for a while, before pulling out and swapping places with Neil. Neil was now fucking me raw, and Craig was getting his back door kicked in by Stu.

At this point, the door opened again and the final two tops walked in, Paul and Peter. Paul is around 6’ tall, slim; around 45 years old and hung like a donkey – a good 9” long. He’s done me a few times and I have talked about him in this blog before just never given him a name. Peter is around 50 years old, but a great looker for his age, slim, toned body (he clearly works out often), clean-shaven face, nice short hair and a good dick to go with it. This was the first orgy I’ve had with these guys where I’ve not been blindfolded, and it was great to finally see them all in the flesh – surprisingly, they’re all pretty damned hot lookers – I was expecting a few of them to be old or fat, but not one of them is! Bonus!!

Anyway, Paul and Peter stripped their clothes off and joined the melee. I was now bent over my bed, with Peter fucking me, Craig bent over next to me with Paul fucking him; Craig and I were kissing passionately, whilst the other two guys sucked each other to one side. Neil then fed his cock to me to suck on, and Stu fed his cock to Craig to lick like a lolly.

Before long, Paul had Craig on his back, legs in the air and was ploughing his cock into his hole like there was no tomorrow, I was getting my cock sucked by Craig as I knelt over him, with Peter’s cock buried to his balls in my hole.

Paul pulled out of Craig, and Stu slipped in to replace him. It was a total fuck fest.

When Stu had had enough of Craig, he pulled me to on side, got me knelt on the bed, and ploughed his cock into me, he fucked me hard and deep then announced he was going to cum. Before too long, he dumped his load deep up my hole and pulled out. Neil then slipped into me to savour the cum left inside me and fucked me good and hard.

Craig was laid on his back still getting ploughed by Peter at this point and was begging for a load too. With that, Peter pulled out of Craig, and Paul sat back on the bed, and directed Craig to ride him. Craig was facing forwards and rode up and down on Paul’s length enjoying every moment of the orgy unfolding in the room. Neil directed me to the floor to allow me to lick and rim Craig’s hole as he rode Paul’s 9” cock. Peter sat on the bed next to Paul and Neil who was fucking me pulled out, and motioned for me to ride Peter like Craig was doing to Paul. So there were now two guys sat on the bed, leaning back, with Craig and I on a cock apiece, riding them. I had one load in me already, and Craig was begging for his first one. I got up from Peter and Craig off Paul, and we swapped places. So Paul is now in me, and Peter inside Craig. Paul then picks me up, whilst I’m still impaled on his shaft, and bends me over so I am now bent double, standing up, but resting my hands on the floor – giving him an un-interrupted view of my smooth arse and his huge cock sliding in and out of me. He fucked me really hard and deep, which made me groan and moan out loud. This prompted Peter to do the same position to Craig, so there we were, two bottom sluts bent over, looking at each other getting fucked raw by a bunch of guys. Paul then swapped with Peter, Peter entered me, and Paul laid on the bed, and direct Craig to ride him again, this time they faced each other so they could kiss. It didn’t take Paul long before he announced that he was close to coming. This made Craig pick up the riding pace and he bounced up and down the entire length of the 9” bare cock inside him.

Paul began to pant and groan, and then dumped his huge load really deep inside him. Craig continued to ride Paul to ensure the spunk was buried really nice and deep in his boy cunt.

I was still bent over getting fucked by Peter, and he announced that he was about to shoot too. I began to beg for it like an impoverished person might beg for food. Peter loved it, started calling me a fucking cum whore, which only made me beg for it more, then I felt his cock swell inside me, and he howled out loud (you’ve heard me talk in other postings about a lad who howls when he cums – well this is Peter – a fantastic fuck, who, if you’re reading this mate, I cant wait for you to do me again!!) He dumped his seed inside me to join Stu’s who at this point, had left as soon as he’d arrived. Some guys do that; some hang around, whilst others make a hasty retreat after they’ve loaded a cumdump up. Personally I like it if they hang around, then get hard and go again, but then again, I’m just an insatiable spunk whore.

Craig got off Paul’s cock, and Peter unplugged me, I quickly made my way to Craig’s smooth, tight, pert bubble butt, and buried my tongue into his crack to taste the spunk as it dribbled from him – it was so sweet and nice. Neil then made his way behind me, and stuck his cock into me, got it coated with spunk from my hole, then slipped it into Craig, mixed it with the spunk in his hole, then fed it back into my arse. He did this for a while, ensuring the juices from both our holes were inside both of us.

The party continued for a little while longer, until ultimately all the tops had dumped a load in both Craig and I and they were totally exhausted. The room was very hot temperature wise and was filled with the stench of sex, hard, raw bareback sex. There were sweat and sex stains on the sheets, and we all collapsed into a tangled heap of limbs and bodies. Man jizz trickled from Craig’s arses, and mine and a stray hand or two would finger the spunk and feed it back into us. Or take it from one of our arses, and feed it to the other bottoms mouth to savour. It was incredible.

The tops eventually dressed and made their escape. Craig, Neil and I chatted for a while, and I became formally introduced to Craig. Turns out that he is actually straight (yeah right!), has a girlfriend of some 6 year standing, and a young child on the way – but one of his fantasies had always been to get fucked raw by loads of guys (how many straight men have THAT fantasy!?). Anyway, last night was certainly a baptism of fire for him, and I guess judging by the smile on his face when he finally left, he enjoyed it… Lets hope there’ll be a repeat sometime soon! I got texts from all the tops involved saying how much they enjoyed it, and how they definitely want to do it all again soon!

Tonight, I may be going to a guys hotel room who I met in a club a few weeks ago. He's from Brighton on the south coast and comes to the City regularly for conferences with work. He's a bareback top (obviously) and wants to fuck me around his room - so depending on how I feel, that's my plan for tonight.... oh come on, whom I kidding - of COURSE I'm going to go... I'm unable to turn down some raw cock!

Jul 23, 2009

Another Open Door Gang Bang – Life’s Calling.

I’d been chatting to a few guys online from fitlads.net and they all said they wanted to come and fuck my hole last week, so I arranged for them to all arrive at my place at the same time. I’d been out in the afternoon with some friends enjoying some sunshine and having a few beers, so by the time I arrived home I was feeling sufficiently drunk (cant beat drunken sex!). I showered, douched, and then unlocked my door and lay on my bed, blindfolded, and waited.

At around 8pm the door opened and the first of the guys arrived. He made me suck his cock whilst he fingered my arse and loosened me up. He’d said he was a big boy when we spoke online, but nothing prepared me for what I took in my mouth. It was about 6” long, but a good 5 inches in girth, way bigger than a can of coke, so I knew I was in for a good fucking.

Whilst I was sucking on him, The Second Guy arrived. I had no idea who he was, as there was supposed to be a few of them arriving around the same time. Anyway, this guy wasted no time in stripping off, rimming my hole out, then slipped his cock into me. I took a huge hit of my new bottle of RAGE poppers, and let him get on with using my hole raw whilst I sucked on this huge cock.

After a while, The Second Guy pulled out – he was about 7” long, and average girth, and was just enough to loosen me up for the Big Cock guy. Big Cock guy moved around to my arse, and mounted me. Putting his helmet in the ridge of my hole, he began to grind it into me. The Second Guy who’d been fucking me moved to my mouth and fed me his cock allowing me to taste my own arse juices. I took another few deep lung fulls of the poppers and then without hesitating, I thrust back onto Big Cock, forcing his cock past any resistance, and deep into my hole. It hurt like hell, but also felt fantastic. I groaned, sighed and moaned and kept sucking the dick at the same time. My head swam with the poppers.

Whilst we were doing this, I’d heard the door go again, and The Third Lad entered my room. He too stripped his clothes off and from what I could hear, stood back and watched what was happening for a few moments.

He then moved up to my arse, and slipped a finger into my hole along side Big Cock. It felt amazing! He finger fucked me, Big Cock slammed his rod into me, and I gyrated my arse and hips back and forth to match the motion and add to the force of them inside me. All this made Big Cock reach climax really soon, and before long, he had blasted his load deep into my arse, and allowed the third lad to finger it deep into my guts.

The Second Guy who I was sucking pulled away, and stuck his cock back into my now cummy loose hole, and began to work his cock into me in a circular motion, Big Cock brought his cock up to my mouth for me to suck and lick clean, it tasted amazing. Then he backed away and let The Third Lad who’d arrived last to have my mouth. I sucked on his cock and was amazed as it grew and grew in my mouth… I didn’t think it would stop growing! Eventually it was fully-grown, and he was ready for a piece of my arse.

He pulled away, and swapped places with The Second Guy who was fucking me. Second Guy came up to my mouth, and fed me some cum from my arse, which was on his cock; it tasted really sweet and nice. I love bareback with no lube because it doesn’t ruin the taste of cocks and cum etc. Third Lad entered me, and began his abuse of me. His cock was about 9” long, quite thick and he knew how to ram it home to maximum effect. At this point I was lying on my stomach, legs spread to allow guys easy access. Third Lad picked me up, turned me onto my side, and brought my knees up to meet my stomach, exposing my arse in all its cummy glory to the group. He then slid his raw cock back into me, and fucked me like his life depended on it. OMG it was incredible. I took a few more hits on poppers, keeping the bottle under my nose, and eventually my head was totally awash with the chemical high… I totally lost control. For about 10 mins, the guys all fucked me as hard as they could, swapping positions to allow each of them to enjoy my now fully exposed cum hole and marvel in the slut before them.

When I came around from the popper OD, the Third Lad was inside me again, and was about to cum. He groaned loudly, and forced his cock up me one last time, pulling me down towards him, whilst thrusting deeper into me than he had before, and emptied his balls somewhere in my guys. It was so deep, that I could practically taste the spunk!

When he’d gone soft, he let his cock naturally slip out of me with a squelch “pop” and then the Second Guy who had yet to cum, re entered me, and moved me back into the face down, on my stomach position. He fucked me hard again, holding my arms out in front of me, whilst another of the guys fed me poppers. All the while the Second Guy fucking me was calling me a whore, a fucking slut, the greatest cum bucket these fair isles have seen. He said how he was going to make me his little faggot. That I knew what I wanted.

It was great, then before long, he howled like a wolf would at a full moon, and blasted a fair few wads of jizz deep into my hole. It felt great. My arse was swimming with spunk. It’d only been three loads (small fry compared to the sauna sessions), but each load had been a full load… so there was plenty of seed in each one… and it was ALL now swimming inside me, slowly being absorbed into my system. Fucking great!

They got dressed, and left the room one at a time, the door closing behind each one. By the time the last guy had left, I was exhausted. The poppers were strong, and my head was swimming even though I wasn’t high on them any more. I lay back, slipped a couple of fingers into my moist, warm, sloppy hole, and spent the next half hour fingering my hole and enjoying all the spunk that was in there. It may sound superfluous to say this, but when I’ve got an arse full of spunk from random strangers is when I truly am at the happiest in life. It’s what I was born to do. I’ve finally found my calling, and I’m loving every moment of it!

Jul 13, 2009

Acting Out Fantasies

Well I finally took the plunge over the weekend, and acted on my urges.

If you're into the poz breeding scene you'll know that one of the best ways to ensure the bug holds, is to prepare the bottoms arse with a tooth brush until there's a tint of pink on the brush bristle's, then fuck away for ages before loading the hole up with spunk... right?

For ages now I’ve fantasised about taking the final step and going for broke, but for whatever reason I’ve not acted on it. Anyway, after the last few weeks, and various fantastic fucks with random guys, and not to mention a great session at Steam this Saturday just passed which saw me take a further 7 loads at KINK, I decided to finally go for it.

Or rather, lust took over, and the decision was made for me.

Sunday morning saw me somewhat hung over and tired from the antics at KINK, when I got a text from a guy I know. I’ve fucked with him before, but never purposely prepared my arse etc. It’s just always been normal bareback (as if bareback is classed as normal – is that how far I’ve come!).

“Hey mate, I’m in Leeds this afternoon, wondered if you fancied takin my seed?”

“Sure, come on over around 1pm!”

“Got an idea, wanna be prepped with a tooth brush, take my load the proper way…”

“Erm, ok… why not!”

And the scene was set!

I douched, showered and at 1pm was lying on my bed, the front door unlocked, and my hole clean, and not lubed up. The guy walked in – and I’m telling you now he’s fit as fuck! 28 years old, 5’11” tall, about 160lbs, slim, a nice hairy bush which is well maintained, a smooth body with a slightest amount of hair inbetween his pecks. He’s got black hair, dark piercing eyes, clean-shaven, and the most beautiful 7.5” uncut cock. As a package, he gets top marks from me!

He walked in to my room, stripped off and we explained pleasantries. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him good and hard, making him throb in no time. He picked up the toothbrush I’d left on the side for him, and took it down to my arse, and slipped it in to me. It hurt, so I took a hit on my poppers and sucked them in deep. I soon got into the swing of it, and the scratching sensation of the bristles inside me, actually became quite pleasing. After he’d abused me good with the brush, he pulled the brush out and showed it to me, the bristles were a lovely bright pinkish red colour – the damage inside me done, it was time for the next step.

He brought his cock back up to my mouth, where I proceeded to suck him again, licking he smooth balls and coating his cock in my spit. When he felt it was ready, he moved down to my hole once more. This time for the final stage.

He lined his cock up at me and hesitated.

“Are you sure you’re ok doing this!?” he asked

“Of course…” I replied, “I’ve taken over 260 loads this year so far in sauna’s, sex clubs, orgies and parties etc, and I KNOW that some of them have been poz, some of the poz ones even had PA’s on them… so this is no different…”

This seemed enough to set his moment of self-consciousness to one side, and he slipped his cock into me. My arse had tightened up with the abuse it had taken from the brush, so I took a couple more big deep hits on my poppers, and worked my arse backwards, as he pushed his cock forwards the two forces meeting in the middle and “POP” my arse gave way and his cock slid into my arse right up to his balls. It felt out of this world.
He continued to fuck me, as I continued to take hits from the poppers. The darkness of my room (the curtains were drawn despite it being sunny outside), the lust of the poppers and the excitement and nervousness of taking him in me like this was driving me mad with lust. I pushed back onto his dick each time his thrusts drove him into me.

I was up on all fours, looking back over my shoulders into his eyes, which were alive with animal like lust, and my left hand was cupped behind his back pulling him deeper into me. Then he pushed me flat onto the bed, and pushed my legs open with his knees, before he slammed his entire body weight into me, driving his throbbing cock farther into me than it had ever been. It was out of this world. Incredible. Beautiful. By far one of the best fuck’s I’ve ever had in a long while.

After about 20 mins of raping and pillaging my arse, he finally reached the point of no return. He picked me up so we were doggy style again, and had me spin around onto my back, my legs now in his hands and held open. I pumped furiously on my cock as he continued to ram his dick into my specially prepared hole. We were looking into each other’s eyes, and I could tell by his expression he was on the edge.

“Fuck yeah, breed me” I hissed at him…

“oh god, oh god…” he groaned and moaned.

“Come on…. Give it to me! Give it to m…”

“Oh fuck yeah!!!…Here it comes…!”

And then he collapsed into me, his load deposited in my hole, and the rest of the story in the hands of luck and fate.

He spun me over, keeping his dick in me, so I was back in doggy style and then he started fucking me again, letting spunk dribble from me, before packing it back in with his still hard cock, ensuring not only were my innards coated in his seed, but the passage way from the outside world into the dark depths of my arse were also getting their fair share of his toxic seed.

When he was completely soft, he pulled out, cleaned his cock, and then dressed. I threw on a tee and some slacks before joining him downstairs. I could feel his seed in me, slowly dribbling from my well-abused hole, and I could almost feel a tingling sensation as it was absorbed into my blood stream. Daft I know, and I must have just been imagining it. But it felt real enough.

We said goodbye, and promised to hook up soon enough.

I know this was an incredible risk, however I see it as a natural progression of my barebacking. Four years ago I would have only fantasised about going to a sauna or sex club and having sex with 30+ guys without a condom. Now it’s an almost every week occurrence. So the journey of self-exploration continues, so the adventures that come with bareback sex go on. Each step of the trip is well thought out. I know it may seem to some that this is pure reckless-ness at it’s finest. But I’ve thought long and hard about taking this step. Many sleepless nights have been had, contemplating the thin line between fantasy, and reality. Deliberating over the consequences of my actions, both immediate and long term. As with bareback in general, I come to the conclusion that I am quite content with the risks, and that the risks are sitting well within what I personally deem acceptable.

My only question, which I couldn’t answer prior to the step being, if I do this and I enjoy it, once it becomes “normalised” as it invariably will, what next? Where do I go from there? The answers remain to be found.

Jul 1, 2009

Horrendously Horny In Heat Wave Britain

Well, the forecasters got it right for once. The UK is currently basking in high 20’s early 30’s temperatures, and it seems that summer has once again returned to these fair Isles after two less than dazzling summers that saw many places decimated by torrential downpours. Finally, summer is here!

Of course, things don’t always go right, and invariably, just when one thing great happens, a couple other bad things crop up to piss on ones fireworks. In my case, the sunshine is making me exceptionally rampant and horny, like, I need cock, all the time.

The negatives is that my phone company have finally had enough of me being broke and have pulled the plug on my contract, leaving me unable to actually arrange any fucks! Worse yet, due to other financial issues (namely around $40,000 of debt!) I’m unable to get another contract SIM card for the time being, and it looks set to be that way until at least the end of this week. So if any of the many guys who have been texting me looking for a fuck are reading this – I’m sorry lads, I’m not ignoring you, I just cant reply to your texts or ring you. You’ll need to call me!

Typical really, heat to make you horny, and then no method of contacting guys to relieve the horniness! To make it worse, as I’ve said a couple of times before I can only get access to the net at local net cafes and libraries, so I cant even get onto gaydar.co.uk or BBRT to find some cock to ride. Hey Ho! It means that when I do get reconnected I’m going to have to really work hard to catch up for this period of “downtime”.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. I hooked up with an old trick of mine on Sunday night, purely by chance in the local gay bar. He emigrated to the USA a couple of years ago, to Fort Lauderdale to be precise, and had returned to the UK when the firm he worked for laid him off. We had a few cold ones, then he came back to mine afterwards and fucked the hell out of my hole from 1am until the sun rose at 4.30am! He’s same age as me, about 36” waist, 50” chest, quite broad shouldered and very strong, he took great pleasure in using and abusing me, throwing me around the room into various positions, banging the hell out of my hole, before eventually dumping a couple of huge loads deep into my cunt. We swapped mobile numbers and said we’d meet up again soon.

On Monday night I was back in the bar at around mid afternoon – well, in the absence of cock in this heat, the next best thing is to drink cold beers with great company – and I was surprised when the guy I’d met cruising the other week walked in. He joined our group, we had many more beers, and then at about 2am we walked back to mine, where he again had his wicked way with me. He came in me about 3 times, and then stayed the night. I think he’s secretly taken quite a likening to me, as he’s kinda hinted a few times about it being more than just casual sex. He’s a nice lad and all, and into the same things as me, but I don’t know if I’m ready for a serious relationship right now, I enjoy slutting it around too much! He he. We’ll see. He’s joining the Navy in a week’s time, so his view may change when he heads off to HMS Raleigh and gets into the swing of things. I’ve already said that when he passes out he has to come back to here and fuck me raw whilst wearing his Navy uniform. Hello Sailor!!!

So I’ve at least had a couple of cocks in my hole this week, it’s just annoying not being able to pick up the dog and bone to arrange a group fuck etc. I’ve had a couple of messages from guys who got my number from my various online profiles, so I cant wait to get in touch with them and arrange for them to load me up. I’ll of course share more details about those when they happen.

I’ve also got to tell you about the trip I had to the Steam Complex sauna a couple of weeks ago, it’s pretty much the same as all the other visits…blindfolded in the sling, various guys just fucking my hole raw and loading me up. A couple of suspected poz breeders unloading in me and saying things that make me suspect their loads were charged. The usual fair really.

That’s where we’re up to. I still need to go back up north for another HIV test to see if any of my antics have got me pozzed up. I’ll report back on that as and when it happens. I’ve also got a small video on my phone from a poz mate who filmed himself pushing his poz load into my smooth arse. It’s a bit grainy, but when I get the opportunity I’ll see if I can upload it anywhere and share it with you guys, I’m sure you’d love to see it!

As always, keep checking back to see any updates, and I always love to hear what you guys think about my blog and what I get up to. Also, as with the toxicTWINKS blog, if you’ve got any suggestions about things you’d like me to do, let me know and I’ll see if I can act them out for you. I’m here to serve guys!

You can contact me at confessionsofabarebacksaunaslut@yahoo.co.uk

Don’t forget, you can also add me as a friend on facebook, my profile is Josh Langdale in the Leeds, UK network.

Speak soon!