Jun 25, 2009

Load Count Increased to 259!

Hi fellow dirty barebackers, and readers!

It's been a busy few days for me here in the UK. I went to Steam on Saturday night and took around 7 loads there, on Tuesday night I went down by the river here in my home town and did a spot of cruising, and ended up getting fucked raw by 2 guys there, including one very fit mid 30's guy. Last night (Wednesday) I invited a few regular tricks over for a bit of a gang bang as it'd been a very hot day (25°C) and the heat was making me crazy with lust. The guy from the river turned up, as well as a couple of my other regular tricks, and I had myself a very horny dirty foursome which saw the three tops dump 2 loads each into me.

So I'm steadily bumping up my total for the year...

Steam Complex: 7
Cruising: 2
Foursome: 6

Total New Loads Taken: 15.

Which with my previous count being at 244, means I'm now up to a whopping 259 this year.

I'm going to the Lake District this weekend to do a spot of mountaineering, one of the other major loves of my life, it'll also give me some quality time out to think about how else I can bump up my load count and get well on the way to my target of 1000 this year. I'm also very keen to get to London or Berlin before the year is out, ideally this summer, as I'm desperate for a break and a holiday.

I will naturally provide more detailed posts about the recent encounters when I have more time to allow me. Keep checking back guys, as I update the blog as often as possible. There may be a slight delay inbetween encounters happening and them being updated on here, but they will and do get shared with you, so it's worth checking back at least a couple of times a week.

As normal too, I do encourage you to leave comments, as it helps me put things into perspective and also get your feedback on things. I'm here to make you happy guys... my purpose is serving other guys.

Anyways, until next week when I return from the mountains, have a great weekend, and I'll write again shortly.

In the meanwhile, I have a profile on facebook, and would love any readers to add me as a friend on there. My name is Josh Langdale! Please send me a request and i'll accept you (if you mark the request letting me know you found me from the blog).


Jun 22, 2009

Outstanding Posts - Catch Up Time.

Right, this is a mission. I’ve decided to update all my outstanding encounters in one post. I’ve got an hour on a computer in a net café by the river, and am going to hammer it out as quick as I can.

Saturday 23rd May – Cruising Skipbridge

Rocked up at the lay-by on the A59 and headed to the cruising area. The lay-by is a relic from where the road used to go, and when they diverted it, the old road formed a lay-by which now sports a green hut used as a café during the day for truckers and the like. During the night, it’s deserted, other than the likes of us dirty gay lads after a bit of no strings cock and arse fun.

I turned up at about 10pm just after sundown, and made my way to the back of the hut. I was wearing a white Adidas tee, a dark blue sports fleece, grey Adidas trackies and white sneakers. Under the trackies I was sporting a white and red jock strap and my arse was pre lubed ready for some random cock. There were a few guys milling around, checking each other out, but not a lot of action going on. I went behind the hut, dropped my trackies and bent over a fence and waited. Before long I felt a guy fingering my hole, and took a good long hit on my poppers. He took the hint, and he soon had his cock buried in me. It was about 7” long and uncut. His balls were slapping against my cheeks with each thrust, and he was loving it. The action soon caught the attention of the other cruisers, and after a while, a nice group developed and were standing around, cocks out, wanking themselves whilst encouraging the guy fucking me to dump his seed into me. He did so with a nice muffled grunt, and then pulled out and vanished into the darkness. Another guy stepped forward, and without muttering a word, stuffed his cock into me, and I felt scratching as it slid in – he was wearing a PA which I LOVE as I love the thought of them tearing up my insides ready for the load to follow. He slammed his cock into my with all he could find, and I was forced to again take a huge hit on the poppers and grit my teeth as he worked his meat into my already well abused hole following Alert the previous night.

He fucked me for around 10 mins, and again, dumped his load deep into me. The group was still there watching and wanking, and so I turned myself to offer my hole to the nearest guy, he went to put on a rubber, and thankfully, one of the other crowd stopped him and said “bareback only bud…” the guy was a bit reluctant, but peer pressure took over, and in the darkness, he slipped his 8” knob deep into my cummy sloppy hole and proceeded to fuck me good.

This continued for about an hour, and I took around 6 loads like this, one guy after the next, until I’d worked my way around the little group that had formed, and each of them had shot their seed into my smooth tight arse. My hole by this point was very sloppy, and I was loving every minute of it. It seems the more spunk I get inside me, the more I want… I’m totally insatiable.

When the group had finished, I pulled my trackies up, and went for a smoke and a wander along the lay-by which is partly set over an old stone bridge which runs over a river down below. Half way along the bridge is a little pulpit area, which juts out over the rivers, during the day used by anglers to cast their lines out. By night, it provides a great area to bend over and let guys know you want breeding. So I smoked my cig as I wandered up there, and then bent over and dropped the tracky bottoms and topped up the lust with my bottle of poppers. Gotta love those things really!

A guy approached me, and ran his finger along my arse, feeling all the spunk that was in there and slowly trickling out. He pushed me to my knees, and thrust his hard big thick cock into my mouth, and made me suck it until I gagged, and he was throbbing hard. When he was, he picked me up, bent me over, and rammed this huge tool home into me. It hurt like hell, but at the same time felt so good! I didn’t complain, instead I begged him to fuck me like the slut I am. He loved me talking dirty to him, and fucked me long and hard for around 15 mins. He was quite a strong guy, and at times was picking me clear off the ground, whilst still impaled on his cock, and bouncing me up and down like a rag doll on it. It felt great sliding in and out of my cum filled cunt. He asked if he could cum inside me, I hissed “god yeah, cum in me deep!” and he did. He started panting like a dog and then howled out loud as he blasted a load so big and powerful into me, I could feel it as it bounced off my insides and joined the other loads swimming around in there. As he pulled out, I could feel it dribble out of my hole, down my balls, and then down my legs. The last fuck of the night came from my friend who’d ran me there in his car. He’d watched from afar as I got knocked up good and proper by total strangers in the lay-by, and he now wanted a piece of my arse.

He approached me, ran his helmet through the cummy mess that was my hole, and then slipped it into me nice and slow, allowing me to savour the sensations of the full 7.5” as it went all the way in, right up to his balls. He then fucked me slow for a while, which drives me wild, then picked up the pace to an abusive rate, before calling me a grade A slut, his little cum whore, and then blew his seed into me, capping off a wonderful evening.

All in all I’d taken around 8-9 loads in my hole from total strangers. An excellent night cruising at Skipbridge Lay-by – I’ll definitely be back there before long. We drove home, and I went to bed to catch up on long overdue sleep, with all this jizz sloshing around inside my young smooth tight hole, slowly dribbling out into my boxers. Bliss.

Tuesday 26th May – Open Door Pump & Dump

I’d had a few text messages from guys I know, or rather; know of – given that I’ve never met them, they only fuck my arse bareback during anonymous sessions. It’s a whole new level of intimacy. Guys who’ve spunked deep inside my hole, but I’ve never met, and don’t know anything about. We’re friendly, but strangers. Gotta love it!

Anyway, they wanted to have an open door session. I agreed, and at around 7pm, the front door of the house was unlocked, the lights were on low, and signs were placed directing guys to my room.


Upon entering my room, guys were met with a sight to behold. The lights were off, a few candles dotted around the room giving a seductive flickering glow. The curtains were drawn, the bed freshly made, and some drum & bass music on in the background. In the centre of the double bed, they found me. Freshly showered, still a bit damp, wearing a jock strap, blindfolded, my arse thrust skywards, and my pink rose bud there, smooth, tight ready for the taking.

I had a bottle of poppers pressed firmly to my nose, and I was sailing high listening to the music in painful anticipation for the cock and cum to soon be in me.

I had no idea how many guys would actually arrive, but some of them said they’d bring mates. I never expect anything when I do these things, that way I’m grateful for anything I get.

I heard them arrive, and undress near my bedroom door. The first guy pulled my cheeks apart, revealing my rosebud even more, and then he buried his tongue deep into me, driving me wild as the sensation shot up my spine, and made me gasp in pleasure. He rimmed me for a good while, whilst another 2 dicks were presented to me to suck on, which I did like a child would a lollypop. I gobbled the two strangers cocks down, and felt them swell in my mouth. The first guy was still rimming me good, and I felt two other hands keep my arse pulled open, whilst the first guy started fingering me and wanking his cock getting it hard. That meant there were 4 in the room.

Before long, the first guy put his helmet against my tight unlubed hole and began to push. I paused the sucking to take a huge hit of poppers to help loosen my arse for his cock. Without any real resistance, he managed to slide into me, and began to pound me as I lay flat on the bed on my stomach, legs open, and I resumed sucking on these two cocks.

After a while, the first guy pulled out, and the second guy slipped into me, First guy came up to have me suck on his cock, and one of the cocks I had been sucking on went down to hold my arse open to allow the camera a better view. (That’s right, there were pictures taken by them, and I’m working on getting them to send me a few so I can share with you guys!) In essence, everyone moved around one place and the action continued. The second guy was about 5” long, but very thick and it really worked my arse muscles to fit him in, the poppers helped a great deal. After a while, they rotated again. Third guy to fuck me raw was around 9” long I’d say, pretty thick, but it was the length which did it. He rammed it right into me, and I could feel it hitting my prostate… it felt fantastic! I could have cum right there and then without actually ever touching my cock, it felt that good. All too soon though, they rotated again, and the fourth guy went into me. He was about 6.5” long, average girth, but this guy had the pelvic thrust strength of a ram… he worked his cock into me with a pace that I’ve yet to experience again. I could swear that with no lube in me, the friction alone was tearing me open good and proper inside. He fucked me good, hard, deep and fast for a while and then they rotated one final time, so that number 1 was back inside me. This time it was the time for the spunk. The guys gathered around number 1, and were jacking off as he fucked me. He groaned, laughed, and then shot his load over my hole, before pushing it back in with his cock. He worked it into me good, before pulling out, and then telling number 2 to go into me and do the same. This guy fired a volley of spunk over my hole, and I could feel some of it running down my smooth hairless bollocks before he scooped it up, fingered it back into my cunt, then pushed it deep with his cock. Number 3 stepped up the plate, and this guy fucked me using all the previous spunk as lube, and he shot his spunk deep into my arse, so deep I swear it’s still up there now! He pulled out, and then number 4 slipped into me. He didn’t manage to hold out too long before he too groaned out loud and dumped his seed into the cummy mixture inside my hole. He pulled out and all 4 stood around laughing and joking. Then I heard them say:

“Ok Jim, he’s ready!”

I felt another cock slide into me, it wasn’t one of the 4 I’d just taken, there was a fifth in the room. This is why I love blindfolded sex, because you never know what’s going to happen next. Everything is a surprise.

The previous four guys stood around encouraging this anonymous 5th guy along, he didn’t say anything, and he had a cock which felt about 10” long, it probably wasn’t that big, it just felt that big, as he was giving my arse a good thorough workout. Swirling his cock in circular motions, stretching my muscles, and making sure the previous spunk was rubbed into my innards good and proper. He carried on like this for around 5 minutes, before the pace quickened. He lay flat on top of me, forcing my arms out front, holding them stationary. The four other guys took a leg each and lend them still so I couldn’t move. I was pinned down. The guy fucked me harder and harder, literally banging his entire body weight behind his knob as it slammed into my hole. He was breathing hard in my ear, not saying anything, but gasping for air as he did each thrust. I could tell he was about to cum, so I begged him to cum inside me and load me up. He just managed to growl “yeah!” nice and deeply in my ear, then he relaxed, the load was deposited nice and deep into me, and as soon as they’d arrived, they were gone. Nothing else was said; I never really heard them get dressed. They just vanished. The room was quiet other than the music, my hole was cummy and sloppy. It was great. I waited another hour but no more guys showed up, so I locked the door, and lay back on the bed and fingered my hole whilst I jacked off. It was a very successful open door pump and dump. Here’s to many more of the same!!

I’ve run out of time now in the café, so will continue my updates tomorrow. I’ve got to tell you about the Sauna last Saturday… which was Bears weekend, and saw me take a further 7 loads in my hole, including one very dirty top. Keep checking back!

Jun 8, 2009

Alert – Manchester Friday 22nd May

Well, better late than never, here is the details of my trip to Manchester a couple of weeks ago.

I’d been chatting to a few guys in Manchester who regularly attended the event held at Legends called Alert. It’s a leather fetish night, where pretty much anything goes. The dress code is rigoursly enforced, and after reading it, I realised the only thing I had which met it was a jock strap and some 10 hole DM boots, so that’s what I wore.

I’d arranged to meet one guy from Facebook at Piccadilly station at around 9.30pm, I arrived at around that time and we quickly spotted each other in the crowd and hooked up. He was alright, nothing fantastic, but we got on well. We’d been told that Alert never really kicked off until around 2330hrs, so went for a few beers down Canal Street (If you’ve watched Queer As Folk the UK version, that’s set in Canal Street). We went to a place called Company Bar, which is a leather dungeon of a place, and I immediately felt right at home, despite being too over dressed with my diesel jeans, trainers, tee and jacket on. But the atmosphere was good, music hard, and the drinks cheap. We got chatting to a few guys who said they too were going to Alert, so we said we’d see them in there.

At 2330hrs we headed off to Alert. After paying to get in, we went to the changing room, and I got into my boots and jock strap. We then went to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings since neither of us had been there before. As we walked out into the main floor area, we past two very fit young lads, and the guy I was with recognised one of them as a lad we’d both also being chatting to. He was called Aaron. He introduced me to his friend, David, and we all went for a drink together. We got on well, and after a few beers at the bar; Aaron said he’d give us the guided tour of the place.

Aaron is about 25years old, average build, toned, blonde hair and very cute piercing eyes, with a 7” cock. David is about 21 years old, also slim, smooth body, nice pert bubble butt, and about 7.5 inches. Aaron is top and David mostly bottom, and both are poz. They make a great couple together.

After popping some pills, I retired to one of the two dark rooms, which were packed wall to wall with guys fucking, sucking, kissing, wanking, rimming, fisting. There were guys from 18 years old to around 60 years old, a real mixed back of people – it was fantastic. I walked into the dark room, bent over, and revealed my smooth tight hole to the throngs of people. It wasn’t long before I felt a hard cock probing its head into my hole, and I pushed back onto it to show I wanted him to fuck me. His cock slid into me without any resistance, and I took a huge hit on my poppers. As they flushed over me, the music, the pills and the drink all took me to new heights of lustfulness. The guy screwing me bucked his hips, and fired his load into me, and slipped a finger into me afterwards, before slapping my cheeks and vanishing into the crowd. I wasn’t empty for long though as another cock was placed against my hole, and I could feel cold steel on my rose bud, this guy was wearing a PA. He gently pushed his cock into me, and groaned when he felt the spunk already inside me. I looked back, behind me under my arm as I leant against the bench running along the room edge. The guy screwing me now was wearing what appeared to be a leather kilt, with pleats in it. He had on some boots, and a harness on top. The room was packed with guys getting fucked, fisted, bred and seeded. It was clear that this is the kind of venue where bareback is the norm, and poz guys are in their element. I knew I was in for a good time. The guy screwing me turned me around so I could suck on a few other cocks whilst getting fucked. I took the first cock presented to me in my mouth; totally unaware of whom it belonged to. It was about 8” long, thick and veiny. It was so hot. The guy screwing me was forcing my head down this cock until I gagged on it. I took more poppers and the lust continued. After a while, the guy I was sucking and the guy fucking me swapped places, and I resumed my actions, gagging on one cock, taking another up the arse. The guy fucking me groaned loudly, and then let out a howl and dumped his seed into me; the guy who I was sucking then sat down on the bench, and directed me to ride him. I did so making sure that I was able to slide up and down his entire raw length. As I did so, yet another two cocks were presented to me to suck on, and without any hesitation I took them in my mouth and worshipped them like the slut I am. The guy I was riding didn’t last out much longer, and holding my hips, rammed me down one final time before loaded me up with his seed. He rested his head next to my ear and said:

“Good boy, good boy…. You know you wanted that in you…”

Then pushed me off, and threw me to the floor. Before I could get up, the guys I was sucking on had repositioned themselves so I could suck on them from where I was, and yet another guy had come up behind me, and had rammed his cock into me.

I had no idea who this guy was, but he treated me like a piece of meat, just the way I like it. Fucking me hard, pulling it out then ramming it in again as deep as he could get it. I was in heaven. One of the guys I was sucking spunked all over my face, a real shame in my mind, but thankfully the guy screwing me saw sense, scooped the load from my face, and used it to lube his cock up before plunging back into me. He too leant over to speak to my ear, and told me he had a “special load” for me. I pushed back onto his cock, indicating that I wanted it in me, and he took the hint, dumping his load into me. He pulled out then vanished. The guy I was still sucking on then motioned for me to stand up, he led me back to the bench, where he sat down, and made me sit on him. He then pushed me forward so that my head was sticking out of the cloth walled side of the glory hole, from there I could see the rest of the club and the toilet area. There were guys all over the place, and a guy came up to me, and slipped his cock into my mouth whilst I rode the guy still in the dark room area. I was leaning so far forward, I was praying that another guy in the dark room would see the potential to double fuck me, and it wasn’t long before that’s exactly what happened. Whilst riding one cock, another was pushed against my hole, with a bit of jiggery pokery, it slipped into me too… I was now being fucked raw by two cocks at once, and sucking on another from the other side of the bench. I felt like a right whore, and I was in my element.

The guys fucking me both shot their loads into me and departed. I was on my knees at this point, sucking on the cock from behind the curtain wall. I decided to move on from this location to go exploring. I went to the toilets for a piss, as the beer had gone right through me.

As I walked in, a young lad, about 19yo was knelt next to the urinals which looked very clean and unused, by comparison, this young lad was covered in piss from head to toe, I took up place over him, and he took my cock in his mouth, and then I let a torrent of piss flood his mouth, he loved it. Whilst doing so, a guy came up behind me, fingered my now very cummy hole, and moved me away from piss boy, into the cubicles where he got me to bend over the toilet, and slipped his 7” cock into me.

The pills had taken effect; the beer was working fine, and the poppers kept me totally crazed in lust and desire. I didn’t care who fucked me, so long as it was raw and they came inside me. I buried my head in the poppers, closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the ride. The guy fucking me kept up a good rhythm, and before long blasted a load into me and smeared a bit of his seed over my hole too. It must have looked mega cummy. As he walked away, another guy entered me. The same thing happened for the next hour or so, me bent over the cubicle toilet, and guy after guy pissing in piss boys mouth, and then slipping their hard cock into me and fucking me full of spunk. All in all, my total for Alert was around the 19 mark. Guy after guy just seeding my hole. There were so many guys fucking me that they all blurred into one. I can’t tell what most of them looked like, because I’m simply not aware. It was that dark, I was that wasted, and not really caring.

When I came to, proper this is, and realised that the pills were wearing off and I was sobering up – I asked a guy the time…. 3am. I’d decided that this was the crunch point, I could move onto the after party at Basement Complex and get more there, or I could hang on here and see what happened. I decided to go get another pill from my bag and decide then. As I walked to the bag checkroom, I ran into Aaron and David – they were off to basement, so that was what did the deal for me. I said to them:

”I’ll come with you, you can breed me there….”

Aaron and David looked at each other, smiled and said,

“okay, sounds good to us!”

So we changed and left. We walked the short distance across town to Basement, paid and went in. I changed, got my towel and made my way to the cubicles with the red lights on. I positioned myself on all fours, my cummy hole oozing spunk onto the black rubber mattress, and waited. I didn’t have to wait long before a guy came in, saw the creamy mess of my hole, and groaned in pleasure. He rubbed his hard cock against my hole, and it seemed to grow longer and harder with each pass of my rose bud.

Eventually he rammed it into me, and I screamed. It was fucking huge! By far the biggest cock I’ve taken. I opened my poppers, took a couple of deep hits on it, then knuckled down for what turned out to be a most fantastic fuck. He knew how to use his tool, and knew how to work my arse. It was ecstasy! I was pleading with him to dump his load deep into my arse, and he was saying how he was gonna breed me good and make me his little bitch boy. After a while, he quickened the pace, and then dumped his seed so far into me I swear I could taste it in my mouth. I decided to ask if he was poz.

“So are you poz or neg mate?” I asked.

“Hah!” scoffed the guy as he stood up, “definitely poz… most very definitely poz…. You got it good!”

I sighed a sigh of sheer pleasure, thanked him profusely for a fuck, which had made me see stars, and made my legs go weak at the knees, and then he left. As I turned to watch him leave, I noticed the door was wide open, and a group had gathered to watch the unfolding breeding. As my fucker left, he called out to no one in particular…

“Who’s next, the boy is waiting….”

With that, about 4 guys flooded into the room, took up positions around me and got to work. They organised themselves into a rota, me sucking on two of them, one holding my arse cheeks open, and the fourth fucking my hole raw as I lay spread eagled on the mattress. After a while, they’d all move around one position and the abuse would carry on. This went on for an hour or so, and then they began to load me up. One after the other they took turns to dump their seed into my arse and over my rose bud, the next guy packing the previous guys load in deeper and deeper. My hole was a mess of fuck muck. It was brilliant. They soon left after they’d cum, and for 10 mins I lay on my own, wondering if Aaron or David had bred me yet. My questions were answered soon enough, when they both walked into the room.

”So, ready?” asked Aaron.

“To fucking right I am!” I replied excitedly.

“Good,” said David, “spread those cheeks and lets do it!!”

Aaron mounted me first; slipping his cock into me so deep it probed my prostate. Meanwhile David held my hands out in front of me and stared me in the eyes. Not much was said, other than the obligatory comments about breeding and seeding neg sluts like me.

“You’re gonna be sick after this you slut”

“Go on pal, poz the Yorkshire bitch!”

After Aaron had dumped his load into me, he fingered it into my innards then came around the side of me, so I could lick and suck his cock clean. David then came around me, and egged on by his fella, slipped his cock into me, sighing and groaning as all the spunk inside me coated his shaft and provided all the lube a guy needs. Aaron was forcing his cock down my throat, causing me to gag on it, whilst he leant over and snogged his friend. What a fantastic relationship they have if they’re so in love with each other, yet partake in hot horny breeding sex like this…. I hope one day I can find such a relationship. David kept up a nice rhythm, and began to breathe deep.

“You want my friends un-medicated, highly infectious load?” Aaron asked me, staring me square in the eyes.

At that moment in time I got the impression that he really was giving me a way out if I wanted it. I merely stared right on back at him, took a huge hit on my poppers and nodded.

“Fuck yeah!” Aaron exclaimed, “Go on David, fuck him up good and proper!”

“Oh fuck yeah”, David panted, “This is gonna be fucking great, take this toxic load you fucking Yorkshire slut. You fucking whore…!”

I panted, David groaned, Aaron laughed a menacing, devil like laugh… then the deed was done. David pulled out, and Aaron pushed his still hard cock back into my smooth sloppy hole. He fucked the spunk into me more, and then pulled out, David stuck his back in. When both had enjoyed the thoroughly fucked up state of my hole, they pulled out, and disappeared out of the cubicle. I never saw them again that night, nor have i heard from them since.

I decided to take a wander, and it was about 6am at this point. The place was getting quieter, as people made their way home, so I decided that I’d retreat to the cubicle, fall asleep but leave the door open and let anyone who wanted to rape me whilst I slept do so.

Waking up to find a guy just pulling his cock out of me was the horniest feeling ever. I squinted, groaned and turned to look at him. He was about 45years old, sunken cheeks, stubble, greying, thinning hair, and a proper potbelly. It looked bloated. I smiled; he just stared, then smirked and said:

“Saw you in Alert, followed you here, and waited till I pounced. Knew you’d fall asleep at some point, knew I’d get chance to do what I just did to you.” Then he walked out.

I’m presuming he has Aids; he certainly looked like he was in the advance stages of it. In a way, it made my night.

I glanced at the clock, it was 8am. I decided that I’d get the next train back to home, so changed and left the sauna keeping all the spunk from the night in me.

Stepping outside the air was fresh, the sun was up, and the city was coming alive. I walked the short distance to Piccadilly station and caught the next available train home. I felt as if I’d have an awesome night…I had. Alert is something I’d heard a lot about, read a lot about, and dreamt of going to for along time, and finally I’d been. It was another tick in my box, another experience had. I’ll definitely be going back I thought, as the train pulled out of the station and began the 2-hour trip back across England.

I got home at about 11am, and promptly went to sleep, exhausted and suffering major comedown and hangover. I slept all day, waking at about 6pm. I text my mate and pimp, Nick asking if he wanted to go cruising that night, he said yeah sure, and we arranged for him to pick me up at 9.30 that night. We drove to a lay by on the A59 near a small rural village of Green Hammerton, a lay-by called Skipbridge.

What happened there is another story for another day, needless to say I took yet more spunk from yet more strangers in my hole, and it was good!

I'll write about that in the coming days, alas, time is against me, and my hour in the net cafe is up. Keep checking back for updates. As normal, I love hearing your feedback, it keeps my motivation to write these blog updates and share my experiences.

Jun 1, 2009

Basking in Glorious Sunshine.

I keep meaning to set aside some time in the local library and bash out the updates which are so desperately due after last weekend’s antics and masses of loads taken etc, unfortunately I’ve been so busy of late that I’ve not had a chance.

In simple honesty, the weather here in the UK this past week has just been to die for, it’s been clear blue skies, upwards of 25°C all day, and warm evenings which just beg you to hold barbeques. I’ve spent the entire time with friends, at BBQ’s, chilling out, sunbathing in the central park area of the city, right near the river, drinking – generally living the high life. It’s times like these that one is grateful for being unemployed really. Sure cash is tight, but when you’ve got sunshine like this, all you need is time to enjoy it, and I’ve certainly had that.

Yesterday saw temperatures hit around the 27-28°C mark, and I spent the entire day in my friends back yard, sprawled on the freshly mown lawn, supping ice cold beers, listening to music and laughing and a joking with all my mates, their girlfriends/boyfriends generally just soaking up the rays. I’ve even picked up a really nice tan this past week, so I’m hoping that helps me get even more cock at my next visit to the sauna, which’ll probably by Bears Event at Steam Complex on 6th June. By the time the BBQ was over and I got back downtown, it felt strange to hear sirens wailing, the rush of traffic, the hustle and bustle of being downtown in any City. It’s where I live, so I’m used to it, it just felt pretty odd after spending a day out in suburbia.

BasjAnyone who knows the North of England will tell you that weather like this really is a rarity, and when it comes, you gotta grab the opportunity with both hands and make the most of it, so it’s for that reason, and that reason alone, that I’ve not yet talked in detail about Alert & Basement in Manchester, the cruising the following Saturday evening, and the open door pump and dump I held a few days later. I promise you though, the updates will come, and they’ll come soon – alas the forecast is that the sun is set to stay for the next 2-3 days, then we’re back to typical English summer weather – rain, rain and more rain. Still, least the ducks will be happy.