Jan 26, 2011

Yeolad & Barebacksaunaslut - After Work Quickie (Photos)

My mate and ex boyfriend text me today saying he was horny and finished work in a short time.  Did I want him to come around and have some fun.  I accepted straight away, and jumped in the shower to douch.

At 345pm he was at my house, we chatted a bit, then got down to the dirty.

It was a good session, fucking in the sitting and dining rooms of my house.  We changed positions regularly and had plenty of fun.  The video camera was out of reach, but I managed to grab a cheap stills camera and grab a few photos of us fucking.  Here are the best of the bunch.

Yeolad - a horny filthy minded slut - like me!

Slipping in raw - no condom, no lube... just stuff it in!

Fucking yeah, ram it in deep!

bb fucking - as nature intended!

He wanted me to jack off over his cock, and then him wank off using my spunk as lube, then as he got close, i'd sit on his cock to catch his load in my hole. This last photo above is after that had happened... His cock shines with my spunk as I ride it... a very sleazy horny raw fuck session.  Excellent.

Tonight I'm going out for dinner with a friend and his girlfriend, but I'm going to keep the load inside me the entire night.  Hopefully later on I'll be able to get another load from the guy who breeds me occasionally.. the cute twink guy.

Big Dick P and Rugger Matt Seed Josh (Video)

In September 2010, I contacted two tops I knew and arranged for them to come around and seed me, one after the other, while I was blindfolded... so I didnt know who was fucking me when.  I rigged up the camera, and let it roll.

The reason this video is so late in arriving is that it was held on the hard-drive of my old computer which died a very nasty death... blue screen and then some... it took me ages to get this one off it, and then edit it right, as there was over 2 gig of footage... so it took time.  Anyway, better late than never... here, is Big Dick P & Rugger Matt Breeding Josh.


Jan 24, 2011

London Day 2: Sight Seeing and The Fort

After retiring to bed about 6am following the adventures of Vault 139 and PlayPit on Friday night, I awoke at around mid day and decided to get my arse into gear and get some sight seeing done.

I jumped on the tube and went down to Green Park.  From here I took in Buckingham Palace, Westminster, The London Eye, Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London and London Bridge all on foot. Then caught a tube back to the accommodation. It was around 4pm when I got back, and was happy that I'd managed to see most of the sights, leaving the rest of the day to prepare for The Fort.

Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain

Yours Truly @ Buckingham Palace

Approaching Westminster

Outside Saint Paul's Catherdral

Tower Bridge

I did a load of research about how to get to The Fort and back, and settled on the best route.  Setting off about 7pm, I made excellent time and arrived outside at about 7.50pm.  I didn't quite know the score with getting into the venue, so I leant against a pillar and had a smoke whilst I waited for someone else to go in.  It transpired that you rang the buzzer on the right door, then got let in at the left door.  Interesting.  This really was one of those "do the secret knock, say a password" kind of venues... so far so good!

Upon entering, you registered with the organiser who took your name and checked you off a list (remember this was a ticket only event).  You got a locker key and a small plastic bag to keep money in for the bar if you wanted to.  I changed into my jockstrap and put my trainers back on.  Whilst doing so, a guy came and used the locker near me and said "Hi, you're face looks familiar!"  I smiled, and asked where he meant?  Turns out that yet again, someone had recognised me from this blog.  Excellent.  I chatted for a while, thanked him for reading what I wrote, and said I hoped I'd see him later on in the party... he smirked and said most likely!

Before I could make it to the bar, I was approached by a cute, mid to late 20's looking twinkish guy, with blond hair - very sexy, very cute.  He asked if I was Josh, and introduced himself as Cristian Knox.  It was one thing being recognised by readers and fans, but to be recognised by not only a fellow bareback blogger, but someone who actually works in the BB porn industry and has filmed alongside such names as Jasper Emerald, Liam Cole and others, was out of this world.  He congratulated me on my blog, welcomed me to London and asked if I was having a good time so far.  Certainly was, my reply came.

I went to the bar, got a beer or two and watched the atmosphere build.  Entrance to the party is only between 8pm and 9pm, this ensures everyone is there and the party gets going without undue hesitation.  Guys chatted, drank, a few made out and got started with the action.  The thing that hit me straight away was the buzzer... the entrance bell.  It was ringing constantly.  "Buzz": In walked 3 more.  A second later "Buzz": 6 more guys walked in... it went on like this from 8pm to 9pm... and the place filled to the rafters with guys of all ages, all shapes and sizes... from skinny cute twinks who you wouldn't really expect to be into this scene, to the rugged, clearly expert sleaze masters.  From shy retiring types, to the outgoing, yet overweight and not too attractive guys.  A right mixed bag... and what a great atmosphere it was for it too.  Totally no attitude.

I supped my beers and made for the action.  There is a room at the back, which is pitch black, other than for a couple of pale lights which add just the right amount of light.  In the middle of the room is a bench, called the "Fuck Bench".  Here the bottoms lined up around it, and guys just take their pick.  Moving from one bottom to the next.  Other guys are bent over in corners, sucking on any dick presented to them while dicks are thrust into their arses from complete strangers.  Remember, this was a strict bareback party... not a single condom in sight.  Even at the bar they gave out lube, but those vile love gloves didn't even get a look in.  Exactly how a party or sleaze bar should be.  I guess this is how bar's used to be way before the AIDS scare of the 1980's... when barebacking wasn't barebacking... it was just sex.

At some point I went to the toilet, as the beers had gone through me, and this is when I discovered just how filthy and depraved The Fort actually is.  The toilets were painted dark green, and hadn't been cleaned in god knows how many years.  They were filthy. There was piss and spunk on the floor, together with debris from many, many sex parties.  It was rank.. but the sleazy fucker party of me really enjoyed it. It added something special to the venue.  A whole raft of dirty fuckers, shagging each other raw, breeding each other, swapping loads in this run down, down trodden venue.  Wonderful!

I went back into the fuck room, and bent over the fuck bench.  A guy came up behind me and stuck his cock into me.  He fucked me hard, forcing me to lie flat on the bench.  After he'd cum inside me, he pulled out and i scooted down to suck his cock clean.  He thanked me for it, and disappeared into the crowd.  I took a few more strangers loads in my hole this way.

After a while I took a wander, and a guy came up to me and started chatting.  Turns out he was another follower and reader of this blog.  We snogged for a while, before he slipped his cock into my cummy hole.  He fucked me for about 15 mins before pulling out, and saying he wasn't going to cum just yet, but would find me when he was ready to blow his gift.

I went back to the fuck bench and saw that the guy from earlier on who'd fucked me and who's dick i'd sucked clean was loitering in the area where we'd fucked. I walked over to him and he said "back for more  slut hole?"

I bent over, and he went back into me again.  This time pounding even harder and deeper than before, he was on top of me, me lying flat on the bench, and another guy was entering him as well.  We were in a fuck train..great!

All around you could just hear guys getting bred, fucked up their arses by random strangers.  The drink, mixed with the poppers which I'd been inhaling pretty constantly since the fucking had started, and the darkness, let to the most brilliant of sensations ever - total, complete, utter hedonism... barebacking at it's best.  Slut's doing what sluts do best.  Guys swapping strains.

I went out for a smoke, and then had another beer.  At a point after this, my cock was stirring, and i turned my hand to doing some topping.   I slipped my cock into a few random guys arses, and fucked, feeling all the spunk and arse juices inside them envelop my shaft.  After another hour had passed by, me breeding a few guys, and taking even more seed in my hole. I decided I'd make a move and head back into town.  The party ended at 11.30pm, and I figured that if I left slightly earlier, I could still catch tubes and regular buses... thus ensuring I could do something else easily.  I opted to return to Play Pit once more.


I arrived at Play Pit at about 12.30am, and headed to the action once again.  I ran into my friend who I'd made the previous night in here, the guy who'd swapped profiles (and DNA) with me.  We chatted a while, then he headed off for a rest as he'd just seeded some random in the sling.

I walked to the sling to see if random was still in it, but he wasn't.  However I did see some guy, about 45yo, fit, slim, toned leaning up against the wall of a cubicle.  I took some poppers, and then slipped my raw cock in to his hole.  I felt that he had spunk up there already, and enjoyed a nice sloppy seconds raw fuck with this stranger.  I kept fucking, taking poppers and enjoying the filth.  Eventually I felt my balls burning, and let loose a big load of cum deep into his hole, adding my spunk to the ones already in there.  As i pulled out, i saw some dribble from his hole, and run down his legs.  I dropped to my knees and licked it up.  Beautiful.

I walked to the area where I'd been bred good the previous night, and bent over a bench.  It wasn't long before a cock was inside me, churning the spunk already in there into a creamy lather.  I felt his pace quicken, and he dumped his load into me.

It was at this point in the weekend that I realised I really loved London, and didn't want to return to the north. Not that I don't like the north.... but sex, and bareback sex at that, with random guys, in dark sex clubs, is what I was put on this planet for.  It's when i'm most alive.  London is ace for that lifestyle.

I left Playpit at about 3am, getting a black cab back down to wharfdale road and central station.  I turned into bed at about 4am, and fell asleep with untold numbers of strangers cum swimming around inside me.  Good Days!

Jan 19, 2011

Dirty Fucking Bastard (Video)

Well, as promised, here is the video to go along with the posting back on the 28th December 2010 which was called Boxing Day Breeding.

Be warned:  this is not something that I've done before, and certainly hasn't been on the blog.  This video shows me letting 3 loads which have been fucked into me, dribble into a glass.  I then drink some, and smear the rest over my face like a cum pig, whilst jacking off using spunk as lube...

Let me know what you think...

Jan 18, 2011

London Day 1: The Cummy Aftermath (video)

As promised, here is the video to accompany the posting London Day 1: Vault 139 & Play Pit.

I added the soundtrack, as when I reduced playback to 50% for slow motion, it knocked off the audio of the video - which to be fair wasn't anything, other than the occasional cum fart sound.

Let me know what you think.  As you can see there was PLENTY of spunk up my hole - this is about 13 loads from Friday night.  

If you would like me to upload the video in its original form - i.e audio and normal speed, let me know and I'll retro add it to this posting at a later date.


Warming Up For London (video)

Back on the 14th Jan I posted about how a regular fuck buddy of mine came around and seeded me to prepare me for the weekend of slutdom in London.  I called it "Warming Up For London" I posted some pictures for you and promised you a video.

Well, here it is:

This next few posts is going to be a little disjointed as I get caught up with videos that I promised you from Christmas New Year period - such as the "Boxing Day Breeding" and the one where I pushed the spunk into a glass then drank it (filthy bastard!). I've got these edited now, and am just waiting for them to convert on xtube.

Once they're caught up and posted, I'll be reading to post properly about the London Trip.  Obviously there's already been the Day 1 posting, and photos.  I've got the video edited of that now, and that's to come also.

So there's plenty of fresh material to come, it's just a case of me trying to use my head and upload it all in some kind of logical order so the posts don't jump all over the shop.

It's Tuesday today, and all being well I've a slut and his ex boyfriend coming around to tag team me tonight too - they've said they're going to film it - if that comes off there'll be even more to share.

Busy times at the Sauna Slut camp...I wouldn't have it any other way - keep checking back for more regular updates.

Josh x

Jan 15, 2011

London Day 1: Vault 139 & Play Pit

Well, what a day the first one turned out to be!  I checked into Central Station and then head off on the tube to Piccadilly Circus for a spot of sight seeing.  I then decided to walk back to the accommodation, as by the time i got back it'd be good| to go to Play Pit.  On the way, I came across Warren Street tube station.  A contact had told me that just behind here there was a sex club called Vault 139. Well... it was only 7pm, so I couldn't pass this opportunity up could I?

I paid my £6 entrance fee and checked my jacket.  Getting a beer a surveyed the scene.  At first impressions, all good.  Decent music, decent guys... good dark rooms and cruising areas.  A few beers later I commenced my prowl... and that's where the problem reared its head.  Plenty of cruising going on... not so much sex.  A few guys giving head in dark corners but that was about it.  Mainly self obsessed jerks flaunting their bodies, but less interested in fucking.  Ah.  problemo!

I left about 9pm, and came back to my B&B.  Grabbing a coffee I logged onto BBRT and chatted to a few guys.  At about 10.30pm, I redouched as I'd had something to eat and wanted to be totally sure I was deep cleaned, then left the accommodation for Play Pit.

I found it easily enough, and buzzed the very none de-script door.  It opened and I entered what was much more my scene.  Hot naked guys at the coat check! The music was pumping, and I got changed quickly and made for the action.  And action is what there was...

Not poncy "look at me" cruising as in Vault, but real men, real hot men, having real hot hard sex... everywhere.  Slings, dark corners, guys fucking in the corridor.  I stood and watched, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness when a guy came and started sucking my cock.  Before long, a hand from an unknown, unseen person was fingering my hole.  Then i was forcibly pushed to bend over, and this big raw cock thrust into my hole.  I hit the poppers, and loved it.  My arse had no lube, and no spit... it was bone dry.  The lad fucking me did so for about 10 mins, and a crowd gathered around. Before long, he trust deep and hard, and pulled out.  I reached around to feel my hole, and it was sloppy and creamy.... the glorious tell tale sign that I'd been knocked up... finally!

It continued in this fashion, the action moving from place to place, and different guys joining in.  I got fucked by about 9 guys like this, each of them adding their loads to the creamy mess.  At one point a guy blew his wad over my hole, and I could feel it running down my legs.  The place was just the right amount of light, practically darkness... and everyone was just fucking everyone.  A few guys tried to use condoms, but most of the lads were barebacking as standard.  Brilliant.

I went and laid in a cubicle near where the action was, my arse in the air, and my poppers ready.  I felt a guy move in behind me and start eating eagerly at my cum filled hole.  He then lined his cock up, and I could feel a PA in it.  He worked it into me, and it felt brilliant. THIS is exactly why I came to London... THIS is what I expected!  He said he was going to cum inside me, and when he was finished, he said to me in a German accent that he goes back home tomorrow.  We chatted a bit, and I explained that I too was a visitor to London, having come from Yorkshire to check out the bb scene.  To which he replied:

"I know, I know you're name! I LOVE your blog!!"

Haha!!!  Brilliant! That made my night that did... we chatted a bit more, wished each other the very best and he disappeared into the darkness.  If you're reading this Sir, thank you for a great fuck, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Always a true pleasure to get fucked and bred by a reader of my blog, and a fellow cum dump as well! Hope you made it back home safely!

Then another guy entered the cubicle, rubbing his hard cock between my now very cum covered arse cheeks.  The spunk was pooling between my legs as it oozed from my ravaged hole.  I bet it looked awesome! If I saw a bottom looking like that in a sex club, I'd be straight in there to breed it also!

Anyways, this guy (who was about 30yo, slim, red spiked Mohawk hair style, very punk looking) fucked me, moving me into various positions, and asked how far did I want to go.  I replied I wanted him to go all the way.  He then asked if I was poz or neg, to which I answered that I was neg as of my last test, but a true bareback addict.  He then dumped his load into me.

As I went to leave a couple of hours later, he was there.  We chatted, exchanged profiles on BBRT and agreed to hook up again sometime soon - hopefully this weekend before I go back to Yorkshire.

I left about 1.30am, getting the N91 night bus back toward Kings Cross.  The moment I got back into my room, I knew what I had to do, and have been working on this blog posting, video and photos for the last hour.  I hope you enjoy it.  Unfortunately, the videos will all have to follow at later dates, when I can get to a hardwire net connection (my dongles just not got enough bandwidth to cope with movies), but here are the photos!!

 Each of these photos is a still taken, a couple of frames apart... there was BUCKETS OF CUM inside my hole.. a great honest breeding!  London is off to a great start!

Jan 14, 2011

Warming Up For London

I decided that instead of packing, I needed to loosen up my hole and get into the swing of things... so I sent a few texts out and asked if anyone fancied breeding me.  A regular fuck buddy of mine replied saying hell yeah, so before long I was douched and ready on the bed.
He walked in, rimmed me which always drives me crazy, then slid his raw cock into me.  He fucked me for about 15 mins before unloading deep into me.  So deep into me that it wouldn't dribble out afterwards!  So hot! I managed to record him breeding me... I shall be uploading it once it's been converted successfully on xtube.

He left so I messed around fingering my hole, wanking, and just enjoying having his seed in my hole.  I took a few video stills of it, in various positions.  I must admit I'm liking the new images, with the red lights and the limited light... I feel it adds something so much to the ambiance of the moment.

Lying on bed ready for the 1st top

1st top rimming my fuck hole

Regular top fucking my slutty hole

getting bred by top

Just been seeded by first top of the night!

Cum filled hole... so deep it wont dribble out though1

Wanna slip in and go sloppy seconds?

Trying to let some spunk dribble out... not to be!

07986479507 if you wanna breed this hole

Trying to push it out hard... but nothings happening. Its in deep man!

Then my phone went and it was another guy who breeds me occasionally.  He came around, and fucked me for a while.  Then he asked if my house mate wanted to join in.  I sent the text to my house mate, and before long we were kneeling side by side on the bed, and this hot top enjoying to the max having two raw holes to fuck.  He slid into my housemate, and almost uncontrollably he blasted his load into him. The top then got dressed and left.  So with that, I pushed my housemate onto his back, and slid my now hard raw cock into him.  I fucked him sloppy seconds, enjoying the feeling of spunk around my bare cock.  My housemate didn't hold out too long and he shot his load over his chest.

I scooped it up from his chest, and packed it into my already cum sloppy hole.  It's that kind of barebacking which really turns me on, the fact that we were all fucking each other bare, cumming inside others holes, and going sloppy seconds.... it's just so taboo and perverted, that it makes my cock hard and my arse twitch.  LOVE IT!!