Oct 29, 2010

Sheffield Breeding Party 24th Oct 2010 (Part 3)

Here are a few more videos for you guys... as promised i shall try to upload a couple of them every so often...

Hope you like the videos guys, let me know what you make of them!

On November 6th I'm heading down to Nottingham for yet another of the Poz BB Parties there - so glad that they've started up again, and am looking forward to meeting all the guys, as well as some new faces... and fucking raw with them all yet again. I know of one neg lad who attended those parties and a few months ago he tested poz after going to one.

If you're reading this and going to the party, hit me up - it'd be great to hook up with some readers/followers!

Oct 25, 2010

Sheffield Breeding Party 24th Oct 2010 (Part 2)

Hope you enjoyed the photos from the earlier post. Here are a few of the videos for you to enjoy even more!

Let me know what you think guys!!!

If any of you want to see me in a proper porno, i'd love you to write to Liam Cole from Treasure Island Media asking him to use me as a gang bang bottom in one of his movies... It's a dream of mine and would be the ultimate achievement for a self proclaimed cum slut like me.

First video is Mark fucking my hole fairly close to the start of the event.

Mark seeding me again, this time churning Irrifistable's creamy load into a froth inside me. It felt fantastic... high on poppers, head swimming, getting my hole totally seeded and filled.

This video shows the rough dildo being used on me, then Mark slipping his cock into me once more. This was taken toward the end of the session. Thought i'd upload it first as its one of the largest in size.

The vids are taking quite a time to upload due to the slow speed of the internet connection available here, not to mention the lengthy processing times at blogger.com. So I will upload a few a day where possible. Keep checking back for more uploads and updates!


Sheffield Breeding Party 24th Oct 2010 (Part 1)

Alright guys, well yesterday was a great day - i travelled down to Sheffield again to be the bottom slut at EUROGROWL's house to a load of tops. Unfortunately, despite having about 20 guys say they would turn up, only around 9 did do... but the afternoon was still incredibly horny, and saw me getting fucked beyond belief, taking much cum, and then getting my innards filled with the piss from 3 of the guys. An incredibly horny time.

What's more, i managed to get loads of video footage this time... (yay, i hear you all say!)

Without further ado, here are the photos and stills... the video's i will upload in another posting as there's quite a few of them!

Mark sliding his cock into my bubble butt.

My cum filled hole taking another raw cock, see the spunk oozing from me!

One very cum sloppy jockstrap enshrined bubble butt...

Fuck me... if only I could fuck my own arse!!!

Me getting fucked by Mark while Eurogrown pisses over me...

Close up of Mark's raw cock churning the cream after Irrifistable had cum inside me

Eurogrowl slipping his cock into me to give me another load...
On my back, legs in the air, and a group of guys using my hole to unload into - my definition of heaven!
Me on the bottom, Irrifistable planting his seed into me, as Mark fucks his arse.
Bottom to Top: Me, Irrifistable & Mark

Stretching my hole out with a huge dildo... the next shot shows the piss and cum flooding out of me!

Massaging all that dirty cum deep into my innards with a rough dildo!

L-R: Irrifistable living up to his name, and Mark fucking my cumsloppy fuck hole

Photo of my abused hole while i'm sucking on fit tattoo'd guy from the East Coast.
Mark fucking Irrifistable while i ride tattoo'd guy..

Me riding tattoo'd guy, his cock buried deep up my well loaded hole.

DOUBLE PENETRATION! Thats right, me in the middle taking both tattoo'd guy and Irrifistable's cock in my hole at the same time... fucking heaven!

More DP - whilst Mark feeds his cock to tattoo'd guy

It was a great afternoon; hot horny sex interspaced with drinks, chatting, jokes and porn... a truely ace way to spend an otherwise cold wintery Sunday. The guys I hook up with in Sheffield are the horniest fuckers i know. There were other guys at the party too, but they were there before the camera was brought out. Memorable moments from these guys include my mate charlie fucking my arse then dumping a huge thick white load over my rose bud, which drove the other guys crazy with lust. They egged him on to push his cock back into my arse, taking all the cum with it. It felt so fantastically hot and moist.
Another lad who was there is a 27yo top called Paul from Sheffield. He had a swimmers body, big cock and after fucking my hole nice and hard, dumped a huge load inside me. It's a shame he never stayed later, as i'd love to have taken more of his gift inside me.
Sadly Eurogrowl is looking at moving to London - sad because it means our sessions will become less frequent, but it's also a good thing, because as we all know, London has some fucking great sex clubs there, and there's far more guys into fucking sluts like me down there too... so once he's settled, I intend to go down there and let him give my hole to anyone who wants to use it... be warned London... i'm heading your way real soon!!
Watch out in the next few days for the videos being uploaded... you will NOT be dissappointed in the slightest. I've already shot my load 4 times watching them back.. and i've not even watched all of them yet!

Oct 18, 2010

Quick Redesign and an invitation!

Hi guys, just sat here bored at the computer and doing a bit of playing around with images of myself getting fucked and thought i'd have a bit of a re-design of the blog header. The opening header has been the same for over a year now... these are a few of the ones i've come up with... which would you guys like to see as the header.... please comment and give your feedback!

Number 1: The image here was taken from a fuck i had the other day, i was trying to push his spunk out of my arse, but it was so far up it wouldnt come out! Anyway, i think it looks kinda hot. You can see the unedited version of this photo later in this post!

Number 2: Taken from a breeding I had back in September after my holiday to Antwerp, this horny image shows the guys spunk clearly flowing from my well fucked hole, over my black jockstrap. You cant see my face as clearly on this one...

So which one do you prefer?

On a health note, I had a full hiv/std screening the other day, and everything came back as clean and negative. Amazing! Despite all the BB fucking i've been having, all the random guys in sex clubs, parties, sauna's etc... Most amazing. I'll go back for another full screening in another few months.. and so the circle continues!

I had a decent fuck the other day as well, from a lad who contacted me via gaydar.co.uk - he came around, and fucked me hard for about an hour, before blasting his load in me. Before he came, he flipped me onto my back, legs over his shoulders, whipped my blindfold off, and insisted i look into his eyes as he unloaded deep into me.

Here are the pics from what he left in my hole...

On another note, on Sunday 24th October I am travelling to Sheffield to be the bottom again at yet another gang bang. This party is advertised on barebackrt.com in the Sheffield/South Yorkshire local parties section - if you want to come and seed me, simply contact me on bbrt for an invite... all guys are welcome. The event will take place at Eurogrowl house again - he can be contacted at that username on both barebackrt.com and gaydar.co.uk
Hope as many of you can come and knock me up good.