Apr 28, 2010

Bareback Sauna Slut now listed at Best Male Blogs

Alright guys, how are you doing?

The party in Nottingham was awesome, and i'll be providing a full update on that in due course. In the meanwhile, please vote for my blog at "Best Male Blogs" - you can get to them by clicking on the logo here.

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I've been listed both to get more traffic, and also to enable people to rate me against others.  It allows me to work to constantly improve the blog for you guys.  Hope you take the time to go to Best Male Blogs and vote for me.  Much appreciated.

Whilst there, check out their other sites, as Best Male Review and Best Male Blog are two great detailed sites with plenty of other porn sites listed.... well worth spending an afternoon flicking through it!

Apr 24, 2010

What is the greatest number of loads you have taken in your ass in one session?

Most loads ever taken was 32 loads from 32 guys in a sex club in Manchester last year. Im desperate to try and beat it!

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Would love to see you in a Treasure Island Media movie getting bred by all those dirty fuckers, ever thought about doing porn?

Most certainly have. I've actually applied twice to TIM's contact in London - Liam Cole - they got back to me saying they would get in touch if a suitable movie came up. I urge anyone who wants to see me getting gang banged and bred by the dirty tops at TIM, please email TIM and Liam Cole and petition for them to make a movie with me as the bottom cum dump.

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Apr 23, 2010

A request and a promise.

Hi folks,

Hope you are keeping well. I have a request to make to you all.

Please could you review my blog and give it a rating at this site:


I hope to attract more viewers to my blog and also help it move up the rankings by doing this.

In return and as a thank you too your loyalty, I hereby promise to provide a nice long update on the second Bareback Party I'm attending in Nottingham tomorrow (Saturday 24th April).

Im travelling down about 6pm and will be back home sometime on Sunday. I've already arranged to meet up with a few guys online there, so know i'm definitely getting a few definite loads.

I shall report back on the experience when I get back!

I went to Steam last Friday night, a bit of an impromptu visit, and managed to take a few loads from some lads in the glory holes and also in a sling. The sling fuck was hot, a group developed and watched the entire thing. Most were stood there wanking, but others were shocked that i was doing it raw with some random guy - the look of disgust on their faces turned me on even more! How i LOVE doing it bare with strangers!

Anyway, if you can review me, i will be exceptionally greatful, and I shall report on Nottingham in due course!

Ciao for now!

Josh x

Apr 21, 2010

If you had a group of 10 tops lined up, would you prefer to have them all for yourself, or share them with one other bottom of your choice?

As a bareback cum dump, this question is kinda like "is the pope a catholic".

The answer is clearly, all to myself!

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what is your favorite (non-spunk) lube?

I use ID glide. I find it's the most slippery for little amount used, and doesnt dry up as most others do. Highly recommended.

Plus, if your doing some arse to mouth action, it doesnt taste vile either.

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Apr 19, 2010

do you keep a guys load inside you for as long as you can or squeeze it out?

Depends.. i normally squeeze a little out so other guys can use that spunk as lube, but i keep the majority inside me. I let it absorb and soak into my innards. My arse is like a spunk sponge.

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Apr 13, 2010

Pics of my hole after 3 deposits

Had three guys around last night, they were supposed to film themselves spunking up my hole, but i think they got so carried away breeding me that they forgot to film it. So when they'd finished and left I decided to film myself fingering my hole etc.

Anyway, here are a few stills from that video. When i have edited the video so it can be uploaded, i'll also add it to the blog for you all.

Enjoy the pics in the meanwhile!

Apr 12, 2010

How much do you enjoy being the top?

I love topping, but only for young guys - aged 16-25.. they have to be slim, trashy, smooth holes, cute etc. I'm quite a particular top, but a total utter slut when it comes to bottoming.

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Do you like pierced cock? What type of piercings?

Love PA's! Especially sharp ones which tear my insides up as it's fucking me up.

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I love reading your blog, but why do you write it?

I enjoy sharing my exploits with like minded guys. Not only that i have met many guys who have contacted me from it, and had some great sex as a result. I also find it horny knowing that there are guys out there knowing that I am such a bareback slut.... i'm a slag and want the world to know. :-p

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Have you always been a raw slut, or did you used to insist on condoms and one day decide fuck it ... i want/need spunk!

A very good question. I always preferred bareback, and had a good friend i did it with. I also loved bareback, and for years was in awe of those guys who just took load after load, and i fantastised about being one of those guys that just took anyone and everyone bareback. Over a period of months i steadily acted on my fantasies, until one day, it had become totally normalised and i realised that THIS is what i am meant to do. I'm happiest when my hole is filled with cum. I never insisted on condoms though, but i used to use them if guys wanted to. Nowadays its bareback or nothing at all... anyone comes near me with a rubber on and they get shown the door! :-p

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Apr 11, 2010

Followers - Join my NEW group!

Hi guys,

Just thought i'd share a new group with you i'm starting up. It's along the same lines as the blog, only i'm hoping my photos and videos will be safer on there - as you've seen, Picasa has a bad habit of deleting my photos from my blog without any warning, and on an ever increasingly annonying basis.

Check it out - membership is free (obviously), and you'll be getting the same filth on there as you get on here - only hopefully more pics!


Josh x

Hey Josh, a while ago you posted about yr last test results... "surprising, yet, in some ways, to be expected i guess."... go on, spill the beans ;-)

Haha... i was wondering when someone would ask me this question. I was negative. Surprising because i cant beleive I still am after all the barebacking i've done. But to be expected in the sense that it seems to be that no matter what i do or who i let fuck me raw, i always test neg. I wonder...

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Do you lose the need to be fucked when you cum. I so, do you deliberately avoid cumming so you can keep the need?

I used to lose it yes. So i would avoid cumming to sustain my bottoming ability. Nowadays though i can cum, and still get fucked afterwards. In long sessions i sometimes cum three or four times and still continue to get my hole ploughed.

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hey Josh whats your most times youve been barebacked in one year? in one night? my best in one year is 187. My best in one night is 13.

Hi, thanks for the question. My most in one night was 32 loads from 32 guys - and that was at a sex club in Manchester last year. My highest annual take was 2009 - where my new load count (not including any guys who fucked me twice) was around 840 loads. My aim is to beat 1000 this year.

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Although i know you like getting it from strangers, do you have any spesific tipe of men you would like to fuck you or not to fuck you?

Dont have any type of men that i wont let fuck me, and i have so many different types i love too. I'd love to be fucked raw by a trashy chav type lad. Young, about 18-24, tattos, muscles, smooth body, big cock.... and a dirty mind. That would be hot.

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Apr 10, 2010


Ask Josh a question... http://formspring.me/bbsaunaslut

Bred anonymously - April 2010

Filmed this one secretly the other day after arranging for two lads to come around and breed me from the internet. I know one of them reads this blog - if you see this fella, i've tried to edit it so you're not identifyable - hope this is alright.

Enjoy dear followers!

Videos from March 08 - Getting bred, and trailers!

Managed to track down some old videos i'd posted around the web - enjoy!

More Gay Porn @ Our Free Gay Tube

This next one was a trailer i made which i posted on various sites around the net with the sole aim of attracting new guys to breed me. It's also from March 08, and as you can see i've lost a heck of a lot of weight since those days.... but the principle remains the same, good, unhassled, bareback sex with as many different guys as possible. Through the changing times, i've remained true to my roots of a bareback sauna slut.

More Gay Porn @ Our Free Gay Tube


I figured it was about time I interacted with my fans more, so i've set this up so you can ask me questions - i shall endeavor to answer all of them as soon as i can, however please be patient. Thank lads! Josh x

Drunken abuse by out of town visitors

The two guys messaged me on gaydar saying they were staying in an Apartment downtown, and they wanted to hook up with me so they could take it in turns abusing me. At 11pm Monday evening I pressed the buzzer for flat 9, Talbot Court and waited. The gate sprung into life and opened up. I slipped on my blindfold, and waited some more...

The door opened, and I was led up some stairs into a room. I couldn't see anything but my other senses were on high alert. I’d been out drinking since 3pm when I knocked off work, and was totally wrecked. Meeting two strangers at their rental apartment, when drunk, for some bareback sex... most people would think I’m mad.. but to me, it was just excellent.

My clothing was stripped off and I was told to sit on the bed. One of them offered me a glass of wine which I accepted, and drank half of it, then I was presented with two hard cocks to suck on which I did with pleasure.

After doing this for a while, I asked which one wanted to fuck me first. One of them called Jon said he would, so I rolled onto my front and lifted myself up onto all fours, my arse hanging over the edge of the bed ready for him to enter my smooth, freshly douched hole.

Jon entered me hard, straight up to his balls in one fell swoop. I took a hit of my poppers and my head swap immediately. I rocked back onto his hard 7" cock and took it all. The other guy, Paul came around to my front and I resumed sucking on his cock. It was great.

After a while, I pulled off Jon's cock, turned around, so that Paul could enter me, and I could once again suck on Jon.

This kind of swapping around continued for a while, then the guys instructed me to sit on them. So one at a time, I lowered myself onto their hard cocks, and rode each of them for a good while. I have no recollection of time, I just supped wine, snorted poppers, and took raw cock up my hole. After a while, both of them appeared to go soft, and wanted 10 mins out - I took the opportunity to be escorted outside for a quick smoke and a joint. When I’d finished, they led me back inside the apartment and we kicked off where we'd left off.

Paul pushed me onto the bed, lifted my legs in the air, and proceeded to pound his hard cock into my hole. Oh my god, it felt incredible. He was balls deep, my hole stretched around his throbbing member, and he was slamming it into me so hard, I felt I was about to cum just from the fucking alone. Jon was kissing me, egging Paul on between kisses. I was moaning and groaning in total heaven. Paul pulled out of me and Jon took over, slipping his cock into my now exceptionally cum sloppy hole. It turned out when they'd gone soft and wanted a break, it was because they'd both shot their loads into me, and wanted to take 10 to recharge so they could dump more spunk up there.

I said that I wanted them to double fuck me. Jon lay flat on the bed, and I lowered myself onto his hard cock. Despite being totally blindfolded and being able to see nothing but pitch black, I managed to find my way around the bed and their cocks no worries at all.

Anyway, I sat on Jon's cock for a while, then leaned right forward allowing Paul to come up from behind. He pushed his cock head into my cum sloppy hole and began to push. At first, nothing happened, and the first few attempts saw Jon's cock slop out of me before Paul could get properly into me. However after getting so worked up over this, I took a few huge hits on poppers, and practically passed out. Before my head spun too much, I told them both just to ram their dicks up me as hard as they could. I was so horny, so drunk, so high and so on the verge of passing out, I doubted they'd hurt me if they tried to.

I was right. I rocked forward, my head next to Jon's. I held Jon's cock in me as Paul entered me again, and he just slammed it into me. My hole put up no resistance, and I felt no pain at all... totally the opposite.

Have you ever been so horny, and wanted something so much it hurt? That all you could think about was getting what you wanted, what you needed... and then when you get it, you feel totally completed as a person? Your life for that moment isn't missing anything and you are as happy as you possibly can be? That's EXACTLY how I felt at that moment last night. With their two cocks in me, they fucked as hard as they could, their previous loads of spunk, dribbling out of my hole and coating their cocks to provide all the lube we needed. Paul announced he was going to cum again, and blasted another load into me. He pulled his cock out leaving Jon's up there on its own.

Jon pushed me onto my side, so that he was behind me, fucking me as I lay on my side. I reached around, and slid a finger up my hole alongside his cock. I began to swirl it around, feeling his length buried up my cumhole without a rubber on, and all the cum and arse juices that were in there. Not only did it feel great for me, it felt great for Jon, as he began to groan and shout in pleasure. He asked what I was doing to give that feeling to him, I just explained that I was swirling a finger around his cock whilst it was up my hole. He insisted that I do it more and more, and before too long, I felt his cock swell inside my hole, and yet another load of creamy spunk flooded my rectum and began to seep out of my rosebud.

By this point we were all pretty exhausted. We stopped for another smoke and a joint, and a few glasses of water.

After we’d recharged, we did a little bit more double fucking, some all fours doggy stuff, but it was clear that no more spunk was forthcoming and we were flagging in our efforts.

I asked what time it was, only to be told it was gone 3am… we’d been at it for over 4 hours… definitely time to make a move. I got dressed with their help, swapped mobile numbers all around, promised to hook up next time they were in town, then I got led to the door and into the still balmy night. When the guys were back inside, I removed my blindfold, and walked home.

It was certainly a fantastic night, and the fact my hole was abused solid for over 4 hours non-stop is something I’m very proud of.

This coming Monday, I’m hoping to arrange to get a few more guys around my place, and make a semi decent porno to share with you all. I’m desperate to get some of my slutty actions captured on film properly. Some nice close-up shots of guys’ cumming over and inside my arse hole and then pushing it all back in. If it comes off, then I shall aim to have everything online and shared with you by the end of next week.

Josh x