Feb 15, 2010

The Bastards - Picasa deletes photos!

Well guys, any of you looking back through old posts on here may notice that many of my photos seem to have vanished. That is because they were hosted on picasa and they appear to have deleted my account! Thus, bang, all the photos have gone too.

I've managed to retrieve as many of them as I can, and will re-post them in the threads where I realise they're missing. However, here are some extra ones I discovered from a while ago.

These next three are of my old mate Stu and I fooling around and they were taken in Feb 09 - we used to fuck each other bareback daily until we had an argument over something petty - and now unfortunately we don't speak to each other. It's a shame, as the sex was always fantastic, and he was such a dirty bastard - just like me!

The next photo was taken around November 08, at a time when I was hanging around one of the filthy cottages down town. I'd already taken 3 loads in my hole from random strangers in this rank toilet cubicle, and thought it would be cool to capture the essense of what I was doing for prosperity.

I've reposted these images as blogger keeps deleting them from my blog. I dont know why they're picking on me when there are hundreds of bareback blogs out there. If this continues to happen then I shall take my blog elsewhere... watch this space guys.

Open Door - 15th Feb 10

Hi lads,

Just a quick post to share tonights open door details and show you a couple of photos that were taken.

I'd arranged for about 7 guys to come to my house tonight at 7pm. As with these things, if 10 say they'll come, about 6 actually will turn up. At 7pm I was douched, blindfolded and ready on my bed. Within 10 mins the door had opened upteen times, and my room had about 4 tops in it, all looking for a piece of my arse. By all accounts there were 2 regulars Nick and Paul, and two newbies. One of the newbies was about 22 years old and cute, but didnt fuck me - he just stood there jacking off watching the action which is a shame... the other newbie got stuck straight in and buried his cock in me with the two veterans no worries.

My hole was fucked hard deep and fast, with three of the tops blowing their seed inside me one after the other in rapid succession. One of the tops took some photos and emailed them to me. Some of them are pretty dark but one shows my hole which i'm fingering after i've had three loads fucked up there - you can just work out the shine on my flesh of all the spunk in me.

The first one shows the signs I made to direct guys in from the street up to my room.

The next three were taken shortly after two of the guys had fucked me raw and loaded me up - unfortunately they're a little dark, but i'll provide them anyway.

I've chatted to the guy who took the photos, and we're going to try and arrange a session whereby we can get some proper detailed, good quality photos for you guys to see. The tops in the session will all be regulars of mine, and by not actually being a live "open door" session, we hope we can get some better photos. Things i'm looking for are photos of raw cocks entering my arse, spunk being shot over my rosebud, and then pushed back into me like you see in the likes of TIM videos.

If anyone reading this would like to help us out in taking these pictures, in that you're a photographer, or would like to have your cock/cum featured on them and inside me, let me know... naturally only guys in the North of England need apply - sorry guys, I cant travel to the USA or Australia....

Anyways, so I took all the spunk from these guys tonight, and then sat here watching some TV. About 10 mins ago, I blew what I thought was a normal fart.... oh no. It was a big sloppy creamy cum fart. My boxers are now awash with what feels like litres of spunk from inside me. It felt so good I just had to slip a finger (or three) into my hole and jack off playing with the gooy mess oozing from between my smooth butt cheeks.

Here's the final pic from tonight for you... hope you like it!

Pre Valentines Fuck

Went out on Friday night for a friends birthday do at the local gay bar. Had a good few beers, the music was pumping, the night was in full swing when I spotted a guy I’d seen a few times before - he goes by the name of Dan, and is a friend of one of my friends.

We ended up outside having a smoke, catching some air, and he was clearly making a pass on me, we swapped numbers and went back inside to rejoin the heaving throngs of hot bodies gyrating on the dance floor.

Dan sent me some texts saying how horny I made him etc, and other quite suggestive messages. I replied to a few and then he made his way over to me. We were chatting, and dancing, and wound up kissing. The night continued in a similar vain, and sometime around 2am we left together, getting a cab back to my house.

We made it into the house, and frantically ripped each other clothes off as we made our way to the bed room. Dan is about 23 years old, around 5'11" tall, slim build, 180lbs, short dark hair, bit of stubble and a pretty decent looker. We got off with each other and he told me that he is really into bondage, making guys worship his cock and causing them pain.

Sounded good to me, I told him, and then told him that I’d take all the pain he could give me on one condition - it was all bareback. He agreed real quickly, and we got down to it.

We started sucking each other until we were hard, then he pushed me onto my back, spat on my hole and slipped 3 fingers into me straight away. It hurt so I took a sniff of poppers. After he worked my hole for a bit, he lined his cock up with my hole, ordered me to sniff the poppers again and shoved his weapon of (m)ass destruction straight into me. HOLY FUCK! I should point out his cock is 8” long, and very thick, and as it gets closer to the base of his cock, it gets thicker too… so it’s constantly pushing your hole further and further open. I groaned and moaned in pain/pleasure… to shut me up he picked up his boxers from the floor, and stuffed them into my mouth. He then fucked the shit out of my hole in every which position, pulling his cock out, and spitting in my gaping arse every so often to provide the only lube we were using.

He moved me onto my front, but slightly on one side, my left leg drawn right up to my chest, my right leg stretched out straight, and worked his cock into me really deep. The pace was relentless – we were running on pure drink and lust, I wanted his seed in me like nothing before, and he wanted to see how much pain I could take. If I had to take pain to get to his spunk, pain it was going to be.

I was high on poppers, pissed out of my skull, and he was raping the hell out of me. He pushed me onto my back again, entered me one more time, and brought my feet up to his chest, where he leant on me, keeping my legs in the air with his body weight. He groaned, said he was getting close. He pulled his cock out, jacked twice, and shot a HUGE hot creamy load over my hole. After the first 2 wads, he rammed his cock into my now cum covered arse, and shot the remainder of his muck deep inside me. When he’d finished, he kept fucking my hole, working his cum further and further inside me. It was great.

We got dressed, had a smoke and he called a cab. Whilst waiting for the cab, he got another hard on, so in the sitting room, he ripped my jeans off, put his hand on my shoulder, bent me over the coffee table, and rammed his cock back into my hole. He fucked me for only 5 mins, pulled out and repeated the cummy performance of before on my hole one more time. Three big creamy loads, piping hot in temperature splattered against my throbbing rosebud, the rest were deposited inside me when he pushed his cock up me again. He used me like a total sex toy, and it was fucking great!

His taxi came, he left, and I went to bed – it was almost 5am. He text me when he got home saying he really enjoyed it, and can we please do it again sometime – naturally I replied and said he could have my arse anytime he wanted it.

Whilst I never did get any valentines cards… I at least got a good valentines fuck!

Feb 7, 2010

Pictures: Open Door Session July 09!

You may recall back in July last year I wrote about one of my many open door sessions - I labelled it "Open Door Session - Lifes Calling". The posting can be found here:


Anyway, the other day I received an email from one of the guys who took part in it, and contained in it were some pictures that had been took without me knowing. They're pretty darn hot. Unfortunately they dont actually show their raw cocks in me, but they do show spunk dribbling from my sloppy hole. I instinctively thought that i had to upload them for you all to see.

So without further ado - here we go!

Edit: Unfortunately i just noticed that they've uploaded in back to front order.... So to get the true idea of the event, look at the last one first, then work back to the top. Sorry guys... bloody blogger!

Love you all! Josh x

Best way to find gay porn

Hi guys,

Whilst not a posting about my antics, i thought i'd share this gem of a site i was referred to by a guy i met on JUB.

It's called www.gayonlyporn.com and is essentially the new way to find the porn you're looking for. It brings together a whole host of porn sites that cover practically each and every area of gay sex, from the vanilla, to sleaze, from twinks, to bears. And of course, the obigatory bareback stuff.

If you're browsing the net for porn, this should be a good starting place.

Go check it out!


Josh x

Feb 3, 2010

A Little Treat

Managed to find this old video I secretly made ages ago, i've lost weight since then as you can tell from my recent pictures.

This was made way back in 2008 and features me doing the usual. Blindfolded on the bed whilst some random trick walks in, fucks me bareback, cums in me. The hottest part about it is that i squirt the cum out of my hole into a glass afterwards.


The Power Of The Internet

Well, you know how i've not had the internet for so long now, and i've finally got a lap top? Right, well tonight I logged onto gaydar for the first time properly in ages, went to the local room and just said:

"27yo bareback bottom, lying on bed blindfolded, front door unlocked... msg me for address"

And within 20 mins I had two guys arranged to come around and use me.

So i quickly jumped in the shower, douched, then unlocked the front door. Had my poppers ready and waited.

As per the normal on these sorts of events, the door opened downstairs, i heard footsteps on the stairs, and then my bedroom door went. The guy stripped off, and ran his finger over my hole. He wasted no time in slipping his cock into me, although i think his excitement got the better of him as he struggled to get it fully in for a while, so was kinda fucking me with a semi hard cock. He soon got rock solid though and finally penetrated me fully. I was on all fours, the bottle of poppers firmly against my nose.

He fucked me like this for 10 mins, before pushing me flat on my stomach, and then picking up the pace... he groaned, and i felt him gush a whole load of juice deep into my bowels. I milked his cock for all it was worth, and then he pulled out.

I reached back and felt some of his cum leaking from my hole. Fantastic - sloppy seconds for the next guy i thought.

He got dressed, and left. No sooner had he left the house, i heard the door go again - guy number 2 had arrived.

I hadnt been able to see any of these guys pics on gaydar, as i wasnt a member... however their profiles are czouzo and irrifistable. And being blindfolded, i still dont know what they looked like - so if you're reading this and are a fully paid up member of gaydar - you'll be able to see what these guys looked like!

The second dude entered my room and repeated the same process as dude #1. Stripped off, ran a finger across my hole - only this time he felt the spunk leaking from me. It was a red flag to a bull. He pushed his cock, about 7" long and pretty thick, straight into me, no messing, this dude was as hard as oak from the off. I hit the poppers big time, I always get far more hornier when it's a sloppy second fuck than the first one...

He fucked me as i lay on my stomach, pounding really hard and deep into me, wasting no time and taking no prisoners. He lasted 5 mins before he said "i'm cumming!" These were the first words that anyone had spoken in the room... i never replied verbally, i just ground back onto his cock more to indicate where i wanted his fuck muck.

He groaned louder, then unleashed another torrent inside of me. He too got dressed, and left. That was what, 15 mins ago. I came straight downstairs, lit up a marlboro red, and got to work typing this out.

This is how it's going to work from now on... i'll update my blog immediately after encounters happen, or as soon as possible if i'm not able to straight away. That way i can avoid the huge back log of posts i've got to write at the moment.

Hope you like this one guys, there's more to follow. Oh, and if anyone does check out these dudes profiles, please comment on here and let me know what they looked like.... after all, it's their spunk dribbling out of my hole right now....

Feb 2, 2010

Oh my, time for an update

Hi devoted followers!

As you may have noticed it's been flaming ages since this blog received any real attention from me, and i'm sure you're all getting a little peeved off with that. Well i have fantastic news... after months of saving and searching, I finally bought myself a laptop! It's wifi enabled, and means i can now update my blog much more regularly that of late.

As I type this out, i'm supping a Grande Mocha in a certain well known brand of coffee stores (the one with the funky green logo!!) while outside the rain is falling and the sky is decidedly gray!

The last few months have seen me getting plenty of action, although by now you'll know, that no matter how much I get, it's never enough, i truely am the worlds most insatiable cum dump.

I mentioned the BB party in Nottingham back in early November, and have also been to the Sauna in Leeds on a number of occasions, which have resulted in varying degrees of success. On top of this i've held plenty of my now infamous Open Door Anonymous Pump and Dump sessions, and on one occasion, i even managed to secure some photos to be taken - when i get the chance to do that write up, i'll post them too... look upon it as my "welcome back" pressy from me to y'all, my fantastic followers.

I've also had a couple of weekends away at Trades Hotel in Blackpool over on the west coast, and the most recent visit was only a few weeks ago and saw my hole getting well and truely abused and loaded with spunk.

The other week I took another trip up North to get a rapid test done, seeing as it had been about a year since my last test.... i'll write about that too in due course - the results of that test are both surprising, yet, in some ways, to be expected i guess.... i'll leave you guessing on that one until i write about it.

There is so much for me to update you on, and in order to do this i'll be hitting the keyboard each night and afternoon i get a spare moment to hammer them out... i'll post some of them whilst i'm actually connected online (such as this post), others i'll dictate into word first when i'm at home and then upload them when i get online... that way i can ensure i at least get them written sooner rather than later.

Some of you may have noticed the additional feature i added to my blog not so long ago - the slideshow over on the top right hand side of the blog. What do you guys think of it? Do you like it? Does it add "added value" to my blog? Let me know what you think. I always said that once i had regular access to my blog i would make changes and try and improve it, so now is that time. What would you guys like to see on this blog? More photos? More posts (naturally d'uh!)? Do you think the colour scheme is right? Should i change it? Any advice and feedback is ever so greatly appreciated.

On a really positive note, my blog has recently been spotted yet again by the hot guys over at the Liam Cole blog (liam-cole.blogspot.com) and i was listed in their Hot Followers section, complete with picture of me lying on the bed ready to receive loads. Thats twice i've been mentioned on there, and i'm constantly chuffed to bits that what i do for fun and pleasure, is also bringing pleasure to so many guys around the world. Further i've had so many phone calls and texts from lads here in the UK who've seen my blog and want to get inside my hole... thanks to each of you who've taken the time to message me.. rest assured that I most definately will spread my legs for you very soon.

So, that's me saying hi and letting you know that i'm now back in touch much more regularly, and that the blog hasnt been forgotten about - keep checking back over the coming days and weeks for the many many updates which will be added, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as i enjoyed having the experiences, and writing about them.

Josh x