Nov 27, 2010

The Subject of Inquisition

After taking the decision the other week to "out" myself publically once and for all, I received a message on facebook from a chap who'd added me a few days earlier.  I'd never come across him or his work.  But I was about to discover that he had most definitely come across me, and my "work".

The message I received contained the following link: Law & Sexuality: Confessions Of A Bareback Sauna Slut.  Intrigued, I proceeded to read on as his blog loaded.  This chap is a professor of sorts at the University of Sunderland (about 100 or so miles North of where I live).  He talks about my decision to publically out myself, and what consequences that may have both on myself, and also other people.  He also discusses how he's used snippets of my blog when teaching his class when discussing bareback sex.

Then the interesting part:

"For my students - we'll be taking a look at the blog posts (you won't need to go on the actual blog) in the workshops before winter vacation."

Well, with this I was intrigued, so i fired a message back asking for more information.  We chatted a bit, and he sent me details of the course he lectures on, and also other material he's used.  He asked if i'd be willing to do a kind of "talking head" video - whereby he collates questions from his lectures, and then I answer them on video.  He'd use the video in a lecture to his class.  I'm mulling it over.  I think I probably will agree to do it...

All in all it's incredible... i had no idea that such a course existed.  Nor that by writing such an honest account of my sex life, that it may be discovered and then utilised by a university to teach people studying law, about sexuality!  Fantastic!

He covers a vast array of issues, and is well worth checking out!

Nov 26, 2010

barebacksaunaslut & yeolad get it on (pics)

Well, as promised the other day, here are some photos which i discovered on an old digital camera i thought i'd lost.  They show me and an ex boyfriend (the one who in september filmed himself fucking me whilst i wore his gas mask, and he wore a full body leather harness!) fucking around in his bedroom.

I think one or two may have been published back when the session happened, but i've looked briefly and i beleive that most of them somehow escaped publication! Tut tut... my bad.

Anyways, here they are:

Trashy council flat, piss and spunk stained mattress, bare cracked walls, and two skanky young sluts fucking bareback.  You just gotta love it don't ya?

Above two pics show him stretching my arse out with his cock...

His tight almost virginal hole after I'd fucked and bred him...
Unfortunately he asked me to block out his face...

Yet again, face blocked out as per yeolads request. Sorry guys!
 As i said, there wasn't many unfortunately... but i felt it prudent to share what there was with you all... this session was way back in 2009, so the pics are pretty old, but at least you can see more of my skanky ex... he's great, and despite us not seeing eye to eye on many things, at least we both agree on the best way to fuck:  Bareback, with as many different guys as possible, anytime, any place, all cum going inside a hole... no regard to the consequences and absolutely no regrets!

Nov 25, 2010

Messing Around...(pics)

Me, as taken whilst sat in bed with laptop writing this post!

So as seems to be the case all too often, I'm once again bored shitless on an evening.  I used to make my banners using a freebie website online, however yesterday I decided enough was enough and downloaded some new fonts, including the one i'd been using on my banners which is called 28 Days Later (as in the film).

So armed with some images of myself, and the fonts... i set about messing around and seeing what random shit I could come up with...

Seriously, the things I get up to when sex isn't available... I had arranged to meet up with a young 25yo twink from a nearby town for some horny bareback fun on Wednesday 24th, however he had to cancel on me at the last moment due to his boyfriend being tied up or something.  I know he's genuine as we've met before, but it didn't ease the twitching of my hole and my achingly stiff cock.. i needed to get laid.  Unfortunately no one else was forthcoming so it fell down to the good old Tommy Tank, Ham Shank... wank, to do the trick. 

I've got some pics to share with you tomorrow, they're a little old, and show one of my fuck buddies just messing around on his bed after a fuck we had about a year ago.  He's the slim twink who was in the video back in September of him fucking me on a bed, me wearing the gas mask and him the full leather body harness.  He's horny as hell... such a dirty fukka!  Anyways, i found these photos on an old digital camera I came across whilst clearing out my room... amazing what you can find on old stuff.  Figured I'd share with you... but I'll leave it until later today (Thursday) to do it, as its almost 1.30am here... and time for me to get some shut eye.

However here's a little taster for you.. this is a repeat pic, originally posted way back in February 2009 during a particulary horny session.

Barebacksaunaslut getting bred by Yeolad

Nov 21, 2010

My Best Face

So i was bored the other day... for those who don't know I'm living with my folks at the moment after taking a fall from a 1st storey window (about 25ft) onto concrete below. I broke my sternum, cut open my head, and sustained sever soft tissue and muscle damage. I'm healing well, just in a lot of pain... and means that i've been living with my folks for the past 3 weeks... (hence the vast amount of work gone into the blog and distinct lack of sex!).

Anyways, I was bored the other day and arsing around on OK Cupid. I completed a test where it claimed to find the best "face" of you. I sent in loads of pics showing my face, and they sent me a report two days later.

They claim, that

is my best face photo... pretty cool if you ask me! They ask people to review you based on certain criteria, and this is the report they sent me.

Nifty huh!?

On another note, as you can see i've also added my blog to another blog listing/rating directory. This one is called PLU Blogs. It asks people to provide either a 1 thru 5 star rating (5 being best!), some comments, or both. They then use this information to create a list of the top 100 blogs on their directory. It is my goal to try and hit that top 100 listing.

If you're reading this, please follow the link in the button below or on the right hand side of the blog, and rate Confessions Of A Bareback Sauna Slut... if you wish, please leave comments on the rating as well... cheers!!

PLU Gay Blogs
You may also have noticed that I've added some banner advertisements to the top and sidebars of my blog. This is because, after speaking with Max Sohl (of Treasure Island fame), I was persuaded to join the TIM Affiliate programme. Don't worry, it's not the start of mass commercialism of the blog... i refuse to go down that route. I just figured that seeing as TIM is my favorite porn studio and my blog is about the same kind of sex they shoot... it seemed to make perfect sense to marry the two up. Plus, if Liam Cole's reading this, it may help persuade him to use me in a movie as a gangbang bottom....
That's right Liam, i'm desperate to have you whore my hole out on tape!

Anyways, I should be moving back into my own place later this week or next, so if that's the case, I will be shortly getting back to taking raw cock and seed... going to hold an open door pump and dump as soon as I'm fit enough. Also want to get back to Sheffield too... those guys are piggy, and i LOVE it!!

Big thanks to Sean for pointing out a broken link! Xx

Nov 17, 2010

What do I look like? (The Big Public Outing!)

I have been asked what I look like normally, not from the arse end up, by quite a number of people. Despite having normal photos on my facebook and twitter accounts, it would seem that not everyone is willing to use these portals to see the photos. Thus, I've decided to post a couple non-pornographic, normal photographs here for you all to see.

This is a huge step, as it means I am fully identifiable... something that I never expected to do given the nature of the blog. And I suspect that I am only one of perhaps a couple of authors of amature gay blogs, especially bareback ones, who is outing himself publicly in this way... the majority of the mob like to hide behind anonymity.

Why am I doing this? Well, it's because i've been recognisable in my videos and some of my photos for quite some time. Most people who know me on the scene where I live, know I do bareback, and don't judge me for it. Granted there's my parents and work colleagues, but hopefully they'll never be made aware of this blog, as I don't divludge that sort of information. Secondly, I always strive to keep my blog ahead of the field. I was one of the first amature bareback bloggers on the scene; my first posting was way back in 2006. I've witnessed the boom in gay bareback bloggers over the last few years, and gone from one of a handful, to one of thousands. I like to think that my blog is well enough established that I can do something like this, and reveal my identity to the world. It keeps my blog different from the crowd.

Finally, it's also because I am desperate to do porn with Treasure Island Media/Liam Cole. I want nothing more in my life right now, than for these guys to film me getting gang fucked by a group of horny dirty tops, and my arse being pumped full of spunk until i'm drowning in the stuff. If they see that I'm not afraid of being recognised, that i'm happy in myself doing bareback publically, then maybe, just maybe, it will take me one step closer to recognising that goal.

Above: Me, what a poser, May 2010

Above: Very, very drunk, gay pride August 2009

Above: Very, very drunk again, gay pride 2009 with a friend.

Above: Drinking problem; two drinks, only one mouth! Partying with friends in local gay bar.

So there you have it... publically outed. Me, the blog author, dirty barebacking cum slut, and regular gay guy...

Nov 15, 2010

Interrogation Time


As you know I've always encouraged interaction between myself and you guys. So to aid that, i've got a formspring account. You can ask me anything you want on it, and I will answer them honestly, and frankfully. Obviously duplicate questions wont be answered many times over, and illegal issues will be plain ignored... but I'm sure you get the drift.

I used formspring before, but I found it clogged up my blog with too much rubbish, so this time the questions asked and the answers I give, wont be shown here on the blog. This is also because my blog is listed on various blog RSS feeds now, and they don't allow formspring usage.

So, if you ask a question and want to see my reply, or are just curious readers.. you can catch up with my answers at formspring itself, or, by following me on twitter.

I'll endeavor to answer as many questions as possible, and as soon as I can too. So, any burning issues you've been itching to put to me... go for it!

Nov 14, 2010

Blog Updated Redesigned: Missing Photos from May 2009!

I've been spending quite a bit of TLC time with my blog this weekend, updating it, working things out, adding new features and also removing features I felt were either passed it, or just not worth while. Out go the interesting but rather pointless globe, and in comes a simple counter at the bottom of the page.

I've removed those blogs listed in "My Blog Recommendations" which hadn't been updated for a while, and have added some new ones which I've been watching for a while. I've also added a "Top 3 Popular Posts" section, which gives the header and a snippet of the 3 most popular posts at any given time on the blog.

I've also finally gotten around to fully linking my social media outlets... I've joined Twitter, and linked that and my Facebook, to my blog. I've added links from the blog to both of them, so readers and followers of the blog, can also add me on there if you wish. What's more, people can also click the button, and tweet themselves about this blog. They can also search and see where this blog has been listed on twitter!

As I've often said, I actively encourage interaction with my followers... it's the reason why I put so much effort into the blog. I love it that you guys are getting off on my sexcapades!

I personally think the blog looks a lot better as a result. What do you think?

Further more, I've been trying to retreive old photos from previous posts which appear to have been deleted by picasa web albums. As a treat, and as a kind of re-launch, I've decided to post them here for you! These are from a session, back in May 2009, which I posted about at the time and show me blindfolded, being used by a group of strangers who turned up after I'd advertised an open door session online. I've no idea who the tops are, but they used me good and proper, loading my arse with spunk.

Below: Me sucking one of the guys while i'm clearly blindfolded

One top fingering my hole whilst I suck on another...

Getting ready to slip into my hole and seed me...

My smooth hairless fuckable hole...

Yummy, a final pic of my sloppy cum filled hole being stretched apart by one of the anonymous tops

Last but not least, I've added a link to the website and blog directory "Best Male Blogs". This is a rating and ranking service on which all the blogs which matter are listed. They're rated by viewers, and comments can be left. They are then ranked according to these reviews and placed in order. I would be greatly appreciative if you could take the time out to follow the link and rate me... even more so if you left a few words in apprasil. Good or bad, I love to hear comments from you guys... so please share with the world, what you make of this blog. Perhaps what it is that makes you return, or what it is you think where I could improve.

Best Male Blogs - naked men, gay porn, homo culture, queer blogs


Nov 12, 2010

Josh joins twitter!

Hi guys,

Well after much delaying, i've finally got with the rest of the world, and joined Twitter! That's right, i'm now officially a Twit, or a twat. :-)

Anyway, you can keep up to date with my life and goings on by following me - join me there by searching for @BBSaunaSlut.

I'll be keeping the blog going of course, with pictures, videos and details of all the nasty bareback sex I have, and will use twitter to keep everyone up to date with the day to day stuff of my life!

Hope to see you all on there too!