Mar 7, 2011

Re-Edited Video Whitby Lad (Video)

You may remember in August last year a guy came around from Whitby and fucked a few loads into my hole.  The post was entitled Whitby Lad' Cum Fuck Video.  The videos were uploaded at the time, in a couple small segments.  However, I've now re-edited them together into one complete video...

Hope you like the re-edit.  Following some people's suggestions, i've added captioning like in some of the TIM movies.  Hope it goes down well.

On another note, there's been a whole spate recently of blogger deleting gay blogs.  So much so, that it's triggered a huge debate on webmaster forums, as well as gay barebacking forums such as rawTOP's Breeding Zone.

Now most of the ones deleted appear to have had excessive advertising on them, and/or existed solely to publish previous copyrighted material which the bloggers had taken from the net and then republished on their own blogs - both of which are in clear violation of Bloggers Terms of Service.  It is however, nonetheless very worrying a trend to have begun.... and with this in mind, I am actively looking at migrating my blog out of blogger, and onto a new platform.

One suggestion is to move it to Best Male Diaries which uses wordpress 3.0 and is a hosting service totally devoted to gay sexual adult blogs... so no chance of it being deleted there.  I just need to look at wordpress, get to know how to use it (i've no experience of it at all!) and then see about migrating everything across there.

If I like it, and it works... then a full move will happen sometime in the future.  Don't worry though, I will ensure all my content comes across, and further add a URL divert, so that people looking for are automatically diverted to the new one.

I'll keep you all posted.


  1. I've found that Wordpress is far superior to Blogger in functionality and you can take it to any server you want so you're not restricted by someone else's Terms of Service. In fact, I have it running on my own web server at home for other projects I've worked on. I only did my NN blog on Blogger cuz it was quick and already integrated with my other Google apps. By now, you can also integrate Wordpress with pretty much anything Google, including the Friend Connect followers, and many other services with the wide array of plug-ins.

  2. def keep 'em cuming! pun is the sentiment!! really hot shit, man!!


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