Mar 2, 2011

Cruising & Cottaging (Pics & Video)

So spring finally arrives, and the weathers getting (marginally) warmer.  It's now that us cottagers and cruisers come out of hibernation, and venture back to the grounds of slutdom and debauchery.

And it was so last night, at mid night, after my scally friend had dumped a load inside me, that I took a trip down to the river side.  I cruised the bushes for a while, and eventually a guy came over.  I dropped my trackies, revealing my smooth arse wrapped in a black jock strap, and bent over a fallen tree stump.  He came up behind me, and without any hesitation slipped his raw cock into my spunk lubed hole.

He fucked me for a while, and then dumped his load into me as well.

I hung around a little longer, but no more cock was forthcoming, so I wandered back home, with two big creamy loads dribbling from my stretched out hole, and into my gray adidas trackies.  Gotta love being a slut!

Upon arriving home, i took a few photos (the ones dotted around in this posting) and a small video for you. Here's the video:

The images below are stills from the video, and show the slow mo spunk squirting from my cum hole.

Remember, anyone is welcome to fuck my hole, so if you want to feel your raw cock sliding into this hole, just get in touch.  I'm in London 12th & 13th March!

On Tuesday I'd arranged to go to the cottages downtown and see if I could get any spunk up me there.  It's been ages since I'd been, and wanted to get back into the swing of taking random cock there.. can't beat getting a strangers spunk up your hole while inhaling the fumes of a filthy graffiti riddled public restroom!
Peering through one of the many peep holes in the door to see if anyone's out there
Anyway, I headed off and bought a new bottle of poppers on the way, then found myself in the Nunnary Lane toilets.  I went into a cubicle, lubed my hole up and started wanking.  Peering through the peep hole in the wall, I saw the guy in the cubicle next to me was wanking.  He had a decent cock on him.  I got his attention, and showed him my arse though the hole.  Next thing, he's unlocking his door, and standing outside mine.  His foot comes under the panel, so i unlock my door, bend over the toilet bowl and wait.
Me bending over in toilets - love the rancid smell and mess in these places!

He slides up behind me, and stuffs his cock into me.  No questions asked, and certainly no condoms. Excellent.  I sniff my poppers, and let this guy fuck me as hard as he wants.  We're both stifling our groans and moans - after all, we're fucking raw in public!

After a while, his panting gets deeper, and his moans more flustered... he's about to shoot.  "Cum inside me" i urge him as loud as I dare.  He grunts, and dumps a huge volley of cum into my arse.  Fantastic.  Pulling out of me, i make sure none of his juices escape.  He zips up, thanks me, and leaves.  I sit down on the bowl and start wanking.

Stroking my hard cock after a guy had just seeded me in public toilet
I hang around for a little longer, and another guy enters the toilet block. He stands outside my cubicle, even though the one to the left of me is empty.  So I know he's cruising for cock.  I bend over the toilet again, take a hit of poppers, and my door swing open.  It's a gamble.  He stands there for a while looking at this 'kid' bent over the toilet, with a cummy hole wrapped in a jock strap, and i swear i hear him say "Fucking slut!!".

Anyway, after what feels like an eternity of him standing there, i'm about to close the door on him when he walks in wanking, and slips his cock into me.  THANK GOD! Another raw cock at last.  He's a fat guy, smells quite bad too - think he could have been homeless, i dunno.  Anyway, his dick is decent, and he's fucking me raw, no questions, so either way I'm happy.  He asks me if there's a load inside me, i tell him there is.  He asks me to push a bit out onto his cock... i do, then he pushes it back in.. groaning as he does so.  This goes on for a while, before eventually his legs shake, he grasps me in a bear hug, and he too dumps his seed into me.  Before I can turn around, he's gone.  Out of the cubicle, out of the toilet block and away into the bustling streets outside.  That's what I call a true anonymous fuck.

By this point i'm getting really cold - despite it being sunny outside, and a pleasant spring day... it's still winter and what feels like minus 5 in these restrooms.  I get my shit together, make sure i leave my number on the door so other guys can text me, and head out.

I'm walking home when my phone goes. Some guy says he's seen my number and wants to fuck me. I send him my address, and within 15 mins he's entering my room with me on my bed wearing my jock strap, the two loads still deep inside me.

He can't fuck me it turns out, as he's unable to get a solid hard on, poor guy say's he's nervous, so i do my best to put his mind at ease... it doesn't work.  But we do still manage to have a rather horny none fucking session, I suck him, he sucks me, he takes photos of his cock trying to get into my hole... and then he wanks off shooting a fucking HUGE load of spunk all over my hole!  I tell him to keep in touch, his dick is nice, and his load was freakin awesome - i definitely want that inside me some day soon.  The photos are fairly horny, and whats more, we're taking about the blog and he say's he's ok with me using them on there... so, here they are!

Sucking this random guys cock

Trying to get random guys cock hard enough to fuck me raw

his cock, my hole.. he's well into bareback, so next time he WILL breed me.

Fucking HUGE creamy load all over my arse cheeks and crack!

It dribbles down my crack, onto my balls, then down my dick.. i have to use it as lube to wank with

So all in all, not a bad 24 hours.  4 loads inside me, another all over my arse... and a good start to the cruising and cottaging season.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Great fan here. Think you have one of the best blogs in the world. You alway ask for feedback, so here is some ;-)

    The subject of this particular post is the biggest turn on for me. Fucking anonimously in public is my favorite (full time?) pass time when weather allows.

    Now for the constructive feedback: The following are areas in the posts which I love to see get sufficient:

    Describe the cottaging/parc setting and the specific location where you are fucked, help sets the mood and you cannot assume that your international readers are familiar with the typical UK parc :-)

    Describe in detail the exit ceremony, ie was there any talk or physical contact after the dump? Personally I love it when the guy is too shy or arrogant to acknowledge me after the dump. Makes me feel like a real cum dump. So any details in this area, might look non sexual but for me very much are.

    Always mention what happened to the load(s). Not only at the moment of insertion (did you feel him swell, squirt? Did any drop out upon extraction etc) but also afterwards: how long did the load(s) stay in you minutes, hours, days, or are they still in you etc.

    Please post every blog post (how ever small) on twitter, many you already do, but sometimes I have feeling you skip some. For me it is the main trigger to go to your blog and I do not want to miss any detail.

    Pls pls pls do not take this as criticism. You are a perfect writer, you just asked for feedback as well and I hope you appreciate further pointers in stead of just tons of people saying "you are great" which for sure happens as well.

    Greets from a like minded Dutch guy,



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