Aug 9, 2010

Well fucked, cum-sloppy rosebud...

Hello there followers!

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying summer? I'm sure many of you will be jetting off on vacations soon, and travelling to different climes... enjoy them!

Here are some pics off my well fucked, creamy rosebud after a fuck session with a random trick earlier this week. I dunno who he was, he sent me a text message saying he'd seen my number on my blog and wanted to load me up. He came around, raped my hole for an hour or so, then dumped a load into me... this is the wonderfully sloppy result!

Hope you enjoy the pics! A couple of them look the same, but if you look closely, you can see the spunk actually dribbling from my rosebud... fucking fantastic!

I mentioned in an earlier post last week that I was hoping to get off to Belgium for a few days of slutting it up and taking foreign loads... well the great news is that my flights are now all booked... I can't wait!
Gonna head to a load of bars, sex clubs and sauna's... a full list will be on here once i've worked out my itinery. There are other places too, but i've not done much research into it. I'll also be trawling the net and getting as many guys as possible around to my hotel room - which incidently is being paid for very kindly by a guy I used to spread my legs for here in the UK back when I was 18years old. He contacted me on the other month saying that he wanted to use me again - hence where this idea of a trip to Antwerp came from....

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  1. Fantastic set mate! I can see the difference in all of them, as unique pieces of art. great finding for the day.


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