Jan 15, 2011

London Day 1: Vault 139 & Play Pit

Well, what a day the first one turned out to be!  I checked into Central Station and then head off on the tube to Piccadilly Circus for a spot of sight seeing.  I then decided to walk back to the accommodation, as by the time i got back it'd be good| to go to Play Pit.  On the way, I came across Warren Street tube station.  A contact had told me that just behind here there was a sex club called Vault 139. Well... it was only 7pm, so I couldn't pass this opportunity up could I?

I paid my £6 entrance fee and checked my jacket.  Getting a beer a surveyed the scene.  At first impressions, all good.  Decent music, decent guys... good dark rooms and cruising areas.  A few beers later I commenced my prowl... and that's where the problem reared its head.  Plenty of cruising going on... not so much sex.  A few guys giving head in dark corners but that was about it.  Mainly self obsessed jerks flaunting their bodies, but less interested in fucking.  Ah.  problemo!

I left about 9pm, and came back to my B&B.  Grabbing a coffee I logged onto BBRT and chatted to a few guys.  At about 10.30pm, I redouched as I'd had something to eat and wanted to be totally sure I was deep cleaned, then left the accommodation for Play Pit.

I found it easily enough, and buzzed the very none de-script door.  It opened and I entered what was much more my scene.  Hot naked guys at the coat check! The music was pumping, and I got changed quickly and made for the action.  And action is what there was...

Not poncy "look at me" cruising as in Vault, but real men, real hot men, having real hot hard sex... everywhere.  Slings, dark corners, guys fucking in the corridor.  I stood and watched, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness when a guy came and started sucking my cock.  Before long, a hand from an unknown, unseen person was fingering my hole.  Then i was forcibly pushed to bend over, and this big raw cock thrust into my hole.  I hit the poppers, and loved it.  My arse had no lube, and no spit... it was bone dry.  The lad fucking me did so for about 10 mins, and a crowd gathered around. Before long, he trust deep and hard, and pulled out.  I reached around to feel my hole, and it was sloppy and creamy.... the glorious tell tale sign that I'd been knocked up... finally!

It continued in this fashion, the action moving from place to place, and different guys joining in.  I got fucked by about 9 guys like this, each of them adding their loads to the creamy mess.  At one point a guy blew his wad over my hole, and I could feel it running down my legs.  The place was just the right amount of light, practically darkness... and everyone was just fucking everyone.  A few guys tried to use condoms, but most of the lads were barebacking as standard.  Brilliant.

I went and laid in a cubicle near where the action was, my arse in the air, and my poppers ready.  I felt a guy move in behind me and start eating eagerly at my cum filled hole.  He then lined his cock up, and I could feel a PA in it.  He worked it into me, and it felt brilliant. THIS is exactly why I came to London... THIS is what I expected!  He said he was going to cum inside me, and when he was finished, he said to me in a German accent that he goes back home tomorrow.  We chatted a bit, and I explained that I too was a visitor to London, having come from Yorkshire to check out the bb scene.  To which he replied:

"I know, I know you're name! I LOVE your blog!!"

Haha!!!  Brilliant! That made my night that did... we chatted a bit more, wished each other the very best and he disappeared into the darkness.  If you're reading this Sir, thank you for a great fuck, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Always a true pleasure to get fucked and bred by a reader of my blog, and a fellow cum dump as well! Hope you made it back home safely!

Then another guy entered the cubicle, rubbing his hard cock between my now very cum covered arse cheeks.  The spunk was pooling between my legs as it oozed from my ravaged hole.  I bet it looked awesome! If I saw a bottom looking like that in a sex club, I'd be straight in there to breed it also!

Anyways, this guy (who was about 30yo, slim, red spiked Mohawk hair style, very punk looking) fucked me, moving me into various positions, and asked how far did I want to go.  I replied I wanted him to go all the way.  He then asked if I was poz or neg, to which I answered that I was neg as of my last test, but a true bareback addict.  He then dumped his load into me.

As I went to leave a couple of hours later, he was there.  We chatted, exchanged profiles on BBRT and agreed to hook up again sometime soon - hopefully this weekend before I go back to Yorkshire.

I left about 1.30am, getting the N91 night bus back toward Kings Cross.  The moment I got back into my room, I knew what I had to do, and have been working on this blog posting, video and photos for the last hour.  I hope you enjoy it.  Unfortunately, the videos will all have to follow at later dates, when I can get to a hardwire net connection (my dongles just not got enough bandwidth to cope with movies), but here are the photos!!

 Each of these photos is a still taken, a couple of frames apart... there was BUCKETS OF CUM inside my hole.. a great honest breeding!  London is off to a great start!


  1. sounds as if you had a g8 time , wish I had been there, like my hole full of cum, I like my hole fucked, you Blog made me feel like I was there . Thank you look forward to your next action packed Blog. Thanks

  2. Hot post...that's LONDON! Hope you have even more fun Saturday!!

  3. hot man! I wish I had as much fun as you bbing when I was neg. Now of course I have a blast. Wish I could help you out and bb you too. I'm on bbrt as robjc123 pls say hi sometime.

  4. Great blog and hot account of time at Playpit. I need to visit it soon. Love anon bb fun and cum dumps.


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